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What you need for a newborn for the first time: a list of things
What you need for a newborn for the first time: a list of things

Every mom-to-be faces this question before the baby is born. In the modern world, a wide selection of things for newborns is provided, in each city you can find more than one store specializing in goods for babies. With so many to choose from and fast-paced fashion trends and technologies, many young parents get lost in the variety of products on offer. And they ask themselves - what is needed for a newborn for the first time? After all, up to a year, the baby grows especially quickly, and the joy of motherhood causes a lot of positive emotions and desires to surround your child with only the best and really important. And among the variety of goods, it is so difficult to single out a list of the most important, and most importantly, necessary things for a newborn.

pregnant going to the hospital

What time of year is your baby due?

Before you start sorting out the necessary things for a newborn, you should think about the time of year in which he will be born, whether it will be winter or summer. itplays an important role, because the list of things varies greatly depending on the weather conditions in which the baby will develop and grow. In winter, as in summer, it is important to observe the temperature regime so that the child does not overheat and does not overcool. It is also important to monitor the condition of the skin, as the skin of a newborn is very delicate.

Baby diapers - value for money

Today, speci alty stores for newborns offer a wide selection of diapers and panties for babies. On each pack you can see a lot of badges that speak of checks, awards and other factors confirming a quality product. But despite this, every mommy has to pick up diapers for a newborn on her own. Because each child is different, the skin reacts differently to the material and substances from which the diaper itself is made. Of course, you can ask friends and acquaintances, but there is no consensus.

The most popular are Japanese brands of diapers, such as Goon, Moony and Merries - they are made of high-quality natural material, protecting delicate skin from irritation as much as possible. In addition to them, Pampers, Libero, Huggies diapers are popular - slightly different material, but belonging to the same price category. To date, there are many economical diapers, such as Helen Harper or Happy.

At first, the baby has to change diapers often, so it is better to buy a large package at once, both for savings and for convenience. But notyou should get carried away with large purchases, because the newborn grows very quickly, and diapers have a size range (according to the weight of the child), which must be followed so that there is no leakage or rubbing from a size mismatch.

What you need to have from furniture for a newborn

First of all, parents determine for themselves where the child will sleep, with them in bed or have their own separate bed or cradle. Of course, in terms of hygiene and convenience for the baby, it is better for him to have his own separate bed.

crib for a newborn

In specialized stores today there is a wide selection of cots for newborns in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Especially popular now are round transformer beds, which can later be moved apart and increase in size to teenage ones. Due to frequent problems with free space in a house or apartment, for the convenience of parents, cribs are equipped with additional drawers from the bottom, which have a large capacity and significantly save space.

In addition, there are whole ranges of children's furniture that allow the crib for a newborn to be further transformed into a bed for a teenager with many additional sections in the form of shelves and drawers. In addition to additional storage space, such furniture has several positions of the mattress in height (most often three), can be equipped with removable pendulums of either transverse or longitudinal movement, has several removable rods (inin the middle or at the edge of the side). Some models have a removable side wall for the ability to attach a crib to an adult. On sale you can also find a whole range of models that matches the same style of crib and chest of drawers (or shelves).

Baby cradles

To save space, young parents often use cradles for newborns, which are also represented by a wide variety of models and manufacturers. Due to the ease of movement and lower price than cribs, their popularity is growing. A cradle for a newborn is somewhat similar to a stroller that can only be used within the home.

Comfortable baby sleep

From the furniture for the baby, the main thing is to get a bed. For the convenience of parents, it is better to buy a changing board if space is limited, because it can be easily placed on a sofa or even on a crib, across the side walls. You can purchase a changing table, and best of all, a chest of drawers that is equipped with a changing table. The chest of drawers is especially convenient, because you can place all the necessary baby care products, diapers, diapers and necessary clothes on it.

For bathing a newborn, it is better to purchase a bath in which the baby is easier to bathe, it can be placed on a table or any other flat surface at waist level so that parents do not have to bend over and strain their lower back to hold the newborn while bathing.

Envelope for discharge and stroller

To discharge the baby from the hospital in stores for children are soldseparately envelopes of different colors and materials, from thin to the most dense, using mainly natural materials. In addition, kits for newborns are sold, which most often include clothes: overalls or a vest with sliders, booties, scratches and a cap, and the envelope itself. The advantage of such a kit is that the entire set is made in the same style, which is important for young mothers in the modern world. Depending on what time of the year your baby will be born, envelopes for the newborn are selected for discharge and for the stroller. With a wide variety and versatility, convenience and comfort of strollers, it is very important that the insert (envelope) in which the child will be during your walks is sewn with high quality, without protruding threads, from natural materials, and fits in shape and size to the one you bought. stroller.

