European wedding: design ideas with photos, scenario, features and traditions
European wedding: design ideas with photos, scenario, features and traditions

Video: European wedding: design ideas with photos, scenario, features and traditions

Video: European wedding: design ideas with photos, scenario, features and traditions
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In the past few years, more and more couples are choosing to have a European-style wedding event. It differs significantly from the traditional Russian celebration with noisy festivities and numerous competitions. A European wedding is more like a social event in a calm and romantic atmosphere.

The difference between two solemn events

Traditional Russian wedding begins with the ransom of the bride by the groom. According to European customs, the young woman is given by her father himself or the closest relative in the male line. You can combine the traditions of both peoples, but usually the European style is chosen due to the absence of a bride price in it. Also, at such a wedding there will be no toastmaster, serving bread with s alt and other usual rituals.

european wedding tradition
european wedding tradition

According to the tradition of a European wedding, the host conducts the banquet, or, as he is often called, the entertainer. It not only entertains guests, but creates a favorable atmosphere for them and the young. The entertainer announces musical breaks, providesthe right to toast, emphasizes the special moments of the evening.

A European-style wedding (photo can be seen in the article) is more spectacular, as artists, circus performers, magicians and singers are invited to entertain guests. Young people demonstrate a short film about the history of their acquaintance and love. For all those present, the most comfortable conditions for a pleasant pastime are organized.

Another feature of the European celebration is the presence of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Outfits for each of them are purchased in advance. Bridesmaid dresses are made from fabric of the same color and texture, but in different styles, depending on the figure of each. Friends are dressed in tuxedos or suits, like the groom. At a European celebration, each girlfriend has a bouquet. Details of the dress of girlfriends and friends are in the same color scheme and are in harmony with the chosen design of the wedding.

Traditions of the event

The main European wedding traditions are:

  1. Services of professional decorators, stewards, photographers, etc.
  2. The wedding and the outdoor wedding ceremony take place on the same day.
  3. Junior participation - girls strew flower petals on the path to the altar, and a boy brings wedding rings.
  4. Unlike the Slavic celebration, where there is one witness from each side, in a European wedding there are always several friends and girlfriends of the spouses.
  5. Lighting the unity candle. The tradition is similar to kindling a "family hearth", but is carried out after the ceremonywedding.
  6. Lack of toastmaster with banal contests. Instead, they invite a professional presenter.
  7. The design of a European wedding is tied to a specific theme and selected color palette.
  8. Free-standing tables for invited guests, with an average capacity of ten people. Each is beautifully designed and includes a seating chart.

What should not be at a European wedding?

It is carefully planned. Every detail must follow the plan. All performances take place at the specified time, there is no place for any improvisation inherent in Slavic customs. The script must be written in advance. At a European wedding, traditional bride stealing and ransom, vulgar contests, shedding grain or sugar, serving a loaf, etc. are excluded. If young people are ready to abandon these customs, then a European-style celebration is ideal for them.

How is the event going?

According to the scenario, a European-style wedding begins in the morning. This day belongs entirely to the couple. Waking up in the morning, they put on beauty without fuss, meet and go for a photo shoot. After that, with friends they go to the venue of the ceremony, where invited guests are waiting for them. The bride is led to the altar by her father.

european wedding decoration
european wedding decoration

After the vows, the young people are registered and proceed to the celebration itself. The entertainer leads him in a calmer manner than the toastmaster. He sets the pace for the celebration so that the guests can congratulate the newlyweds and have fun. Spouses cutcake and dance their first dance. The banquet doesn't last long. As a rule, the newlyweds are the first to leave the event, leaving the invited guests to have fun.

Finally, the bride throws a bouquet to her unmarried friends. If fireworks were organized or paper lanterns were launched into the sky, it is the final part of the evening, after which the young people leave. As gratitude for the gifts and congratulations from the newlyweds, each guest is presented with miniature identical gizmos. Photos from European weddings remind of this solemn day.

Bachelorette and bachelor parties

The tradition of having a hen and stag party on the eve of the wedding is also borrowed from Europe.

european style wedding decor
european style wedding decor

During a bachelorette party, a photo session is very often held, the pictures from which are placed in the wedding album. The event is organized in a hotel, spa complex or outside the city. The ladies have beauty treatments and then have lunch together.

