Teenager's day routine: template and recommendations from experts
Teenager's day routine: template and recommendations from experts

Video: Teenager's day routine: template and recommendations from experts

Video: Teenager's day routine: template and recommendations from experts
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Does a teenager need a daily routine? And what exactly is meant by this? The daily routine is already present in life, because classes in educational institutions begin at the same time. Is there any point in organizing the rest of the day after school and visiting various sections, circles of part of the day?

Often, parents do not consider it important to limit their growing children in any way. Meanwhile, the organization of the day is extremely important in adolescence. The mode allows you to cope with stress and go through a transitional age period without any special psycho-emotional problems.

Are kids and teens different?

The routine of a teenager's day, of course, is different from the schedule and organization of free time for young children. In fact, it is transitional, combining elements that are characteristic of both the children's daily routine and the regimen necessary for adults.

Teenagers on a walk
Teenagers on a walk

The main differences between child and teen modes arefollowing points:

  • meal frequency;
  • sleep duration;
  • duration and amount of physical and mental stress.

Of course, the time that is intended for rest is also different.

What should be in the daily routine?

The teenager's daily routine must include such moments as:

  • leisure and entertainment;
  • food;
  • sleep;
  • charging;
  • hygienic procedures.

Of course, the daily routine is based on the level of workload. The more activities, the more time should be devoted to rest, not entertainment.

What should be the daily routine for a teenager?

The average pattern of the daily routine looks like this:

  • wake up - 7:00;
  • hygienic procedures, gymnastics - 7:00 -7:15;
  • breakfast until half past seven;
  • road to school, study - until one in the afternoon;
  • walk or other rest - until 14:00;
  • lunch - until three;
  • classes in sections, circles - until 17:00;
  • homework and other types of preparation for the next day - until 19:00;
  • dinner - until 19:30;
  • free time for entertainment, hobbies and more - until 21:30;
  • evening toilet - until 22:00;
  • sleep - until seven in the morning.

Of course, the pattern in the matter of organizing time is a relative concept. The daily routine is influenced by classes for teenagers both in a general education institution and outside it, as well as other individual nuances.

What they say aboutorganizing mode specialists?

Doctors and psychologists are unanimous in their opinion that there is no universal daily regimen template that suits everyone without exception. All instructions regarding the organization of time and prioritization are only advisory in nature. That is, they act as a kind of reminder needed in order to have something to build on when drawing up your personal schedule.

classes for teenagers
classes for teenagers

The daily routine of a teenager is made up of a combination of many nuances. The most important are:

  • age, because at 12 and at 16 the needs are different;
  • physical condition and development, priorities in the daily routine for those involved in sports and those who do not attend such sections are different;
  • experienced mental stress;
  • employment rate at school and clubs;
  • he alth;
  • hobbies and interests;
  • traditions adopted in the family circle.

All these factors have a decisive impact on how much time will be allocated for a particular activity. But they in no way change the list of what is included in the concept of "teenager's daily routine." This means that every growing up person must perform certain actions every day - sleep, take care of hygiene, eat, study, exercise, relax. That is, if a teenager is passionate about drawing or writing poetry, then this does not at all cancel the presence of morning exercises. And a large number of classes or a significant amount of material given at school is not a reason forreduced sleep time.

How important is morning exercise?

Morning exercises are essential for teenagers, just as they are for children or adults. But, unfortunately, it is this item that is most often neglected in the daily routine. Of course, if we are not talking about organizing a day for teenagers who are seriously involved in sports.

morning exercises for teenagers
morning exercises for teenagers

Light exercise in the morning, after bathing and before showering or washing is essential. They allow you to tone up the body, as people say - "disperse the blood." In addition, charging is not accidentally called that. A few simple movements of the arms, body and legs drive away the remnants of sleep no worse than strong coffee. They give vivacity and awaken the appetite. This is extremely important, especially for those who eat breakfast through force.

How should you eat as a teenager?

The nutrition of teenagers, as well as the organization of the day in general, differs from that of adults and children. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course, it should be useful, contain vitamins and other elements necessary for the body, and not just fill the stomach.

As for the routine, it should also be followed in nutrition. Chaotic snacks at different times of the day are not only a guarantee of future problems in the he alth of the digestive organs, but also adversely affect current life.

daily routine template
daily routine template

Typically, teen meals are organized as follows:

  • breakfasts are the firstat home, second at school;
  • lunch;
  • snack;
  • dinner.

As for the hours at which a teenager eats, they should be the same. Of course, this does not mean minute-by-minute accuracy of when to sit down at the table. If it is customary to dine between noon and one in the afternoon, then it is during this period of time that one should eat daily. This means that lunch eaten, for example, at 2:00 pm is a violation of the regime.

How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep should a teen get? This question worries all parents, without any exceptions. Growing children often defend their right not to go to bed at the hour set by the regime, but instead watch an interesting movie, sit at the computer or read a book.

As a rule, many parents do not insist that their growing child goes to bed on time, believing that if you go to bed a couple of times later, then nothing bad will happen. However, this is not at all the case. Violation of the daily routine quickly becomes a habit that leads to a loss of self-discipline in all other areas of life.

how much sleep should a teenager
how much sleep should a teenager

As for the time of sleep, experts consider the following intervals necessary for a normal good rest:

  • 10-12 hours - until the age of twelve;
  • 8-9 - until the age of sixteen.

Of course, these numbers mean the minimum amount of sleep. In other words, the teen may need more rest time.

How to be inholidays?

Is it necessary to adhere to the regime during the holidays? Of course. Not attending school doesn't mean you shouldn't sleep, eat, exercise, or go to bed on time.

adolescent nutrition
adolescent nutrition

During the holidays, you should adhere to the accepted daily routine. The only difference is that instead of studying at school, there is an opportunity to go to the cinema, a museum, or otherwise spend time.