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Pleasant messages to a guy at a distance in your own words
Pleasant messages to a guy at a distance in your own words

Any man will be glad to hear that his girlfriend is happy when he is next to him, but if the lovers are separated by distance, text messages come to the rescue. In our article, we will talk about how to properly leave a nice message to a guy in your own words, as well as give a few examples that you can use while chatting with your loved one. This information will be especially relevant for young girls who have never had a serious relationship before.

How to show feelings from a distance?

A truly happy and successful relationship can only be built when both partners are not shy about expressing their feelings and emotions towards each other. If you are stingy with the manifestations of feelings, then a man may think that he is not good enough for you. And the distance that separates you is not at all an excuse for callousness. In today's world there are manyopportunities in seconds to contact a person who is on the other side of the planet.

The girl is chatting with the guy

To write a nice message to a guy, it is not necessary to have any knowledge in the field of psychology or be a master in relationships. It will be enough to express everything that you feel in the letter. To do this, try to remember the happiest moments that you had a chance to experience together. Why were you in seventh heaven? Perhaps it's all about the young man's sexy voice or his display of concern? Be that as it may, just try to remember some moment from the past, and then those feelings will return to you that will allow you to express emotions in words.

However, if you still do not understand the process of expressing feelings in words, you can use the special templates that will be given in the following sections. Just add the name or affectionate nickname of your beloved to them - and that's it, a warm and tender message for your loved one is ready. You can also add something of your own to any phrase that will speak about your feelings for the guy.

Love your (yours, yours)…

Find at least one person who doesn't like getting compliments. If you decide to write a pleasant message to your beloved guy (romantic or erotic), then do not forget to indicate what exactly you like about him. You can also add a trite three dots at the end, which symbolizes the desire to meet your lover as soon as possible. Here is just a small list of examples for the template:

  • love your beautiful blue eyes, in which I literally drown with happiness;
  • I love your pumped up biceps, I want you to pick me up as soon as possible;
  • how I love your sense of humor - you always know how to cheer me up.

As you can see, by adding some details to the template phrase, we practically bring it to life. The most important thing in this case is not to be afraid to tell the guy something that confuses you. As a rule, these are the phrases that sink into the soul.

You are the most… in this world

nice messages for a guy in your own words

Try to be as creative as possible when filling in the blank in the template, especially if you want to send a really nice message to a guy. Of course, you can use the banal ones: the best, cheerful, loving, gentle, kind, caring, but still it’s better to come up with something really unique and unrepeatable. Also, after such a phrase, you can add a little specificity. Here is a small example: "You are the most honest and sincere in this vast world. I feel that I can completely trust you." Absolutely any guy will want to hear a similar phrase addressed to him. And relationships that are built on mutual trust between partners will never, ever collapse.

Just sitting and thinking of you

If you're still wondering what to text a Nice Guy, you can try just telling him what you think of him. Yes, this phrase may seem a bit banal to some people, but it is still very powerful. Any man subconsciouslywants the girls to think about him. This is especially true of the young lady with whom he himself is in love.

Girl typing a message on the phone

If you are worried that this SMS may seem too spontaneous to your boyfriend, then just continue it with some phrase that explains why you are thinking about a young man: "I just heard a song on the radio that we danced to for the first time And now I can't get you out of my head." Believe me, such a confession will melt the heart of even the most callous suitor.

I'm so glad you are a part of my life

The girl wishes the guy good night

If you want to leave a nice message for a guy at night, you can use this template, which will not only make your lover nice, but also awaken some sense of duty in him. When a girl tells her lover that her life has changed after a man appeared in her, for the boyfriend, such a message sounds like a call for a long relationship. If you want to completely knock down your guy, then send him instead of "became part of my life" - "became my life." A man will feel responsible for a loved one and will never leave his beloved. Although such a message would be appropriate for couples who have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Forgive me like this…

Decided to send a nice message to your beloved guy in your own words, but don't know how to do it right? It will be enough to correctly dispose of someany household situation. For example, if you are late for a meeting with a young man, you can write something like: "Forgive me such a turtle. I can never come on time, and you are always waiting for me …" Well, if you have done some stupid act and want to it's nice to apologize for him, then there's nothing better than sending a guy a message: "Forgive me for being so stupid. I don't even know what I would do without you …" From time to time, you need to treat yourself with a little bit of criticism so that your guy understands how much you value your relationship.

Have a nice day my hero

write a nice message to a guy

What could be easier than to wish your beloved a good day and at the same time please him with a small compliment. If your young man goes to work, then be sure to wish him success. You will have to spend a few seconds writing, but for a man, it can become a motivation for productive work throughout the day. Also, the addition of the prefix "my" and some noun speaks of your tender and warm feelings. A similar phrase can be used almost every day, or you can save it for cases when your lover really needs your support. For example, you can wish a guy good luck before an exam or have a good time with relatives, but be sure to complete such a phrase with something gentle and warm, otherwise it will look very stamped.

You are the best because…

nice messages for boyfriend

If you are still puzzled over what a nice message to write to a guy, then we recommend that you use this phrase. Every man dreams of becoming the best for his girlfriend, but if such words are not backed up with something, then he may begin to doubt their veracity. It would be best to add to the stamp what is typical for your young man: “You are the best because you constantly take care of me” or “For me there is no one better than you, because you are the kindest and most sympathetic of everyone I know”. Of course, such a phrase does not sound as romantic as the previous ones, but your boyfriend should definitely like it anyway.

Sorry… Can we reschedule our plans?

Romantic Messages

Sometimes it also happens that you can’t go to a planned event due to some urgent matter. In this case, most girls just text their boyfriend, "We can't go to the movies this weekend," or "Looks like we can't meet tonight." Such phrases are perceived by a man as excuses. Even if you really have an urgent matter, a man may not believe it. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a slightly different turn of phrase: "Sorry, love, can we reschedule a trip to your parents for next week?" After such a phrase, the guy will immediately understand that force majeure really happened. Only after his answer is it necessary to begin to explain everythingdetails, otherwise it will look like excuses, not explanations.

Messages to a guy in prose

If you decide to come up with a nice message to a guy in prose, you can use one or more of the following options for inspiration:

  • I'm sure the perfect man still exists! He has your smile, your eyes and even your passport.
  • I can't even imagine how hard it is for you, because all men would like to be just you - the perfect guy.
  • Your eyes intoxicate me more than any glass of wine.

If you have a talent for poetry, then you can write a guy a poem of your own composition. Ideally, it should reflect all the feelings that you have for your beloved, as well as hint that you want to live your whole life next to him.

Just be yourself

Perhaps this is the most practical advice that can be given to a girl who decided to please her boyfriend with a gentle message. It is not at all necessary to puzzle over how he will perceive certain words. Just be yourself and show your feelings the way you know how. Believe me, if during the correspondence you begin to pretend to be another person, then the man will form a preconceived opinion about you. Do you want to disappoint the guy you can't live without?

Conclusion and video

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to leave a nice message to a guy. If you are not good at expressing feelings with words, then you can use the templates that we described in the previous sections, or just looka video in which a girl explains in detail how to please a guy from a distance using a text message.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to convey your feelings to your lover using a regular text message. The most important rule that you must follow when composing such an SMS is to try to make the message not only romantic, but also as truthful as possible. For example, if in personal meetings you never told your lover that he has beautiful eyes, then in the message this phrase will sound quite mediocre, so it’s better to use something more personal, especially if it confuses you wildly.

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