Hygiene of a teenage girl: rules of care and personal hygiene products
Hygiene of a teenage girl: rules of care and personal hygiene products

Video: Hygiene of a teenage girl: rules of care and personal hygiene products

Video: Hygiene of a teenage girl: rules of care and personal hygiene products
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In the life of every parent there comes a period when it becomes necessary to explain and instill certain hygiene skills in a grown child. This is especially necessary for those families in which girls grow up. The hygiene of a teenage girl is significantly different from the procedures that she required at a younger age. And the task of loved ones is not only to explain what is happening in the body, but also to teach how to care for your body. It is impossible to let these questions take their course, because the teenager will be forced to look for the necessary answers on his own and it is far from a fact that the information discovered by the girl will turn out to be reliable or useful.

What are the characteristics of teenage hygiene?

What should be the hygiene of a teenage girl, of course, is due to physiological processes, changes taking place in her body. Unfortunately, many parents have an unshakable belief that the features of teenage hygiene for girls are limited only by the fact that theylearn how to use tampons and pads, as well as keep a special "women's calendar".

Of course, everything related to the process of becoming a menstrual cycle is a feature of hygiene. That is, what distinguishes the list of procedures needed by a child from those needed by a teenager. However, the features of self-care needed by girls at a transitional age are not limited only to the requirements of intimate hygiene.

The hygiene of a teenage girl differs from that of a child in that she needs depilation procedures, various cosmetics and perfumes, peeling and much more. That is, at this age there is a need for all, without exception, the care procedures that adult women need. And the task of parents is to accustom a growing girl to them, turning grooming into a habit, into a reflex action, the same as washing hands or brushing teeth.

What products are needed for teenage hygiene?

Typically, hygiene rules for a teenage girl published in teen magazines begin with an explanation of the need to use pads or tampons and a description of exactly how to keep the body clean on "special" days. However, personal feminine hygiene products are far from all that a growing girl needs.

A company of teenage girls
A company of teenage girls

Teens will need:

  • means for depilation;
  • deodorants;
  • antibacterial cleansing lotions or soaps;
  • fresh breath spray and mouthwashcavity;
  • manicure supplies.

Of course, this list can be continued. This is just the bare minimum you need to take care of yourself. Of course, the girl will also need feminine hygiene products.

How to choose depilatory products and deodorant?

When choosing hair removers and deodorants, simplicity should be a priority. This means that there is no need to purchase wax strips or creams that get rid of unwanted hairs for a long time. It's not even that such products have a complex chemical composition and, in combination with a hormonal surge in a girl's body, can cause serious skin irritations or allergies, up to the formation of decaying boils in the armpits.

Girl with a book
Girl with a book

Hair that gets rid of during adolescence does not grow all at once. That is, the bulbs are activated gradually. Accordingly, the use of "aggressive" adult depilators will not give smooth skin for several weeks. Their use does not make sense.

As for the deodorant, the girl needs this remedy. Again, you need to choose a simple deodorant, odorless or with a minimum intensity of the composition. Teenage sweat has a specific smell and, in combination with a strong fragrance, can cause hostility in others.

How important are nail supplies and fresh breath sprays?

Manicure accessories are necessary for a growing girl. With their help,only the beauty and attractiveness of the nails is given, how much they are cared for. If kids just cut their nails short, teenagers usually don't.

Besides keeping nails clean, teaching a girl to manicure also plays an important psychological role. The vast majority of adolescents of both sexes bite their nails and hangnails. The impulse that arose in a moment of emotional excitement very quickly becomes a permanent habit, which is extremely difficult to get rid of in adulthood. And a do-it-yourself manicure is a powerful deterrent.

Difficulties in communication
Difficulties in communication

As for fresh breath sprays, many parents consider them overkill or simply do not remember these funds. Meanwhile, a specific or simply halitosis in adolescence is a much more common problem than the notorious acne. And no matter how thorough the hygiene of a teenager girl is, if she smells bad from her mouth, this will significantly limit her social circle and will inevitably affect her state of mind, deprive her of self-confidence.

Should I visit a gynecologist?

It's no secret that a fairly large number of women not only do not visit the gynecologist's office, but also by all means avoid a visit to this specialist, even when there is a significant need for it. Such an attitude towards doctors can be due to various reasons, often very respectful, but transmitted “by inheritance”. Your own daughters shouldn't be treated like this. NowThere are a lot of private clinics and gynecological offices, so finding a good, trustworthy doctor will not be difficult.

Teenage girl thinking
Teenage girl thinking

It is necessary to visit a specialist's office, since the sexual hygiene of teenage girls is largely individual and depends on the personal characteristics of the functioning of the body and the changes taking place in it. The doctor will not only examine the teenager and, if there are any disorders or infections, allergies, prescribe treatment and help choose a remedy for hygiene procedures. The specialist will also explain in detail to the growing girl exactly how to take care of herself, whether it is possible to use a sponge, how to properly direct the shower and other little things that teenagers are usually embarrassed to ask about, and adults simply forget to tell.

Which feminine hygiene products to choose and how to use them?

Intimate hygiene of a teenage girl includes not only the acquisition of skills in choosing and using pads or tampons, but also a number of other nuances.

On critical days it is impossible:

  • visit baths, especially the steam room;
  • swim in a pool or river, sea;
  • take heavy physical activity, including sports.

Of course, you should not luxuriate in the bathroom, you need to wash yourself in the shower during this period. It is better to use a bidet for washing, but of course this is not available to most of the female population of our country, since they simply do not exist in city apartments located in houses built in the last century.

As a rule, personal hygiene is not the main problem. Teenage girls are usually worried about whether it is better to use tampons or pads. Gynecologists do not have a single opinion on this matter. A common myth among teenagers is that a tampon can damage the hymen. This is not so, the use of these hygiene products does not cause any harm to virginity. However, an obstacle to the use of tampons is the presence of clots in menstrual flow. Until the cycle is established, doctors recommend using pads.

sad girl
sad girl

Change feminine hygiene products as needed, but at least several times a day. Otherwise, bacteria will begin to multiply on the surface of the pad, which can adversely affect the girl's he alth.