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Family holiday scenario: interesting ideas and options, entertainment
Family holiday scenario: interesting ideas and options, entertainment

In addition to international holidays, each country has its own traditional ones. For example, in America it is Thanksgiving Day. In Russia, we celebrate Maslenitsa. All holidays have one thing in common - they are family holidays. Anniversaries, birthdays, New Year's - these are the holidays where a large number of relatives and friends gather. For many people, this is the only time they see some of their family members. How to organize a holiday so that each guest has joyful memories of this day?

The most important holiday

In the ranking of the most favorite celebrations, the New Year usually comes first. It is on this day that all family members meet in one place to spend the outgoing year and meet the new one. Celebrating together can strengthen family ties, so it is important to prepare everything in advance to make the holiday magical and unforgettable. Not a single detail should spoil the guests' impression of the celebration. And if so, it means that it is necessary to consider not onlyNew Year's menu, but also the scenario of a family holiday.

If you have never had experience writing such programs, do not despair, because you can use ready-made ideas! Choose from the topics below that will be ideal for your budget. Believe me, you can organize a great holiday without spending a lot of money.

Home is more comfortable

Several years ago, celebration programs were thought out in advance and rehearsed only in institutions such as schools or kindergartens. However, now ready-made scenarios are also used at home, especially when it comes to a large and friendly family.

family holiday script

If you like to arrange a holiday in your home, and not somewhere in a restaurant, then you are in luck! After all, decorating rooms and setting the table is a whole art that brings joy and satisfaction to true housewives. And be sure that your guests will definitely appreciate your efforts. And if you turn on your imagination and write a script for a family holiday, everyone at home will be delighted!

When organizing home gatherings, each hostess should take care of 5 main components:

  • menu and drinks;
  • room decoration;
  • gifts;
  • entertainment;
  • leisure time for children.

If everything is more and less clear with food and decoration at home, then the question of choosing entertainment remains open.

Scenario of the New Year's family holiday

In order for your New Year to become bright and unforgettable, you can invite special actors who will arrangea real show right in your home. If you have a large family and many children, the ideal option would be to order animators. Now there are quite a few companies and private agencies that provide this opportunity for a small amount. There is a huge variety of different characters to choose from: starting with the classic Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, beloved by all children, and ending with cartoon characters.

Usually, animators already have a ready-made script for a children's family holiday, which can be slightly changed depending on your wishes. The most popular theme for girls is princess games, while boys love pirates and super rescuers. We recommend focusing on the wishes of the kids, let them come to exactly the heroes they dream of!

children's family holiday script

You can schedule active play before the main meals are served, because it will be harder for children and adults to play and have fun with full bellies. Another good idea for a joint celebration of the New Year can be a good old tradition that came from morning performances in kindergarten. Let the children prepare poems and songs in advance, and adults will be members of the jury. You can invite Grandfather Frost home, then the show will become magical, because Grandfather will surely bring gifts to the children. According to psychologists, the best end to the old year for children is to receive the desired gifts. It is they who give joy and create the atmosphere of a festive evening.

The script for the New Year for a family holiday may change during your evening, so do notworry. If suddenly someone starts to be "self-willed" and play against the rules or your plan, then you can turn on your fantasy and immediately beat this situation in a positive way.

New Year's Eve family holiday script

Family traditions in Russia

The brightest Orthodox holiday in our country is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, which is celebrated on July 8th. On this day, music plays everywhere on the streets, free food and treats are arranged, craft fairs open, and the main moment of the celebration is active games, in which everyone can become participants. Usually at such moments, the organizers explain the rules of the game, because it is they who write all the scenarios for sports family holidays in advance. Entire families participate in such competitions, and those who get the most points are given a prize, as a rule, this is an item of household appliances or tickets to a concert for all members of the winning family.

If you are celebrating a holiday at home or in the country, then you can organize Family Day in such an interesting way. Use the scenario of the family holiday "Our friendly family". Its essence is that adults and children spend time together throughout the whole day, and since children love to play and fool around most of all, the elders will also have to remember their childhood.

