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Caring for a disabled person: the procedure for registration, documents, benefits and benefits

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Caring for a disabled person: the procedure for registration, documents, benefits and benefits
Caring for a disabled person: the procedure for registration, documents, benefits and benefits

People with altered physical and mental abilities need help as they cannot provide for themselves. For this reason, the state prescribes the need to provide guardians for the disabled, the latter are en titled to financial support. How can I get financial assistance to care for a disabled person? Let's talk about what documents are needed and the conditions for registration.

Requirements for a guardian

The first group of disability is assigned to citizens with limited (physical or psychological) capabilities. The full existence of such people is characterized by great limitations. They do not have the opportunity to serve themselves on their own, so they need guardianship. Most often, the status of a guardian is received by someone from relatives who lives with a disabled person in the same living space. Guardianship can also be issued by persons who do not have blood ties. The state allows this possibility, but blood relatives are in advantage.

Social care for the disabled

It's one thing just to look after a "special" population and completelyanother to get paid for it. Applying for a guardian's allowance requires compliance with certain nuances. These include:

  1. Adult age.
  2. No parental termination situations.
  3. Absolute physical and mental capacity.
  4. No official job. Caring for a disabled person requires constant presence.
  5. Lack of additional state benefits (labor, military, social pension, unemployment benefit).
  6. No criminal record.

If the guardian begins to receive pension accruals or gets a job, then he must notify the Pension Fund authorities of this within one week. A refusal to receive benefits is signed on the spot.

If this is not done, then the actions of the trustee are regarded as illegal. Upon establishing the incident, he will have to return the entire amount of social benefits from the moment he began to receive funds from another source of income.

You can count on benefits in the following cases:

  1. The disabled person turned 80.
  2. Caregiver provides comprehensive care.
  3. Disability less than 18 years old.
  4. 24/7 care required.
Disabled caregiver

Arranging guardianship

Applying for the care of a disabled person requires the preparation of an impressive set of documents:

  1. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with a residence permit.
  2. SNILS.
  3. Document stating that the applicant does not receive an insurance pension and is not listed on the listexpectations at the labor exchange.
  4. Certificate confirming disability with the designation of the corresponding group. As a rule, it is issued on the basis of a medical report carried out by the Bureau of Social and Medical Examination.
  5. Document on the recognition of a child with a disability. If assistance is required to a person under the age of majority.
  6. Conclusion of doctors about the need for constant care. Issued to elderly citizens who are unable to support themselves on their own due to he alth reasons.
  7. Employment book of the trustee with a record of dismissal, as well as a similar document of the ward (if any).
  8. Written consent of parents / adoptive parents / other representatives to care for a disabled person from 14 years old. A teenager should receive an education, so supervision is possible only in his spare time.
  9. Certificate from a school or other educational institution, confirming the fact of full-time education. Only required for a child aged 14+.
  10. A document confirming that the applicant does not receive a pension as a former military man, an employee of the internal affairs department, other law enforcement agencies, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, an employee of the criminal investigation department and other similar structures.
What is the disability care allowance?

Where to apply?

After preparing the above documents for caring for a disabled person, you need to come to the Pension Fund office. Admission is carried out at the place of its registration. To apply for benefits on the spot, you will need to fill out a few more papers:

  1. Departure Statementfor a disabled person on behalf of a guardian.
  2. Written consent of a disabled citizen to receive assistance from the applicant.

Application for consent to care has the right to submit a capable disabled person from the age of 14. If the age is less than specified or the disabled person is recognized as incompetent, then the document can be submitted on behalf of parents, guardians or other representatives.

Since 2017, it has become possible to submit the above documents in electronic form through your personal account on the website of the Pension Fund or on the State Services portal.

Types of benefits and amounts of payments

The amount of payment for a certain type of benefit for the care of a disabled person is determined at the federal level. The amount of the monthly benefit may vary and is affected by the following circumstances:

  1. An unemployed guardian parent looking after a child with disabilities is paid from 5,500 rubles.
  2. The minimum benefit is 1,500 rubles.
Disabled care

Caregiver benefits may vary by region. The following species are defined at the state level:

  1. 50% reduction in utility bills.
  2. The right to use the property of the ward.
  3. Free trip to the sanatorium once a year.
  4. Reduce vehicle tax.
  5. Employment Benefits for caregivers of young children with disabilities up to age 8.
  6. Free travel on social transport.
  7. Reduction of the amount of land tax and cancellationproperty.

If a citizen has custody of several disabled people, the benefits are summed up. A guardian caring for his or her disabled child is subject to mandatory child support in a divorce.

Disability verification is done every two years. After the specified period, the same package of documents is collected and the medical commission is re-convened. In addition to the state pension, persons with disabilities without work experience and children with disabilities are en titled to social benefits. They are calculated once a month, the amount depends on the district coefficient. The minimum amount of this allowance is 3,500 rubles.

Disabled caregiver statement

How do I get disability care allowance?

In order to receive a cash payment for the care of a disabled citizen, you must submit the following package of documents to the Pension Fund office:

  1. Application for Disability Care from Caregiver.
  2. Declaration of a person with a disability (unless they have been declared incompetent).
  3. Disability certificate.
  4. Document confirming that the trustee is not receiving a pension.
  5. Passports of both citizens.
  6. Employment record (if any).

Caring for a disabled child

Russian citizens involved in the registration of guardianship of a child who has received the status of a disabled person since childhood or with congenital pathologies should be prepared for the peculiarities of this procedure. Financial benefits for care are provided to everyone. The amount of social assistance depends on the statusguardian.

Which carer's allowance is due to guardians? Parents or persons who have received such rights receive maximum financial support from the state. For them, the amount of the cash benefit is 60% of the minimum wage, the amount depends on the district coefficient. The minimum amount of guardianship allowance for parents is 5,500 rubles. Citizens with a different status are en titled to at least 1,500 rubles. This means that if other relatives (grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and so on) take care of a disabled child, they will receive only one and a half thousand rubles.

Social care

Disability care form

What about those who have no relatives or live in a remote place? In this case, the state provides for social care for the disabled. There is such a service in any, even the smallest, city. Public workers provide care for disabled citizens, it is as follows:

  1. Hygiene procedures.
  2. Medication assistance and compliance monitoring.
  3. Carrying out all kinds of medical procedures and accompanying the patient to the place of their conduct. These "helpers" usually have relevant experience in caring for the disabled.
  4. Shopping for groceries, essentials, medicines and more.
  5. Cooking food.
  6. Feeding or helping with eating.
  7. Cleaning and airing the premises where a disabled person lives.
  8. Washing and ironing things.
  9. Walk outdoors with the sick person (if possible).

Pros and cons of social assistance

This kind of help has both pluses and minuses:

  1. Aid from the state is provided free of charge.
  2. Often, social workers have a medical background and can provide first aid.
  3. Support can be one-time or ongoing.
  4. Assigned social workers only by doctor's prescription.
  5. Not all categories of citizens can apply for help.
Disability Care Benefits


On the territory of the Russian state, persons caring for disabled citizens are en titled to material payments. Only unemployed citizens and those who are not en titled to other state payments are en titled to receive them. The process of registration of guardianship requires a lot of time, as you will have to collect an impressive package of documents. Considering that patient care will require a round-the-clock presence, the guardian does not have to rely on any other means, except for benefits and benefits, so it is important to use all available methods.

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