Nursing homes: reviews, nutritional standards, conditions, documents for registration
Nursing homes: reviews, nutritional standards, conditions, documents for registration

Video: Nursing homes: reviews, nutritional standards, conditions, documents for registration

Video: Nursing homes: reviews, nutritional standards, conditions, documents for registration
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Demand for nursing homes is growing every year. Reviews of public and private institutions of this type are very different. The authorities are unable to provide all the elderly with a decent old age. Therefore, private institutions are rapidly moving into the market. Consider how pensioners live in a nursing home and how easy it is to get there.

What is a nursing home

Wikipedia says it is a public or private institution that provides shelter for elderly people who need medical care and 24-hour consumer services.

nursing home services
nursing home services

Nursing homes appeared many centuries ago. Their appearance and internal structure have changed over the years. In institutions of the modern type, old people are freed from the need to do household work: cook food, clean the house. The staff does it for them. And the guests of the house at this time are engaged in their favorite activities. As a rule, these are games, walks, watching TV, sincere conversations. Together with the household inspection of the elderly, their rehabilitation is also carried out. Physiotherapy, drug treatment is organized in nursing homes.

According to the form of ownership, institutions of this type are divided into public and private. Recently, non-state nursing homes have been in great demand. Reviews about their work have more positive ratings than about state ones. But the prices for their services are high.

Nursing homes are common in countries with nuclear families where adults and children live separately.

Abandoned parents or a dignified old age

Stories about abandoned children replace stories about abandoned parents. The modern world is merciless. The struggle for housing and comfortable living conditions force people to commit cruel acts: to get rid of elderly relatives, sending them to boarding schools. The services of a state type nursing home are free. Therefore, old people get there, interfering with the lives of young people. So, in the Minsk Boarding School for Pensioners and Disabled People (Belarus) there are about 380 guests, most of whom were survived by their own children.

how to place a person in a nursing home
how to place a person in a nursing home

But there are also cases when children send their parents to boarding schools because they are physically unable to take care of them. For example, a person lives up to the “peak” moment, when he needs round-the-clock service and supervision. And the children are busy (work, family) and cannot take care of an elderly relative. Therefore, for a while they bring them to a nursing home, and whenreleased, then taken home.

But in most cases, the residents of state nursing homes are useless and abandoned people. There are many such cases and tragic stories in public nursing homes.

nursing home financing
nursing home financing

Private nursing homes

The population of the Russian Federation is gradually aging. Every year the number of residents of nursing homes increases in the country. Now in Russia there are about 1.5 thousand such institutions. But private special nursing homes for the elderly occupy only 10% of their total volume. The remaining 90% belong to government-type institutions.

In Moscow and Moscow region

A private nursing home in the Moscow region is easy to find. There are about 90 boarding houses in Moscow and the Moscow region. If this institution proves the high quality of the services provided for 5 years, then it is included in the register of social service providers. This makes it possible to register in a private institution for older people who have a referral from the local social security authority. In this case, the authorities pay about 80% of the state funds for the maintenance of the referred pensioner.

How much does a private nursing home cost

how to live in a nursing home
how to live in a nursing home

Private nursing home services are not cheap. A day's stay of a pensioner in an institution costs from 1,000 to 4,000 rubles a day. But the quality of service in them is appropriate.

As a rule, about 50 residents live in private boarding schools. All pensioners are locatedin comfortable rooms in which they are looked after by nurses. Service in private boarding schools for the elderly is at a high level. Pensioners are provided with everything they need, because money is paid for their services.

Who ends up in private boarding schools

As a rule, busy adult children send their elderly relatives to private nursing homes. Reviews of such institutions are better than those of the state ones, so people are not afraid to use their services.

Based on the reviews, one can judge the feelings of the guests from staying in a private boarding house. Elderly people write that they live there very well. They do not miss home, because relatives periodically come to visit them. On memorable dates, relatives come to the elderly and arrange a real holiday for them. Retirees say they feel good at home, and children do not need to spend their time searching elderly parents.

Pensioners in some reviews write that they came to a private nursing home of their own free will. Realizing that they had become a burden for children, they decided not to interfere with their relatives and not disrupt their he alth. We came to a private nursing home and did not regret it. Many note the sensitive attitude of the staff and comfortable conditions of stay. Basically, children finance the stay in the boarding house.