For the future newlywed, friends arrange an entertainment program in the sports complex, a joint dinner or an extreme pastime. The main thing here is to observe the measure and not overestimate your strength.

Pre-banquet events at the bride and groom's house

If the spouses go to the place of the ceremony from home, then there are some traditional conventions here.

european wedding script
european wedding script

On the wedding day, the groom's friends gather at his house for a light buffet. After that, a car drives up to the front door, and the groom and his friendsgoes to the bride's house, he has a bouquet with him.

On the threshold of the bride's house, he is met by several of her friends and, having welcomed him cordially (without a ransom), they are escorted inside. Entering, the groom remains to wait in the hall of the future father-in-law. Then he introduces him to his friends and briefly talks about how he is going to build a family life with his future wife, about a warm attitude towards her. The father of the bride can ask questions of interest to him. If all of the above suits him, he takes his daughter to the groom. The young man presents her with a bouquet, welcomes the mother who has appeared, and together they go to the place of registration of marriage.

Preparation and wedding walk

Appearing at the registry office, the young get married, after which they accept congratulations from a small retinue who arrived with them. The photographer takes several pictures of the newlyweds and a group photo with family and friends. As a keepsake, you can say a few words about your feelings for each other, capture the first marital kiss. During the exit from the registry office, the newlyweds are showered with flower petals or rice, after which the wedding procession moves for a walk.

european style wedding photo
european style wedding photo

The place for her will be arranged in advance. The best option is a picturesque area away from prying eyes. Here you can also prepare a small buffet with fruit snacks, dessert and champagne, invite musicians so that guests can relax and have a snack during the photo shoot. After a short walk, everyone goes to the place where the banquet will be held.


Let's give an examplescenario of a European-style wedding in the Moscow region:

  • 8:30 - cars must be at the groom's house.
  • 8:30-9:00 - light buffet at the groom's house.
  • 9:00-10:00 - travel time to the bride's house (may vary depending on distance).
  • 10:00 - The tuple must be in place. The groom and his escort are met by the bridesmaids, escorted to the house. There, the bride's father brings his daughter to the groom. The future husband with words of love gives the bride a bouquet. Guests go to a room where a table with light snacks is set. If the scenario of the wedding evening involves a ransom ceremony, allow enough time for this.
  • 10:30-11:30 – travel time to the registry office.
  • 11:30-12:00 - preparation for the ceremony.
  • 12:00-12:30 - solemn wedding ceremony.
  • 12:30-13:00 - congratulations from friends and relatives, photo and video shooting, champagne. The groom carries the bride in his arms, they are sprinkled with coins, rice, petals.
  • 13:00-13:30 - the road to the church where the wedding will take place.
  • 13:30-14:00 - preparation for the wedding ceremony.
  • 14:00-14:45 - wedding.
  • 14:45-15:00 – congratulations.
  • 15:00-17:00 - time for a walk. In summer, you can include a buffet table in nature in a picturesque place with the participation of musicians in the scenario of a wedding evening.
  • 16:30-17:00 - waiting for the newlyweds - buffet for guests.
  • 17:00 - young people drive up to the place of celebration. The guests go out to meet them, stand on both sides of the aisle, forming a corridor along which the bride and groom pass. Children ahead of themshowering the path with petals, the guests also shower the young with rice and petals. The host, together with the guests, wishes the newlyweds peace, harmony and love. In the lobby there is a table with a pyramid of champagne glasses. The top two glasses tied with a ribbon are for young people. Include this spectacular moment in the scenario of the wedding evening, it is very beautiful. The host offers to congratulate the newlyweds and drink champagne in their honor. After everyone congratulates the newlyweds, the host invites you to go to the buffet table. At this time, the musicians entertain the guests, and the newlyweds put their outfit and makeup in order.
  • 17:30 - everyone is invited to the wedding table. Guests are seated according to the cards laid out on the tables. The host pronounces the first beautiful wedding toast in honor of the newlyweds. After that, the guests begin to eat. At this time, pleasant soft music sounds. Next, toasts and wishes are made from the parents of the young: first the groom, and then the bride. Then one or more pop numbers can be shown. Then congratulations are pronounced by witnesses, then there are toasts with stories of love and a smooth introduction to competitions for the newlyweds. Then they turn on the melody that sounded on the day they met. The dance of the newlyweds is announced, balls or one large ball fly up to the ceiling, which bursts at the climax, small balls, confetti fly out of it. Be sure to include this beautiful sight in your wedding evening script. By the end of the dance, all guests go to the dance floor.
  • 18:30 - the host invites everyone to a dance break.
  • 19:00– hot appetizers begin to be served, and guests sit down to the table.
  • 19:30 - toasts and wedding congratulations.
  • 19:45 – contests.
  • 20:15 - pop number, dancing.
  • 21:00 - competition or auction of portraits of newlyweds previously drawn by guests.
  • 21:20 - dancing.
  • 22:20 - take out the wedding cake with the lights off with firecrackers and lights. The newlyweds make an incision in the lower tier to the applause of the guests. The host puts the first piece up for auction.
  • 22:35 – sweet table.
  • 22:45 - The bride throws the bouquet and the groom throws the garter.
  • 22:55 - "dance of wishes" - the newlyweds dance, and the guests wish them happiness and prosperity.
  • 23:00 - the solemn speech of the newlyweds ends the program.