In the cold season, a baby carrier made of natural wool, such as sheep wool, is preferred to keep the warmth inside the baby carrier and keep the baby warm. Especially popular today is eco-down, which does not require such serious care as natural down, while not being particularly inferior to it in terms of characteristics.

In the warm season, natural materials such as cotton are preferred, it is very important that the child does not sweat, so that skin irritation does not appear. The material should be soft, when placing a blanket or an envelope in the stroller, it is important to ensure that the child lies on a flat surface without wrinkles. It is very important to watch how it is stitchedblanket for a newborn. Loose threads can cause your baby to snag on them.

Today you can find a wide variety of handmade envelopes and blankets for newborns. This provides an opportunity to independently choose the material, color and texture, look at the work of the author and end up with an exclusive item for a price that is not much different from branded stores. Very interesting sets for newborns are sewn by craftsmen from different cities. They are the ones who can turn your ideas into reality. Today it has become popular to buy a separate envelope for discharge, decorated with many rhinestones, lace and other decorative elements.

Clothes for a newborn - what to buy for the first time

Comfortable things for newborns

As already mentioned in this article, the baby grows very quickly at first, so it makes no sense to buy a large number of clothes. Of course, among the many proposals, you can get confused in the choice and necessity of certain things. But let's try to figure it out.

Diapers are always needed

First of all, you need to purchase diapers for the newborn. It is important that you have about five diapers made of thin cotton and a few thick flannelettes. What are they needed for? When changing clothes, the baby is placed on a changing table or on another surface, such as a bed. In order for the child to be soft and comfortable, as well as to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, it is best to cover the changing place with a cloth.

Despite the fact that now many modernyoung mothers prefer not to swaddle their children, however, if you are of the opinion of the older generation, then it is for this procedure that you will need diapers. In addition, to facilitate this process, they came up with special diapers for newborns. They have Velcro, due to which the process becomes much easier and does not require special skills. After bathing, it is best to wrap the newborn in a soft flannelette diaper, which absorbs moisture well and does not injure the baby's skin, like a towel.

Clothes for home

What do you need from things for a newborn for the home? For the first time, if you are not going to swaddle a baby, you need to purchase several sliders, vests or overalls. You should not buy them in dozens, because your baby simply will not have time to take them down. Moreover, as often happens, your choice for everyday wear will stop at a few favorite things that will most often be on the child, and the rest of the purchased clothes will remain in the closet.

It is preferable to take overalls for the house with buttons that would be unbuttoned along the entire length. Zippers are convenient for fastening, but due to their rigidity, discomfort can be caused to the baby. Those jumpsuits that are worn over the head are best left for older people.

Undershirts have their advantages, most often they are sewn with closed sleeves, thanks to which the child cannot accidentally injure himself. Rompers should be chosen on good soft elastic bands that do not stretch, otherwise they will simply fall off your baby when he is active.movement. Particular attention should be paid to socks and booties for newborns. Choose only natural materials so that there are not many protruding threads inside that can injure the child.

baby clothes

When choosing, be sure to check the rubber band on the socks so that it does not squeeze the baby's legs. Booties for newborns should be chosen based on the season in which the baby was born. As in socks, it is important that the rubber band is soft and does not squeeze the leg; give preference to natural materials. If your baby was born in the cold season, then buy them lined with natural sheep wool or fur. Booties on synthetic winterizer and fleece are very popular.

Clothes for newborns, first of all, should be comfortable for the baby, not give him any discomfort and, moreover, not cause irritation on delicate skin. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the seams on the clothes are external, the elastic bands are not tight, the buttons inside are hidden under a soft fabric, there are no small decorations that a child can accidentally tear off so that there is a high-quality cut without elongated threads and other defects. Clothing for newborns should be of high quality. Trying to save a lot on it, you can get a bad product and be completely disappointed in it.

Street wear

What does a newborn need to go for a walk? As mentioned above, it is advisable for the baby to purchase an insert in the stroller or a blanket that will be placed in the stroller for a comfortable position of the child in it.

