Social security for pensioners: concept, types of security, who is supposed to and the procedure for obtaining
Social security for pensioners: concept, types of security, who is supposed to and the procedure for obtaining

Video: Social security for pensioners: concept, types of security, who is supposed to and the procedure for obtaining

Video: Social security for pensioners: concept, types of security, who is supposed to and the procedure for obtaining
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Social security for pensioners in Russia, although not at the same level as in non-CIS countries, it still exists. People who receive a pension and do not have any other means of subsistence or belong to the poor may qualify for assistance from the state. Moreover, these are not only cash bonuses to the due payments, but also a number of other privileges.

These issues are handled by a special pensioner welfare service. It is this organization that should be contacted to clarify incomprehensible issues related to social assistance to the elderly. Its specialists also explain what kind of assistance a person can count on and to what extent.

Help for pensioners
Help for pensioners

What is social security for people of retirement age?

The social orientation of the state involves comprehensive care for the citizens living in it. First of all, this sphere of activity of the country's managersis manifested in the provision of affordable medicine, quality education and assistance to people of disabled age, as well as to those who are unable to provide for themselves for a number of reasons.

Such citizens are assigned pensions for age, disability or for the length of service. The principle of determining the amount of payments depends on many factors. The main of them can be considered deductions from a person’s wages to the Pension Fund, which came there from him throughout his entire career. However, not many Russians received (and receive) good salaries, so the financial well-being of pensioners in our time leaves much to be desired. Often, people's pensions are at a level lower than the approved living wage. To smooth this inequality, the state has created programs that regulate the social security of pensioners.

Social security vouchers for pensioners
Social security vouchers for pensioners

Who is en titled to social assistance?

In this article, we consider not all categories of citizens who have the right to count on state assistance, namely pensioners. Unfortunately, few of them know what benefits and additional payments they are en titled to by law.

Social security for pensioners is a question of more than one article, but we tried to summarize this topic and give the most concise and useful information on it. So, first of all, they can count on help:

  • unemployed pensioners;
  • working pensioners;
  • military pensioners;
  • disabled people supported by the state;
  • people,who have lost their breadwinner and are also in the care of the state.

At the same time, the smaller a person's cash payment, the more help he can count on from the authorities. However, this does not mean that pensioners who have high pensions are not en titled to demand assistance from the state. Such citizens are also en titled to certain types of benefits.

Patronage over single pensioners
Patronage over single pensioners

Types of help

Social security for pensioners is carried out on the following points:

  1. Pension Supplement (EDV).
  2. Targeted assistance to people in difficult life circumstances.
  3. Utility benefits.
  4. Subsidies.
  5. Legal assistance.
  6. Medical welfare for pensioners - vouchers, discounts on the purchase of medicines, assistance with operations, patronage, etc.
  7. Assigning a social worker to a pensioner who will help him around the house and provide primary medical services.
  8. Fare benefits.
  9. Reducing the tax rate.

Here you need to understand that not each of these points may be applicable to a particular pensioner. Specialists consider any situation separately and in their decisions are guided by the financial situation of a person, the amount of his pension, additional payments and other types of assistance in monetary terms.

Social security for pensioners
Social security for pensioners

How to get help from the government?

In order for a pensioner to receive an increase in pension, a benefit, or he received any other assistance, he must write an application to the authoritiessocial security with the appropriate application. Without this formality, public services will not assign anything and will not charge a person.

In addition, in Russia there is practically no unified system of assistance to the elderly. The amount of all types of social assistance and payments is regulated in the regions. The leaders in terms of the level of increases are the Northern District, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The social security of pensioners also strongly depends on the subsistence minimum in the country, on the conditions in which a person lives, whether he has a spouse, children or close relatives. Assistance to residents of the capital and other large settlements is calculated based on the urban social standard (SCS). In Moscow in 2017-2018, it was equal to about 14.5 thousand rubles, in the Moscow region it is a slightly smaller amount - pensioners living in the region cannot receive less than 9 thousand rubles. At the same time, for metropolitan pensioners living in Moscow for at least 10 years, the GSS is 17.5 thousand rubles.

Benefits for payment of housing and communal services for pensioners
Benefits for payment of housing and communal services for pensioners

Cash payouts

Pensioners who are on state social security are en titled to a monthly increase in their pension if their income is too low. This is the so-called monthly cash payment, which in each case is calculated individually by the Pension Fund of Russia. It is in one of the departments of this organization that a person must apply in order to receive an allowance.

Its amount depends on many factors:

  • pension size;
  • availability of benefits and subsidies;
  • marital status of a person;
  • he has other income.

In the event of any change in the financial situation of a pensioner, the EDV may be reduced, increased or canceled.

Paying utilities: subsidies and benefits

First, we need to separate the very concepts of benefits and subsidies. The first are assigned to certain categories of citizens, most often to low-income families, but sometimes they are also given to those who have special merits to the state. These include war veterans, disabled people, Chernobyl survivors, their widows or dependents. The social security of military pensioners is also, as a rule, expressed in the accrual of benefits for this group of citizens to pay for housing and communal services. As a rule, we are talking about a 50% discount.

The subsidy is available to those pensioners whose utility bills exceed 10-25% of their income (this is a different indicator in each region). In addition to the pensioner's income, social workers take into account the earnings of other members of the family in which the pensioner lives.

Social security for single pensioners
Social security for single pensioners

Medical care, he alth resorts and treatment

Pensioners are the most vulnerable part of the country's population. Low incomes and poor living conditions affect their he alth. Given this, the state is trying to take care of the needy, creating some privileges for them:

  • provides free or discounted spa treatment;
  • provides discounts on the purchase of medicines;
  • pays all or part of your dental prosthetics.

Except for issuing vouchers to placesrecovery, pensioners also have the right to count on a reduction in the cost of transport costs that they have incurred to get to a sanatorium or resort. They are provided with compensation for the cost of tickets.

Benefit for pensioners
Benefit for pensioners

Patronage and care for single pensioners

Some older people find themselves in such cramped life circumstances that they are en titled to targeted assistance from the state. First of all, this concerns the disabled, single pensioners, seriously ill elderly people. If they are in distress, they are en titled to an allowance for products from social security. Pensioners are given food packages, household chemicals, shoes and clothes, necessary medicines. Also, such assistance relies on people affected by flooding, fire or theft. In addition, the state partially compensates pensioners for the purchase of certain types of household appliances, furniture and the repair of residential premises.

To those people who cannot cope with housework themselves, who have completely or partially lost their self-service skills, a social worker is attached. Depending on the situation, he can go shopping for a pensioner, clean his house, cook food.

Travel concessions

Those pensioners who do not refuse social benefits in order to receive monetary compensation in return (about 200 rubles a month) can ride all city public transport for free:

  • buses;
  • trams;
  • trolleybuses;
  • subway.

They also have discounts on commuter trains and long-distance trains. However, they will have to pay in full for trips in taxis or minibuses.

There is also a program in Russia to compensate for travel to places of rest. It is provided in the form of tickets, which can be used to get to the place of treatment, or money to buy them. However, this program applies only to residents of the Far North and areas equated to this region.