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The first month of a newborn's life: development, care, necessary things
The first month of a newborn's life: development, care, necessary things

So, mother and baby are already at home. The doctors, nurses and maternity hospital were left behind. Now what to do with this little newborn lump? That's when, one might say, the baptism of fire of newly-made parents takes place.

Essential for sleeping and walking

Even before giving birth, you need to buy everything you need for the first time. Of course, the list starts with furniture and ends with smaller items.

Essentials for sleeping and walking:

  1. Rocking bed. For mothers, this option is the most convenient. After all, it's easier to calm the baby.
  2. Baby bedding. It should be of good quality, not too bright and pleasing to the eye. It is desirable that pale green and light green shades be present.
  3. Changing table or chest of drawers. It is needed in order to make it convenient not only to dress the child, but also to arrange oils, creams, diapers so that the mother can easily and quickly reach the right thing.
  4. Stroller with rain cover. Where without it, because with a child you need to go for a walk twice aday.
changing table with baby bed
changing table with baby bed

Of course, in winter you can do without a stroller, as the baby cannot be taken outside during the cold season. His body has not yet adapted, and therefore a walk on the balcony will be enough.

What you need from bathroom supplies

Do not forget that the child needs not only to sleep, but also to bathe. Therefore, you should take care of the necessary things in advance.

So, bathroom accessories:

  1. Bath.
  2. Swim collar. Thanks to him, you do not have to worry that the child will choke.
  3. Bathing shampoo. It is sold in pharmacies and is intended for babies from 0 to 3 years. Special shampoos for newborns are free of dyes and other harmful substances.
  4. The washcloth is soft. Very convenient as it makes it easy to apply shampoo to the body.
  5. Dipper. They are comfortable to rinse the baby.

Different little things for bathing are necessary from the first day. After all, hygiene is very important for a newborn. Proper care will prevent diaper rash and rashes.

Food accessories and everything connected with it

In the first month, the baby needs to be fed at least 6 times a day, so you should take care of food-related supplies in advance. The more tools and utensils you have, the easier it is to cope with new responsibilities.

What do you need for feeding?

  1. Bottles. It is advisable to buy 2-3 pieces at once. One is for water, one is for tea, and one is for mix.
  2. Sterilizer. Of course, mothersthey will say that you can boil children's dishes in plain water. It is possible, but there are downsides. In the bottles, over time, there is a plaque that is not washed off. It is better to buy a new container.
  3. Heater. They are rarely used, but in vain. Very handy item.
  4. Brushes for washing bottles and nipples. They can even wash hard-to-reach places.
  5. Nipples. Don't take too many as you don't know if your child will need them yet. Many babies do not take silicone well.
Feeding a month old baby
Feeding a month old baby

As already mentioned, you can do without a sterilizer and a heater, but again, to make it easier for mom, it is advisable to always have them at hand.

Needed list of things in the first month of a newborn's life

Do not discount the clothes that are needed in the first month. After all, they no longer swaddle, as before. Now even a newborn baby in the first month of life can buy the same clothes as for older babies.

Newborns get cold quickly, so even in the summer you can't do without just a T-shirt and thin onesies.

So, the necessary clothes for a baby up to one month old:

  1. Shoes for the season. It can be soft boots or just light but warm boots.
  2. Outerwear. If there are no shoes, you can buy a jumpsuit that will cover the legs.
  3. Undershirts and bodysuits. Since this is the time of diapers, some parents do not buy many things. However, a child can walk at home without diapers, but in some sliders and vests. Therefore, suchthings should be as much as possible. Suits made of a blouse and trousers will not interfere.
  4. Hats. One is put on after bathing, that is, it should be very thin, and two are tighter.
  5. Scratches. Children's nails are sharp and grow very quickly. They need at least one pair of scratches to keep them from hurting themselves.
  6. Bibs. They are very important at this age. The baby often spits up, you have to completely change his clothes, which causes a lot of trouble for him and his mother.
  7. Caps - 2-3 pieces
  8. Blouse - 3-4 pieces
Clothes for a newborn
Clothes for a newborn

Important! All items must be pre-washed and ironed. Only then dress the baby. It is necessary to iron things every time until the child's umbilical wound heals, as it is easy to infect.

Essential first aid kit for a newborn

Assembling a first aid kit is not difficult, but there are a few things to remember. Not all children quickly adapt to the world around them, and therefore anything can be expected.

The first aid kit for babies should include the essentials, and these are:

  1. Zelenka. Lubricate the navel for the first two weeks.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. Process the navel.
  3. Bath herbs.
  4. Oil for newborns.
  5. Wet wipes.
  6. Cure for bloating.
  7. Cotton buds.
  8. Electronic thermometer.
  9. Cold and fever remedies.

Of course, the above is provided for informational purposes only. To collect everything you need, you should consult with the districtpediatrician. He knows exactly what should be in a baby's first aid kit.

newborn baby care
newborn baby care

That's all you need in the first month of a newborn's life. His development and care will be excellent, as his parents took care of everything in time. This is the most important, and everything else can be purchased as needed.

Care procedures

Parents have prepared all the necessary things for the baby, and now you need to learn how to properly care for him. After all, the skin is very delicate and sensitive. To begin with, remember that daily morning routines are necessary.

caring for a one month old baby
caring for a one month old baby

The child will be protected from various inflammatory and infectious diseases. Every morning you need to wash the little one. Wet wipes do not need to be used, since even an adult is not very comfortable from the touch of cold and wet. The baby feels the same way.