How to get into a nursing home

documents for nursing home
documents for nursing home

The conditions for admission to private and state boarding schools are different.

How to register a person in a state-type nursing home?

For this pensioneryou need to prove that he has no close relatives who could take care of him. Or provide documents confirming the disability of his children. In this case, its maintenance will be paid for by the state. However, the pensioner must be prepared for the fact that his pension will decrease in amount.

If an elderly person has able-bodied children, then by law they are obliged to look after and support him. But if the client himself wants to be in a boarding house, then he will have to pay monthly for his stay there. The pension in this case is not reduced.

Nursing Home Documents Retirees Must Have:

  1. statement written in social security;
  2. document of medical examination;
  3. certificate of the availability of housing from the house management;

Only after passing through 3 stages, social workers send the pensioner to a nursing home.

It looks easier if an elderly person wants to get into a private nursing home. Financing there occurs at the expense of the clients themselves or their relatives. Therefore, it is enough for a pensioner to conclude an appropriate agreement, undergo a medical examination and subsequently regularly pay money for his maintenance in the house.

Food conditions

diet in nursing home
diet in nursing home

In both private and state-run boarding schools for pensioners, a food ration should be established. In a private nursing home, the diet is more varied, tailored to the individual characteristics of each guest. This is confirmed andnumerous reviews of wards.

In institutions of the state type, everything is much simpler. But in any nursing home, when compiling a diet, the following are taken into account: the state of he alth of the guests, their age category. The menu should be balanced, complete. For better assimilation, food should be fractional, have high nutritional properties. Dietary guidelines must be followed.

Nursing homes in Moscow and Moscow region

List of the most popular public institutions.

  1. Boarding house 31 for labor veterans. Rooms are for a maximum of 6 people.
  2. Gerontopsychiatric center of mercy: rooms - up to 6 guests.
  3. House called "House of Kindness": only double rooms.

A private nursing home in the Moscow region resembles a cottage or a country hotel. Such boarding houses are located near forests, which has a very good effect on the he alth of the guests. In the Moscow region, the most common and popular boarding houses are the following.

  1. "Tree of Life": has offices in 6 suburban areas. For a day of living there, you need to pay about 1,100 rubles.
  2. "Silver Dawn": located 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The cost of staying for one day is 1200 rubles or more.
  3. "Care". This private institution includes 12 residential centers for the elderly. The price of the boarding house starts from 980 rubles per day.

American and Russian nursing homes

Compare Russian and American nursing homes. Reviews aboutboarding schools abroad are not always positive.

special nursing home
special nursing home

In America, such houses are called social housing. Most of them are built on the principle of high-rise buildings. Inside the house is divided into apartments and public space. The apartment has a bedroom, living room, bathroom. Food is served in the shared restaurant. For American pensioners in boarding schools, all conditions for a boring old age are created. The houses are equipped with gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds for ball games. Creative circles are constantly organized for guests. And American pensioners can also do gardening - plant a small vegetable garden on the territory. For a Russian person, such nursing homes resemble a hotel. In Russia, such conditions for pensioners are created only in private institutions.

But American nursing homes are not free. A guest has to pay about 1000 USD per month. However, the city authorities help pensioners. By law, old people can only pay a third of their salary for social housing. The rest of the amount is compensated by the state.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a boarding school

If a situation arises in life that forces you to send an elderly relative to a nursing home, you need to prepare for it in advance.

Firstly, psychologists advise not to torment yourself with remorse, but to calmly accept forced circumstances. A pensioner can be left in a boarding house for a while, and then taken home. After all, parents also send their children to kindergarten fortime of their work, and in the evening they come to pick them up. You can do the same with an elderly relative.

Secondly, you need to find out how the residents of the nursing home live. To do this, you should drive to the selected house, talk with its residents and see what conditions they are in.

5 Signs Retirees Are Happy in a Nursing Home.

  1. They are calm, relaxed.
  2. Live a full life: watch TV, have discussions.
  3. The institution carefully thought out the daily routine.
  4. There are always specialists in the house ready to provide the necessary support to the elderly.
  5. Good feedback from the guests themselves about the nursing home.