Funny compliment: what is it? When, how and to whom to speak?

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Funny compliment: what is it? When, how and to whom to speak?
Funny compliment: what is it? When, how and to whom to speak?

Video: Funny compliment: what is it? When, how and to whom to speak?

Video: Funny compliment: what is it? When, how and to whom to speak?
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Not every person knows how to give compliments, and even more so funny ones. Often an attempt to pronounce them looks like veiled rudeness or sarcasm. For this reason, many are embarrassed to give a compliment even at those moments when there is a desire to say it. Not everyone understands exactly what to say, when, how and to whom.

What is this?

The word "compliment" came into Russian speech from French. It means the following:

  • praising someone;
  • approval of actions, appearance, way of thinking and other things;
  • admiration.

That is, it is an expression of one's own positive emotions caused by something from another person. Words that are pleasant and flattering to his pride cause a positive response, and sometimes embarrassment. Of course, these expressions may differ from each other. It can be a funny compliment, a detached one, a so-called "on duty" or some other.

When is humorous compliments appropriate?

Often people do not consider it necessary to say nice things to othersphrases for fear of being branded as flatterers. In this case, a funny compliment is what you need. A casual expression can defuse a tense atmosphere and lift your spirits.

True, before you start making funny compliments to others, you must not forget that they are not much different from ordinary ones. These expressions should not be a manifestation of flattery, should not carry the slightest hint of ambiguity or cause negative emotions.

Pleasant communication of friends
Pleasant communication of friends

Any compliment, including a funny one, is a courtesy. A simple and effective way to show a person your location and establish contact with him, establish good, trusting relationships. Simply put, compliments are a way to make friends with a person or like him, to arouse sympathy.

These phrases are appropriate in any setting and situation. Of course, they should not violate its context, that is, they need to be said to the point. Everyone can use compliments - both men and women. These expressions are not part of flirting at all, rather, such phrases are just an element of polite speech that makes communication pleasant.

What to say to a friend?

Mutual exchange of compliments between girlfriends is a common thing. When pronouncing them, women often do not themselves realize that compliments are being said. For example, phrases:

  • Hi, this dress suits you so well!
  • You look great!
  • Wow, what a scarf!

This is nothing more than compliments that often fly off the lips themselves in ordinary speech, making a jointpastime enjoyable.

Girlfriends laugh
Girlfriends laugh

Of course, funny compliments to a friend sound a bit different. Such phrases are somewhat similar to wishes, in this they differ from ordinary expressions of sympathy. Besides making you smile, of course.

Examples of funny compliments:

  • Do you know why life smiles at you? Because you smile at her!
  • Only with your long legs it was possible to climb so high!
  • No matter what color you dye your hair, you're still blonde on the inside.
  • Spices in your dish are superfluous. Pepper is always inside you.

What do men say?

Women often think that giving compliments is the lot of men. This is not entirely true: the strong half of humanity also needs to hear something pleasant. However, not every girl is able to be nice to men, most are simply lost and embarrassed. Just in such a situation, a funny compliment will help.

Of course, such phrases must be pronounced taking into account who they are being said to. You can't joke with a boss and a handsome waiter in the same way, with an old man and a young guy.

Man and woman laughing
Man and woman laughing

A funny compliment to a man could be:

  • I never cease to be amazed at how quickly you can get things done!
  • An amazing combination of strength, intelligence and kindness. This is rare…
  • Who are you so independent? Does your wife happen to know?
  • When you are in charge, I have everythingout of hand falls from a sense of responsibility.

A compliment should cause a smile, that is, slight irony is acceptable, but in no case caustic sarcasm.

What to say to a girl?

Funny compliments to a girl - a win-win option to seem witty. However, you should not be especially zealous - the image of a "polite boor" in the style of James Bond is not for everyone.

girl laughing
girl laughing

Examples of phrases:

  • We urgently need cops here because you stole my heart!
  • Do you know why there are no stars in the sky? They are ashamed of you…
  • You look your best. I just don't know if it's bucks or euros!
  • Do you believe in love from the first moment? Or should we meet a couple more times?
  • With your eyes, no need for short skirts…
  • Honey, where's your broom? We're late for the movies and there's no traffic in the air.

What to say to a guy?

Not only do boys want to be liked and appear witty, but so do girls. And what could be better than a short phrase that can cheer up the interlocutor? Of course, funny compliments to a guy should not be offensive. Boys often turn out to be much more suspicious than girls, especially when dealing with those they like.

Examples of phrases:

  • You make me feel so smart!
  • You are strong but a little light!
  • Are you sure you're local? Don't swear, don't spit at your feet…
  • Is the shirt wearing lipstick or is it her design?
  • You know, your eyes are like stars, they always disappear when I want to look into them.

Don't be ironic about crumbs on your chin or not-so-clean nails. If you are going to seem bitchy and witty to a guy, you also need to show tact, as a young man can start joking in response, and not every girl is perfect.

The guy smiles
The guy smiles

When you are going to start making funny compliments to others, you need to think about how people are ready to laugh at themselves. You should also think about your own readiness to adequately perceive such jokes, because the wit may well be mutual.