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How to hide pregnancy: effective methods, tips and tricks
How to hide pregnancy: effective methods, tips and tricks

A long-awaited period for all women who dream of becoming mothers is pregnancy. When this event occurs, I want to tell the news to my husband, relatives, work colleagues, and girlfriends as soon as possible. However, pregnancy does not always occur at the right time. Because of the unpleasant situation at home, at work or school, women put off the message of such good news, and sometimes they even ask themselves the question: "How to hide pregnancy and a growing belly?" You can do this by choosing the right clothes and accessories, and in some situations you also need to adjust your behavior.

Check out your wardrobe

Selection of things

The onset of pregnancy is an occasion to reconsider your wardrobe. If you plan to temporarily hide a growing tummy, then give up tight-fitting things. Also remove from your wardrobe clothes made fromfine knitwear. She, as a rule, always very clearly demonstrates all the shortcomings of the human body. The belly during pregnancy is clearly visible in such clothes.

If you have shapewear in your wardrobe, then it's better to discard it. It is not intended to be worn during pregnancy. At the same time, many stars wear such underwear to be always on top. They did not face any negative consequences. Experts say that there is no exact answer to the question "is it possible to hide pregnancy with corrective underwear", but at the same time they still clarify that during the period of bearing a child, the inflow and outflow of blood should not linger and stop anywhere.

Based on the above, we can draw a small conclusion in the form of general recommendations. Firstly, all the models that you leave in your wardrobe for wearing during pregnancy should be as comfortable as possible. Secondly, when wearing them, the stomach should not be constrained, covered. Thirdly, the skin must breathe, so the most suitable fabrics are exclusively natural.

Pick up dresses for home and work

Dress shirts that hide the belly

From women's clothing that hides pregnancy, dresses deserve attention in the first place. Semi-fitted models with a high waist fit very well. On such dresses, designers often make draperies in the abdomen. The folds of the fabric just hide the stomach. At the same time, the outfit looks very beautiful, feminine, because it does not hang on the body like a bag.

A real lifesaver formany women are wearing peplum dresses. The sewn part comes in different widths, so you can certainly find models that not only look beautiful, but also perfectly hide a growing tummy in a short time.

It is also worth taking a closer look at shirt-dresses that hide pregnancy. Such models are very comfortable, ideal for everyday wear. With the help of a shirt-dress, women hide not only a growing tummy, but also some of the shortcomings of their body. For example, a missing belt allows you to disguise an imperfect waist.

Clothes for celebrations and holidays

Evening dresses that hide pregnancy

There are women who think that when they become pregnant, they will no longer be able to go to some special event or holiday, because their favorite evening dress simply won't fit on them. But you can also find other outfits, and even those that will help hide the pregnancy. As an option - a long evening dress, the skirt of which is made of several layers of thin fabric or has an original drapery. The following models look beautiful:

  • off shoulder;
  • with any decor on the chest;
  • lace on chest or sleeves.

For lovers of short models, designers also provided different options. For example, you can buy an absolutely free dress with an open shoulder and rhinestone decor or with open shoulders, a high waist and a fluffy skirt. These are very spectacular outfits.

Take a look at the cardigans

Clothing that hides pregnancy

If you have at least one cardigan in your wardrobe, then you can probably guess how to hide their stomach during pregnancy. This thing creates two vertical lines that visually slim. There are also other advantages: it perfectly protects from the cold, does not wrinkle, complements any look.

It is desirable to have several cardigans in the wardrobe. To create a business style, this thing can be taken in black, white or gray. It is best to combine it with soft tops and blouses that do not fit the stomach and do not focus on the shortcomings of the body.

Experiment with colors in clothes

To the question: "How to hide the pregnancy?" - experts answer that this can be done thanks to the correct selection of colors in their clothes. Dark shades work best. They do not attract the attention of others and visually hide all the flaws. Most suitable colors:

  • emerald;
  • burgundy;
  • purple;
  • chocolate;
  • blue;
  • black.

You can also experiment with a combination of different shades. There are some dresses that have an insert of a different color in front. This is the so-called vertical accent. It creates an optical illusion, because the eyes of others are directed from top to bottom, and not left and right.

Use accessories

Another easy way to hide your pregnancy and growing belly is to use accessories. A great helper in this matter is a long scarf.It is best taken in a bright color. Such a scarf will draw attention to itself and visually stretch the silhouette.

How to hide pregnancy with accessories

Earrings, necklaces, pendants can perform a similar task. Large accessories draw attention to the face and chest. Often, thanks to jewelry, combined with the right clothes, a small tummy goes unnoticed.

How to explain lack of appetite at work

In a work team, people know a lot about each other. If colleagues, for example, notice that the smell of your favorite pies or meatballs has suddenly become unpleasant in the dining room, then this will arouse suspicion. To prevent any rumors and gossip from spreading, declare in advance that you will no longer visit the dining room. Explain that you have decided to get smart and get your figure in order.

Take light salads to work that don't make you sick, as well as yogurt. With such nutrition, colleagues will definitely not suspect anything. They will think you are really on a diet.

An excuse to quit drinking

An excuse to avoid alcohol during pregnancy

Corporate parties at work are not uncommon. Holidays are not complete without alcohol. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not recommended, as it can harm the baby. But what if colleagues offer a small glass of wine? In such a situation, you can again refer to the diet, because alcohol is not good for the figure.

You can lie a little and say that you start to lead absolutelya he althy lifestyle and give up alcohol forever. However, not every team will believe in it. Particularly suspicious colleagues will certainly see you through.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the question: "How to hide the pregnancy?" - is quite relevant for some women. If he also worries you, then before taking any action, think carefully about whether you really need to hide your stomach, correct your behavior, come up with some kind of lie as an excuse. Just try not to pay attention to anyone. Enjoy your pregnancy, think about your convenience and comfort first and do not resort to those measures that can harm the baby.

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