Outdoor play remains one of the favorite activities for many families. In many scenarios of sports family holidays in foreign countries, playing football or golf together takes the first place. Take the whole family to the nearestpark and don't forget to take a soccer ball with you. Children will remember this day for a long time!

scenarios of sports family holidays

Universal game for everyone

The game is called "Magic Words". It will be necessary to prepare a beautiful box in advance and fill it with paper letters. Children love to cut with scissors, so leave it to them: all you have to do is draw the letters on colored cardboard, and the children will cut them out.

When the whole family has gathered in a circle, announce the theme of the evening. You can choose whatever you like: pirate themes, cartoon or movie characters and much more. Everyone in turn pulls out one letter and names a word that fits your topic and begins with the selected letter. The fun itself lies in the fact that while the participant comes up with a word, everyone else starts the countdown. The respondent must have time to say his word, otherwise he does not receive the required number of points. For example, if the topic is about the summer time of the year, and the participant pulled the letter "m" out of the box, he can name "sea" or "raspberry" (both of which are summer associations). Such games can be included in any scenario of a family holiday for children and adults.

Games and fun

family holiday script

In recent years, board games have become popular, so we recommend that you do not miss this idea. And no, we are not talking about cards or chess at all. Although classic chess will never go out of style, it would be great if someone in your householdknows how to play them and can organize a family chess tournament. Just make sure that it is fun and interesting for every member of the family, otherwise the holiday risks being spoiled.

If you have never played such fun with your family, be sure to add this item to your family holiday scenario. The most famous games are "Monopoly", dominoes, quizzes like "Answer in 5 seconds" and others.

Purchase one set of the game and be sure that it will pay for itself. After all, desktop entertainment can be included not only in the program of holidays, but also on ordinary weekends. The main advantage of family board games is active communication with relatives, which in turn improves mutual understanding between generations and makes it possible for adults and children to get closer.

Here are some tips for the competent organization of a family holiday:

  • The main symbol of the holiday "Family Day" is a camomile, so be sure to get flowers and decorate your home with them.
  • On the eve of the holiday, agree with the household, let everyone be polite to each other on this day.
  • Survey all your family members and decide together what meals to cook that day. It's even better if the kids help you in the kitchen.

Celebrate March 8 with family

The day when we can congratulate our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and all women in the family is the main women's day. March 8 is celebrated not only in our country. This international holiday has long become one of the favorite family celebrations. In thatspring day, you can go on a picnic with the whole family or have a holiday at home.

Here are some family holiday ideas for March 8th:

  1. Usually, all household chores lie exclusively on women's shoulders, so it would be fair if on Women's Day men take on household chores and cook everything themselves. And let the women go to the spa to relax!
  2. Men don't always take hints, so you can directly ask them to arrange an evening dinner. After all, March 8 is the only holiday when women can afford not to stand at the stove all day and cook bowls of salads and snacks.
  3. If the family is small, it will be ideal if the husband himself puts the children to bed and arranges a candlelight dinner for his beloved. Romantic evenings filled with love and attention from a husband bring women much more happiness than material gifts.
  4. For a large friendly family, an evening with watching family movies or even animated cartoons is suitable.
  5. If you decorate the whole apartment or house with fresh flowers, the magical atmosphere will give women an unforgettable experience.
  6. If your family is one of those in which everyone loves sports, we recommend rollerblading at the rollerdrome. Rest assured, the kids will love it!
  7. Such active games for the whole family as paintball, bowling or curling are becoming very popular. Now in most shopping and entertainment centers there is a huge selection of such activities. Usually during the holidays, many of them offer discount coupons forfamily visit.
  8. If you are a young family that has not yet got babies, this is not a reason to refuse a family holiday. You can organize a party at home and invite all your friends. The highlight of the evening can be the popular game of Mafia.