In the morning you need to clean your ears and nose - a lot of mucus and crusts accumulate during the night, which disturbs breathing and hearing. Pampers should be changed at least every 3-4 hours.

Of course, a lot depends on the amount eaten and drunk. Still, try to keep the baby without diapers at home - he is so comfortable.


This is one of the important procedures that must be carried out no earlier than 20:00 and no later than 21:00. First, the child sleeps better. Secondly, there is a soft hardening of the body, which is very important for its future. Be sure to add the necessary herbs, as theyhelp the baby get rid of the rash and diaper rash.

Be sure to wash your baby after each emptying. In the first month of a newborn boy's life, it is necessary to pay attention to his genitals. As a rule, the head is tightly closed, and no bacteria can penetrate there. Mom should never open it on her own. It is necessary to wash all the organs carefully, but very carefully so as not to harm the baby.

As already mentioned, it is necessary to properly care for a newborn in the first month of life. Special care is needed for the girl, since her labia cover the vagina very poorly, and therefore there is a high probability of infection. Mom should try to wash the girl after each urination.

Newborn routine in the first month of life

As a rule, newborns set their own schedule. Before the age of 1 month, they only do what they eat and sleep.

Newborn Mode
Newborn Mode

They stay awake quite a bit during the breaks. Newborn children do not yet know how to live according to a certain regimen. If they don't want to sleep, no one will force them. However, some mothers try to accustom to the schedule and feed clearly on time every three hours. If the child wants to eat before the allotted time, give tea or water. However, medicine says the opposite: you can’t starve a child just because it’s convenient for mom to live on schedule.

The daily routine of a newborn in the first month of life is:

  • sleep at least four times a day;
  • meals at least 6 times a dayday;
  • walk 2 times a day, more often in summer.

If, nevertheless, the daily routine is very important for you, then follow these rules:

  • wake up with your baby at the same time;
  • keep the same routine that you made for yourself every day;
  • feed every day at the same time.

Don't be nervous during moments of adaptation, as the child feels you and will be capricious. You'll see, a couple of weeks of daily training - and you and your baby will live exclusively according to the schedule you set.

Massage and gymnastics

Since the child sleeps almost all the time, you need to alternately do massage and gymnastics during the moments of his wakefulness. In the first case, a light stroke on the back, tummy, feet, palm, head is enough.

As for gymnastics, not all kids like this procedure, but it must be done every day, preferably after sleep. You need to take turns, and then simultaneously bend the legs, arms, then turn your head left and right. You can very carefully bend the legs at the knees and slightly push them apart. Thanks to this gymnastics, the child will be plastic in the future, and he will easily be given circles such as dancing or acrobatics.

Physical development

Immediately after birth, the baby loses some weight, which often scares parents. This is fine. Literally a few days the child's weight decreases, and then begins to increase rapidly. As a rule, most children gain from 1 kg in the first month.

The newborn still does not know how to hold his head, roll over from his stomach to his back and back, but he is good at grasping. Will firmly hold everything that touched his palm. It could be someone's hand or a small rattle. A newborn also turns its head when it hears a voice or looks for food. When he wants to eat, he slightly opens and stretches his mouth with a tube. This is called the search reflex.

There is also a swimming reflex. If you put a child in the bathroom on his tummy, he will definitely move his arms and legs. After all, he had this reflex developed in the womb.

Mental development

Some mothers cannot stand a constantly crying baby, they get nervous, they can even yell at him, which makes the baby more vulnerable. Such children grow up closed and whiny. They don't even realize they've been like this since they were babies.

In order for the baby to grow up cheerful, you need to sing funny songs from the first days of life during the moments of his wakefulness. Even a very tiny child will be in a good mood. When rocking, calm music is ideal. With such upbringing, you will not even notice how the baby will become a cheerful, energetic, cheerful lively, who will bring only joy to parents.

What a baby should be able to do at 1 month

Newborns almost every day have more and more new achievements. If on the first day they did not know how to do anything, then by the end of the first month they know how to do a lot of interesting things. At this age, the baby already knows how to:

  • lying downraise your head on your stomach for a few seconds;
  • monitor toy or adult movements;
  • to recognize my mother's voice and her touch;
  • carefully study a new face;
  • make sounds like "ay", "wah", "aha".
  • try to smile back.

A small child feels the emotions of others on an intuitive level and tries to portray something himself. In order not to discourage hunting, you need to talk to him affectionately and smile at him more often. You'll see, he will definitely reciprocate, but a little later.


Development and care from the first month of a newborn's life is very important. Buy him musical toys, turn on the sounds of nature to develop your baby's hearing. Colorful pictures, books are suitable. From the age of one month, show them at least for a few seconds. Any movement on your part will develop the baby more and more every day. In the first month of life, newborn girls and boys do not differ much, but still there is a difference. Try to pay attention while swimming to some of the features that were described above.

Strive to pay more attention to the little man. After all, the baby is so helpless, defenseless and constantly wants love, care, understanding. In addition, he feels good and bad mood in the family and behaves accordingly.

Care and development of the newborn
Care and development of the newborn

If parents quarrel, gets very upset, sleeps badly and gets nervous. When the family is in a good mood, he behaves calmly, smiles. Protect your babyand love him.

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