If your child will be born in the cold season, then you should think about buying him a jumpsuit. The choice of warm overalls for walking will depend on what the weather conditions are in your area and how cold the temperatures are. It is important when buying to pay attention to the fasteners, they should be easy to unfasten to make it easier to remove clothes from the baby. In addition, give preference to natural fabrics, especially on the inner lining. It is better that the filler is natural wool or eco-fluff. Membrane overalls are now becoming especially popular, they are very light and thin, but at the same time very warm.

overalls for newborns

In addition, you will need to buy hats for the newborn. For babies, caps with ties are best suited, they are easier to fix on the head, they will not slip off with the active movements of the baby. It is better to have several hats for a newborn, because the baby can get them dirty.

In the warm season, the baby should still wear a hat, at least a cap or panama hat, to protect him from the sun's rays. As well as light socks or booties and overalls or a vest with sliders. Or you can just swaddle the baby. Depending on the air temperature outside, it is worth making sure that the baby does not overheat, because at his age it is overheating that is very difficult to tolerate. Do not take walks during the hottest time of the day.

The stroller is the main transport for walking

Among the most important things for a newborn isstroller. After all, it is in it that the baby will walk in the first years of life. To date, specialized stores offer a wide range of strollers from many companies, both domestic and foreign (Chicco, Peg-perego, Happy baby, Cam, Marimex). Strollers differ in functionality, the ability to transform, according to their characteristics, the main factors are easy assembly, minimum weight and dimensions for the possibility of transporting it in public transport, in a car or for taking it outside from an apartment.

Wheels (size, fastening) are of great importance, this is important for cross-country ability and maneuverability. Also, young parents prefer transforming strollers that have a cradle, a summer version and a car seat. This is very convenient for the first time, so as not to buy each item separately, plus saving space and money. Each region has its own preference for wheelchairs, which depends on weather conditions, city infrastructure and other external factors.

In addition, young mothers pay attention to other factors. It is important for them that the stroller has a basket for things where you can put a bag with baby supplies or some small purchases that you can make while walking with your baby in the fresh air. As for special bags for baby supplies, for going outside or to the clinic, they most often come with a stroller. These bags have special compartments for diapers, diapers, wipes and other necessary things for a newborn.

Funds forhygiene

Among the important things for a newborn, various cosmetics for caring for him should be noted. Firstly, from the first days of a baby's life, it is necessary to bathe, for this you should choose special products for newborns. A very wide selection of cosmetics for newborns is presented in children's stores, both domestic and foreign. Among domestic manufacturers, one can distinguish such popular brands as "Eared Nyan" and "I was born", there are many more foreign manufacturers, these are Bubchen, Gohnson's baby, Baby line, Avent and others. You can ask friends and sellers about this product. But of course, every parent independently determines their financial capabilities and the usefulness of a particular tool.

Secondly, it is important to choose the right cosmetics for baby care, such as powder, creams for irritation or redness, oils. It all depends on the skin of the newborn, a certain company may suit someone, and he will praise it as the best, while the other will complain that it will cause redness on the skin and an allergic reaction. Everything is purely individual and should be chosen carefully.

Things for a newborn

What do you need for a newborn in winter? Of the cosmetics, it is best to have a special cream with you that protects the skin from chapping, because the delicate skin of the baby is very much at risk from low temperatures. If you do not protect it in time, it can lead to peeling or even crusting.faces. There are special creams that are designed to be used before going outside and are applied to exposed areas of the baby's skin (cheeks, forehead, chin).

What do you need for a newborn in the summer of cosmetics? It is important to remember that in the hot season, the baby must be protected from direct sunlight, in addition to creating shade and wearing a hat. It is best to spread the exposed areas of the baby's body with sunscreen. Today, many such products are sold that can be used from a very young age, the main thing is to read the instructions, which indicate age restrictions. In no case should you use protective creams intended for adults on a child, they contain a completely different concentration of substances that can have a detrimental effect on your baby's skin.

So, we tried to find out in detail what you need for a newborn at home and on the street for the first time, what things are paramount and what are considered superfluous to purchase, how much clothes a newborn needs. We also found out how much the choice of things depends on the time of year when your baby is born, and what you need to buy in the cold season, and what in the warm season.

Of course, your list will be replenished with some additional things related to feeding, bathing, daily activities and the development of a newborn. As the child grows, his needs will expand, he will need completely different clothes for a more active lifestyle, other things thatwill help in the proper development of your baby. In the modern world, many useful products are created for mothers that serve to facilitate everyday work and care for a newborn. Therefore, you will have an easy birth, a he althy baby and proper development. Protect and love your children.

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