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How to choose a wedding host: expert advice
How to choose a wedding host: expert advice

How to choose a host for a wedding so that the event is unforgettable and fun? The holding of such events can only be entrusted to a professional who has proven himself in the holiday service market.

The selection criteria for the role of toastmaster vary, depending on the requirements of the newlyweds. But the main ones are the qualities inherent in a professional showman. Some of them deserve special attention.

Location of guests and young people to the toastmaster

wedding host selection

How to choose the right wedding host? Advice from experts: from the first words, a person should win over with a beautiful manner of speaking and presenting information. Sympathy arises within 5-10 minutes of a conversation in person. The charm and goodwill of the organizer should attract attention. Professionalism lies in quickly finding contact with customers, as if they were old acquaintancesor dear relatives. This person will have to communicate with invited guests and the closest people for a young family for the whole evening. If such an opinion did not develop within a 10-15-minute conversation, then it will not develop.

Do you have your own website or not? Expert advice

How to choose a wedding host? Check if your candidate has a website. Advertising the services provided with the provision of photo and video materials helps not only the owner of the website, but also potential customers. Favorite contests or relay races should be marked as desirable. The absence of this resource may indicate a short period of work in this area of ​​leisure organization.

Work on an individual scenario

how to choose a wedding host

The lack of a universal scenario suitable for all wedding events stimulates the creativity of every organizer. The uniqueness of each wedding individually depends on the program that takes into account the age of the invited guests, social status in society. The planning of the festive evening is carried out jointly with the customer, wishes and recommendations are taken into account. The proposed standard sequence of events at a family celebration indicates a lack of interest in organizing unique experiences for the newlyweds and their friends.

Coordination of the toastmaster's actions with the wishes of the newlyweds

The key moments of the event are agreed with the heroes of the occasion, inappropriate toasts, rituals andcontests. Observance of national or family traditions is discussed in advance. What issues should not be raised in the presence of parents or grandparents, who should not be involved in competitions - all this needs to be clarified in advance. If the organizer is not initially interested in these details, then the opportunity to let the events take place is guaranteed.


wedding host selection criteria

How best to choose a host for a wedding? It is worth paying attention to the appearance of the applicant, neatness in clothes, well-groomed hands and face, and a neat haircut. If the celebration itself is not a youth get-together on a rented ship with access to the open sea or a camel ride in a hot desert, then the toastmaster's festive costume should not resemble a jester's outfit. A crumpled shirt or messy hair during a meeting that confuses employers can influence the final choice in favor of another organizer.

Eloquence and improvisation

Those who are thinking about how to choose a host for a wedding should pay attention to the person's ability to speak beautifully and convincingly, to arouse the interest of the audience. A rich vocabulary, a pleasant timbre of voice, timely jokes, an instant reaction to hitches and pauses that have arisen, defusing a tense situation, a positive mood under any circumstances, distinguish the host of the event from the entertainer at the concert. A professional may be interested in the character traits of individual invited people to avoid awkward moments, aggressive behaviorbetween those invited and in relation to the toastmaster. If he did not have such questions, then the experience of conducting events may be small. Any fight can be stopped with words.

Videos of events

how to choose a leader for a wedding and not make a mistake

How to choose a wedding host? Ask about the candidate's past work. The absence of such materials indicates the lack of experience of the presenter or incompetence in the advertising business.

Unobtrusive service delivery

So how do you choose a wedding host? In this case, the presented price list for the services provided by event organizers will help. A persistent offer to hold an event may indicate a lack of customers or raise doubts about the reputation of the toastmaster. Inflated prices with a minimum set of proposed actions should encourage you to refuse to cooperate with such an organizer.

Inadmissibility of uncoordinated actions of the toastmaster

how to choose the right wedding host

Vulgar competitions or additional collection of money, unexpected shock surprises that embarrass those present, actions not approved in advance negatively affect the payment for the showman's work and further reviews about the services. A creative person of great charisma can set the mood of a large number of people at the same time and influence the response emotions of contestants.

Wedding traditions

Meeting the young with bread and s alt is a standard tradition among the Slavic peoples. But even this actioncan be replaced by a playful one if parents are absent or young people wished so. Greet a sailor with naval-style pasta, and a housewife with a plate of pancakes and red caviar. The chosen wedding style will also indicate possible improvisations.

Toasts and congratulations

The order of greeting the young and the time of toasting are determined in agreement with the banquet customers. The desire of guests and relatives to make congratulatory speeches into the microphone should not be imposed by the organizer of the holiday. A lot of people are embarrassed to be the center of attention and correctly express their thoughts out loud. Emotional distress or treacherous alcoholic drinks can ruin a prepared presentation, even for experienced speakers.

Cost of services and form of payment. Tips

How to choose the right wedding host and not make a mistake? It is worth paying attention to the prices for services. Do not contact those who work for a penny. Also, when choosing especially expensive candidates, you should be careful. Payment for the work of the organizer of the holidays chosen by the customers is made by prior agreement in the amount of 50% of the total cost, the rest - at the end of the festive event. The high popularity of the organizer among certain circles, wide advertising and great demand for his services automatically lead to an increase in the cost of services, which may not always indicate a high quality of work. It is human nature to relax at the peak of fame and underwork some moments. Newcomers to the entertainment market will try to give 100% to develop a clientele. Aska question about the possibility of staying longer than the agreed time and the amount of the surcharge.

Holding a disco or karaoke

Orientation to the age category of guests allows you to choose the right program of entertainment and competitions. Youth music and modern dance styles will not suit solid business partners who are well over 50. And a w altz for those who are over 60 will upset young people who are ready to party until the morning. It is not worth emphasizing karaoke if there was no additional order for it. Not all ears can handle off-key notes from drunk people.

Availability of costumes for competitions

how to choose the right wedding host and not make a mistake

Great selection of clothes for quick and easy dressing does not have to be monotonous and repetitive. Seeing the same costumes from friends in a wedding album is simply not interesting. The portfolio of provided outfits should be updated periodically. Pay special attention to this.

I would like to give one more piece of advice on how to choose a wedding host, what questions to ask so as not to get into trouble. A pre-prepared list of requirements can be discussed in advance over the phone. You can conduct interviews with a couple of dozen applicants, but then forget what you talked about with the first of them.

What should alert?

wedding host

What should alert you when choosing a toastmaster, conducting preliminary negotiations, is dissatisfaction with the answers received, overpriced service, excessivecuriosity, lack of a portfolio and the proposed development of an individual procedure for holding a wedding banquet.

It is not recommended to call advertisements of all available companies and musical groups for an invitation to a wedding banquet as an entertainment process. The selected presenter will be able to suggest musicians with whom he successfully collaborates.


Now you know how to choose a wedding host. The tips given in the article will help you make your final and right choice. Good luck!

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