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How to make friends in Moscow: ways to meet, places and tips
How to make friends in Moscow: ways to meet, places and tips

Don't know how to find friends in Moscow and where to look? It's not easy to make contacts with people in a big and unfamiliar city, right? But you want to get comfortable in the capital of Russia, and for this you need a Muscovite friend. So how do you find it?

New friends

Why can't you find a friend? Psychological reasons

Deal with the reasons that still prevent you from making new acquaintances. Perhaps there have already been attempts to find friends, but were not successful? Choose your reason for not making friends:

  1. Shyness. Don't want to seem intrusive or too boring person in the company of a stranger? Then your diagnosis is excessive shyness. To overcome this psychological affliction, when interacting with new people, always remember that they are not perfect. Compare their mistakes with your own and try to respond to them from the side of the interlocutor. Any missteps can lead to laughter or a smile, no more.
  2. Arrogance and hypocrisy. Finding new friends in Moscow will be quite difficult if you underestimate yourself and your self-esteem. Remember that Muscovites are mostly newcomers, just like you. That's whytry to put yourself on an equal footing with them.
  3. Personality type: introvert. If you are closed and constantly at home, how will people find out about you? Are you sure you want to make new acquaintances? Sign up for a gym, get a yoga membership, go for a walk. A good option would be to get to know the neighbors in the house where you settled.
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Maybe you are comfortable alone? Answer this question, based on this, find the reason for the lack of friends in Moscow.

Alternative reasons

What's stopping you from making friends if you're trying your best? Are you walking, taking the first steps towards getting to know each other, but nothing comes of it? Or maybe you are looking for friends not there?

  1. Lack of like-minded people. Have you signed up for a business development training but couldn't make friends? Where can you find friends in Moscow? To begin with, choose a simpler lesson: a section, poetry evenings of your favorite writers, lectures. Express your opinion, give arguments and arguments in the area of ​​which you have at least a general idea.
  2. Unwise actions. Maybe you push people away with your behavior or appearance? Think about what you need to change in yourself. Make people happy, become famous as a good person who does good deeds (for example: charity or ordinary help). The more positive things they say about you, the faster you will find friends.
  3. Where can I find new friends in Moscow? The Internet is open for you! Reason: Wrong dating sites and other search groupscomrades. Specify your desires for a friend, describe yourself accurately, without being afraid to show flaws! The more authentic your profile appears, the more people will want to get to know you.
People in Moscow

And one more thing: select sites suitable for your age category. Otherwise, you risk receiving a lot of incorrect invitations in private messages.

Find friends in Moscow by interests: where to look and is it worth it?

If you have successfully de alt with the reason for the absence of the interlocutor, then it's time to embark on a new path - the search for a friend. Choose the most suitable item that you find attractive and match it. You can make a small plan for the first acquaintances, but you should not delve into the details down to the phrases.

The choice fell on like-minded people. You are a versatile person, a person with great potential who can keep up the conversation. The following options are for you:

Review your interests. What do you like and where would you like to develop? Visit places that suit you, enroll in courses for new mothers or take French classes. If you find people with whom your hobbies match, you can make friends without any problems

Conversation in the company of like-minded people

Find virtual friends in apps and communities of interest. Sign up for a group, set your city in the settings, and tomorrow you can find a friend to walk around Moscow or visit cinemas

Optimistic options! Find friends with your help

The following methods are more complex and narrowly focused. That is why some require financial investment, while others require moral stamina. Try this variation, made for the hardiest:

Create a group yourself. If you don't want to search for groups and applications, then create it yourself! Advertise your community or meeting, try to get people involved. Hold meetings, competitions and very soon you will be able to find "your" people

If you travel often…

Are you a person who loves traveling? If yes, then you have to make acquaintances with new people almost constantly, Moscow is no exception. Think about the fact that in this city all the people, like you, are mostly visitors, travelers. They face your problems and are also looking for acquaintances. These guys are trying to answer the question of how to find friends in Moscow, and where to look for them.

If a person wants to find a friend and makes an effort, then he will definitely find him!

Educational method or advanced training

Sign up for advanced training courses or get a second higher education. Having lived your student life again, perhaps you will become a more liberated person. Choose universities in Moscow.

For women, a second higher education is a great way to find a promising man. And for a man - an opportunity to make friends with a girl who is ready to develop and strive for something new!

Strangers talking

Why not pay attention to the "four-legged"?

If you want not only to find a friend in Moscow, but also to get a creature capable of understanding you and sharing your interests, then pay attention to animals! No wonder there is an opinion that a dog is a man's friend, a kind of "right hand".

This option is suitable for people who could not overcome their psychological complexes. Are you shy, can't find a friend and are constantly breaking down, but want to stop it? Pay attention to the cat, dog.

Better take a stray animal. A small good deed will not only please you, but also your pet. The animal will share boring everyday life with you, will be able to give joyful moments.

If there is no opportunity to have a pet, then at least feed a stray. Why not do it to find new acquaintances?

Where and how to find friends in Moscow? Finding "your" place

The next step is to look for places where you can find friends, comrades or like-minded people. There are several basic places that will definitely give you a loved one. For example:

  • Various poetry evenings, courses, parties. Visit a place you like. It could be a restaurant or a bar in a club. If you can maintain a dialogue with the interlocutor and easily answer the questions of interest, then this evening you will definitely find a person similar in state of mind.
  • An ordinary Moscow street. How to find a friend in Moscow? Get outside and do something good! Help an old woman or a stray animal. Let people look at you in a good light.
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Summing up, it is worth noting that there are quite a few answers to the question of how to find a friend in Moscow. You can choose the option with interest groups, pay attention to refresher courses and online dating. Be more liberated, fight your shortcomings, invest your strength in the search. If you do not know where to find new friends in Moscow, then pay attention to the Internet. And do not immediately run to dating sites. To get started, just go to the popular Moscow groups on social networks.

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