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How much should girls weigh at 11? Table of the ratio of height and weight for children

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How much should girls weigh at 11? Table of the ratio of height and weight for children
How much should girls weigh at 11? Table of the ratio of height and weight for children

How much should girls weigh at 11? Caring parents who care about the he alth of their child should know the answer to this question. For each age category, there are certain standards that exclude thinness or obesity.

how much should girls weigh at 11

Where should the arrows of the scales stop at? A detailed answer to this question can be found in this article.

Main parameters

There is a standard height-to-weight ratio table for children. It contains important information.

weight-to-age ratio
  • Any weight up to 25 kilograms indicates a lack of body weight. Doctors consider this indicator a critical point when you need to immediately seek help from a specialist.
  • 25 to 30 kilograms below average weight. There is no threat to he alth here, but it is still recommended to adjust the diet and add strengthload.
  • From 30 to 39 kilograms is absolutely normal weight. With such boundaries, the child feels absolutely comfortable and can live fully. You should keep watching them.
  • From 39 to 45 kilograms - above average weight. A parent can independently eliminate harmful foods from the girl’s diet and walk more with her on foot.
  • If a teenager weighs more than 45 kilograms, then we are talking about obesity. There is a direct threat to his he alth. You should seek help from a nutritionist and undergo appropriate examinations.

It is important to consider not only age, but also the height of a girl at 11 years old. The average figure ranges from 136 to 153 cm. If it is above or below this limit, then the weight rate may also change.

height-weight ratio table for children

What to do if dysplasia is found?

A young mother looked at the table of the ratio of height and weight for children and found that the figures differ markedly from those indicated. What to do in such a situation? Unfortunately, there is no way to independently influence this process. First of all, this indicator depends on the hereditary factor, which is decisive in this situation. If a significant growth lag is detected, by more than 30 percent, then you need to contact a pediatrician and undergo a diagnostic examination. Perhaps the reason is related to the dysfunction of the body.

Dangers of being overweight

The ratio of height, weight and age is a very important parameter on which the he alth of a teenager depends. Ifhe was diagnosed with obesity of the first, second or third degree, you should immediately consult a doctor.

height-weight ratio table for children

Otherwise, the following negative consequences may occur:

  • The development of chronic diabetes mellitus, which will be almost impossible to cure in the future.
  • The appearance of pathologies in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • General hormonal imbalance. A girl may notice that she has developed acne, her hair has begun to fall out, and her skin color has changed.
  • A lot of weight is a very intense load on the heart. The risk of a stroke or heart attack increases. If a person develops shortness of breath after light physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, a short jog), then it is time to see a doctor.
  • The emergence of women's problems. If they are not detected in time, then problems with the menstrual cycle will subsequently arise.

In addition, being overweight in a teenage girl is also a psychological problem. Sooner or later, she will begin to have complexes due to her fullness, and she will be subjected to ridicule by her peers.

height of an 11 year old girl

How to fix this problem?

It is best to periodically monitor the ratio of height, weight and age and prevent the child from reaching the stage of obesity. Especially if there is a genetic predisposition, that is, more than three people along the hereditary line suffer from a similar problem.

teenage girls weight

Manyparents feel sorry for their children, continue to buy them harmful products and calmly watch how the child's appearance noticeably deteriorates. If, nevertheless, he was overtaken by the stage of obesity, then it is recommended to contact a nutritionist to form the right diet. It should consist of natural protein, light carbohydrates and vegetable fats. All sweets should be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also worth calculating the optimal amount of water: approximately 30 ml per kilogram of weight. It is recommended to include light physical activity, but do not overdo it.

Change in lifestyle is a big stress for a girl. It is important to explain to her about the possible dangers of obesity. You can motivate her with beautiful things and photos of famous people. This is a very delicate process, so sometimes you need to additionally seek help from a psychologist.

Dangers of being too thin

Every caring mother should know how much a girl should weigh at 11 years old. If the arrow of the device does not exceed 25 kilograms, then it is worth taking immediate action. First of all, you should find out the reason why the teenager is not gaining weight. Perhaps he does not eat on purpose to look like some kind of idol, is in a state of prolonged stress, or exposes himself to intense stress. It is worth taking urgent measures, otherwise dangerous consequences may arise: disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, curvature of the spine, decreased immunity, insomnia and general weakness.


First of all whenunderweight, it is worth changing the diet by adding a large amount of protein to it. It is found in meat, fish, seafood, dairy products and eggs. Many mothers, having learned how much a girl should weigh at 11 years old, begin to introduce high-calorie foods into her diet. Excessive load on the body is also useless. Moderate exercise can also be added to increase muscle mass. It is recommended to weigh the teenager at the same time. Preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach. It is optimal to do this once a week.

height of a girl at 11 years old [1], weight of adolescent girls


How much should girls weigh at 11? This is a very important issue that every parent should take as seriously as possible. It is worth paying attention to the tables of norms developed by medical specialists. In case of gross deviations from these parameters, it is required to take immediate measures to eliminate them. Otherwise, unpleasant consequences may develop.

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