European style wedding decor

You need to be prepared to spend on floral decorations. Paper garlands and homemade hearts will be out of place here. An arch, seats in the wedding hall, a photo zone, tables in a restaurant, a dance floor - all this is decorated with live flower arrangements and light textiles.

wedding decoration
wedding decoration

When choosing the main color scheme of the celebration, it is important to consider the venue, the theme of the wedding and the season:

  • pink, cream and blue are considered universal all-season shades;
  • wine, orange and chocolate colors are best suited for autumn;
  • for the winter period - deep purple, emerald and scarlet;
  • for spring and summer - bright or, conversely,muted pastel colors.

All colors have a variety of shades, so it is important to decide on the right color scheme. For example, lilac color is perfect for red-haired girls and brown-haired women. At the same time, it should not dominate the design, it is enough to place a few accents. In order for the bride to stand out against the background of the holiday and those present, her outfit should be light. But the bridesmaids' dresses, on the contrary, need to be contrasted - this difference looks especially good in photographs.

Before choosing a wedding color scheme, you need to focus on the choice of fresh flowers, since there are much fewer blue or purple plants than pink or red ones. The combination of sharply contrasting shades looks elegant:

  • pink and brown;
  • red and blue;
  • green and orange.

White is always appropriate for a wedding.

Banquet and festivities

European weddings don't last long. The banquet usually lasts several hours. The celebration does not serve heavy home-cooked meals, usually light snacks, fruit and meat cuts, salads, tartlets and canapes.

Seating guests is made taking into account age, interests and proximity to the young. Sometimes married couples are placed in one part of the hall, and free guests in another.

european style wedding photo
european style wedding photo

The presence of waiters is obligatory even at the buffet table, they add drinks, clear the table and take care of the invited guests. The decoration of the banquet will bea small candy bar with a chocolate fountain, cakes and other sweets.

A memorable book of wishes and a seating plan for guests are placed on the table in front of the entrance. At each seat at the table there are cards with the names of the guests who have arrived and miniature thank-you gifts from the newlyweds. The format of the celebration is closer to a social event than to a feast, so it is advisable to inform the most active friends and relatives in advance about the style of the event.


Since the wedding is hosted by the entertainer, it is he who announces the numbers of the program and grants the right to speak. Musical accompaniment must be live. The program of the evening should be drawn up in advance, fakirs, dancers, musicians, pyrotechnicians, etc. take part in it. The entertainment part begins with the first dance of the young. The screen shows funny pictures of each of the spouses or the story of their acquaintance.

Photo shoot

Before or after the wedding, the young go on a wedding walk. During it, an invited photographer conducts a photo session, according to the chosen topic or according to predetermined preferences. Friends do not participate in it, usually it happens later, at a banquet, or in the morning, after the gathering of the young.

In addition to staged shots, you can take unexpected photos. In any case, they will take pride of place in the wedding album and will remind you of this happy day for many years to come.