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How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks
How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

Relations between a man and a woman are a normal phenomenon, but the process is rather complicated. In the process of building a sufficiently strong relationship, both of their participants become closer and closer to each other. Probably one of the first important stages of a successful relationship is marriage. It is believed that all girls only sleep and see how to put on a beautiful white dress as soon as possible and exchange gold wedding rings with their boyfriend, sealing strong bonds with a signature in an official government document…

Probably, indeed, most of the fair sex certainly wants such a turn of events in their lives. These girls and women are patiently waiting for their cherished hour, when they can joyfully shout out "Yes! I agree!". But, unfortunately, not everyone hasthe opportunity to enjoy this moment of real happiness and have to wait quite a long time. In this case, the lady has such questions: “Why don’t they offer me to get married?”, “How to push a man to propose?” Have you also faced such a difficult situation in your life and you don’t know your man at all, don’t understand why he is so slow and want to speed up the process of your rapprochement? This article on how to push a man to propose was written especially for you! We wish you a pleasant reading!

Understand your desires

As strange as it may be, before pushing a man to propose, you really need to understand your desires. What do you want from this marriage and why do you need it? Do you want to get married because all your friends have already put on their wedding dress? Do you want to have a certain status as a wife in society? Do you want constancy, certainty and some kind of guarantee of a strong relationship? Listen to your inner voice and think about how you frame the question in your mind. Do you want to know how to get a man to propose, or how to get him to ask you to marry him? If you chose the latter option, then you are thinking completely wrong. If you want a normal marriage, you shouldn't force a man to propose to you. This is a very extreme case of actions… To begin with, we will act differently.

at the wedding

Light hints a la "look at our friends' weddings!"

Thisthe option is perfect for those whose friends and girlfriends have already begun to tie the knot. When a vivid example of newlyweds appears before your eyes, it becomes much easier to deal with the question of how to push a man to propose marriage. Hint more often, cite as an example and remember your friends' weddings. More often, but at the same time unobtrusively. It will be enough just a couple of words about your friend's beautiful wedding dress and a dreamy question "into the void" about how your wedding dress will look like. Perhaps your man will also begin to suggest some plans and even imagine you in a white dress … In any case, this will remain in his subcortex of consciousness. And a smart man will also understand where this sudden conversation is leading … In case this plot does not suit you, let's move on to the next action plan and find out how to push a man to propose a marriage!

wedding rings

Watching a wedding movie

Why don't the two of you sit on a soft sofa in the evening after a working day, taking various sweets with you, and watch a movie? After all, the fact that the film turns out to be a wedding comedy or something else in the same spirit is a pure coincidence. In the process of watching a movie or after that, you can ask your loved one a question: "How do you see our wedding?"

Of course, most likely, at first your man will be a little shocked by such a question. Don't worry, this is a normal reaction. Well, if your loved one really startedthinking about how that day will turn out is a good sign. You manage to lead him to such thoughts … At first, some people may be stubborn, but try again with naive eyes to ask him to think about how it will be. Imagine it. If a man stubbornly leaves such a conversation and is somehow annoyed by this, then here you should go to the advice of psychologists. They will be discussed below.


What do psychologists say?

How to push a man to propose? The psychologist's advice is that you and your lover should just talk frankly on this topic. Without any bright quarrels, scandals and everything else. This option is most suitable for those women who really think that their man is afraid of something or is somehow wary of the fact that your relationship can be registered at the state level. The conversation should start with: "Darling, I don't think you want to make our relationship official. Just tell me why?"

Your tone and your appearance must be calm. You should make it clear to your man that you are just set up to talk to him calmly and "in an adult way" without any quarrels. The further plot of the conversation depends only on the answer that will follow from your man after that.

beautiful wedding

What if he is afraid that after the wedding you will restrict him more?

Calm him down. Promise that nothing in your relationshipwill change. You just need the status of his wife to feel more confident, more secure. To make you more confident in the depth of your relationship, explain to him that such a step to the next stage means for you that he is really serious about you and is not going to leave you. Of course, it is clear to everyone in advance that after the wedding you will really begin to limit him in some way, because, most likely, many of his habits simply will not correspond to his new status as a loving husband … But now all this is not important. It will be possible to return to this topic only a few months after your wedding. For now, prove to him that his usual life will not suffer in any way after your engagement.

Twice on the same rake? No way

How to push a man to propose if he was already married? Most likely, his last marriage was not entirely successful, and that is why now he cannot afford to make the same “mistake”. To begin with, it is worth finding out why he believes that marriage is bad. What caused his previous marriage to fall apart? Compare yourself to his ex-wife, if possible. Consider whether you could break the ties of marriage for the same reason that his last marriage ended. Prove to him that everything will be different with you, and you are different. If you already have a strong and serious relationship with this man, then you should know that not everything is lost.

a beautiful couple

Live together but not married?

How to push a man to dooffer if we live together? Nowadays, many couples decide to move in long before the wedding. This allows you to get to know each other better and seriously consider whether you are ready to live the rest of your days with this person. After this, a man should not have any problems with the fear of marriage. But if for some reason he is still hesitant to offer and all the previous methods do not help you, go to extreme measures. Pack your things and move to your parents, to a friend, to a hotel in case of emergency! Tell him that you can no longer live like this. And until he decides to take the "important" step forward, you want to live in a different place from him. Say that you will wait until he gathers his thoughts and decides to propose. But time is not rubber … After all, the clock is ticking, your years are also going, but these relationships are still standing still. So, it's time to change something.

An offer of marriage

The tricky way

When your man asks you for some advice or something like that, show him your right hand and ask if he sees the ring on your ring finger. At first he may not understand, but eventually he will answer that he does not see him. Answer that this is a sign that you are not his wife, which means, based on your status, you are not able to give him wise advice and so on. At first it will be taken as a joke. But if you repeat this method more often, then, believe me, it will work …

the bride's bouquet

That's about it. We wish you good luck, a beautiful wedding andhappy married life!

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