Ready scripts

Family holidays are not limited to the New Year or March 8th. Anniversaries, name days, birthdays of babies, wedding anniversaries or weddings - all these significant dates will be a great occasion to get together with the whole family and spend this day together. How to organize the perfect holiday for a large number of guests? Everything is simple! Make a to-do list and stick to it.

Use the following ideas to complete your children's and family holiday scenario. For example, your little daughter's birthday can be turned into a fairy tale if you arrange it in the style of a fairy kingdom. Let the birthday girl be a princess, you will need a beautiful dress and accessories in the form of a crown and bracelets. Call all the guests in advance and assign each of his roles. Let the adults play their part (it could be the fairy godmother, the good doctor Aibolit, Gena the crocodile, Pinocchio, etc.) throughout the festive evening. It would be great if each of the guests could buy costumes for the upcoming evening.

You can also arrange a creative competition among the invited children: let them draw portraits of adults, and adults will guess who is shown in the picture.

Interesting ideas

Family holiday scenario is notbe sure to come up with it alone, you can gather the whole family in the kitchen and discuss the upcoming holidays over a cup of tea. Finding out the desire of each family member, hearing his opinion on a particular issue and showing interest in his proposals - that's what will really strengthen family relationships. Try to include the wishes of everyone in the final program of the celebration.

If all the preparations for the holiday are on your shoulders, then here is one interesting idea for a script for a family holiday on your birthday.

The host comes out and announces the start of the music competition. Children - participants, one by one go to the center of the room and sing their song. And the jury should take notes and evaluate everyone.

Presenter: - Dear guests, we are pleased to inform you that our music competition "Young Talents" is declared open! Let's clap for the kids. So, our first participant… (calling by name).

When every child has sung and the performance is over, one of the guests as a member of the jury stands up and announces the winners. In order to avoid children's insults and tears, you need to dream up and come up with a variety of nominations (so that their number coincides with the number of children invited to the birthday party). It will be ideal if you prepare individual gifts for each child. And at the end of the music competition, you can gather all the children together and hold a photo session so that the holiday will be remembered for a long time in your family. The script for the family holiday "Music Competition" is good because it can be changed and supplemented depending on your preferences.

family birthday script

Holidays in educational institutions

Remember how, as a child, you performed at matinees in the kindergarten, and your parents sat as spectators and clapped for you? This good old tradition has been preserved, however, now in kindergartens such events are called "concert" or "talent show". Modern educators and psychologists argue that such performances with the participation of children help to reveal in each child his individual creative abilities. Someone sings well, someone can easily remember a big poem, and someone can surprise everyone with their ability to dance and circle!

Usually matinees are timed to coincide with some holiday. Scenarios for a family holiday in kindergarten are compiled by methodologists and educators: they distribute roles to each child and conduct rehearsals. It is the job of the parent to provide the child with the right costume.

On the appointed day, everyone gathers in the assembly hall. Parents sit in seats for spectators, and the pupils of the garden go backstage with their teachers. Children aged 2 to 3 cannot always perform on stage, especially when they see their relatives in the hall, they immediately refuse to read poems and rush to their mothers. That's why some halls have special screens through which parents can watch the performance of their kids, while remaining unnoticed.

family holiday kindergarten

Secondary schools also very often arrange familyholidays and competitions in which whole families can take part. This usually happens on holidays such as City Day or March 8th. Scenarios for a family holiday at school can be written by both methodologists and the parent committee. The main part of any such program is a talent contest or performance based on famous fairy tales and plays. Any parent can become a character and play their part on the school stage. In some cities, such events are held at the regional level, so participants are often awarded certificates and prizes.

In any case, using pre-arranged celebration programs is a great way to organize a budget yet memorable celebration. The main thing to remember when writing scripts for the upcoming weekends is that you need to take into account the interests and characteristics of each family member, as well as their age. After all, it is impossible to allow at least someone to be offended or too tired of outdoor games.

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