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How to choose the best compliment for a girl. Everything is simple

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How to choose the best compliment for a girl. Everything is simple
How to choose the best compliment for a girl. Everything is simple

Men love with their eyes, and women with their ears - folk wisdom, proven by centuries of practice. You can win the heart of a fragile lady with a few warm words, melting like ice and sweet like May honey. But often the strong half cannot find the right epithet to express their admiration. This guide will help you win any woman's heart, find the best compliment for a girl.

Four Rules

Sometimes compliments are confused with flattery and flattery. And that ruins everything. Four simple rules will help distinguish the best compliment for a girl from similar statements:

  1. Positive key. No double standards or hidden grin. After all, a compliment should be aimed at making the interlocutor pleasant.
  2. Sincerity. This compliment differs from flattery. A man notices interesting details of the fair sex and admires them. Honesty is very important, as ladies are keenly aware of lies and pretense.
  3. Accounting for individuality. The fewer clichés and more unique words that fit exclusively with yourlady, the more “delicious” and sweet the compliment is for the girl.
  4. Temporal relevance. If a girl has just sung a song, then she will be praised for her good voice, and not for her ability to cook deliciously. The main thing is to choose the right moment for the statement and succinctly fit the words into the context.
The moment of compliment is always important

Having de alt with the concept, let's move on to the main thing - compiling the best compliment for a girl.

Remember famous writers

Turning to the classics, one can notice one feature: they all sang their loved ones so brightly and colorfully that some of their works are still quoted. Romanticism has not disappeared today - any girl will want to hear a compliment about how beautiful she is.

A metaphor is a private device of the authors. Ladies are compared to the stars, the sun or the moon. The qualities of the described object are noted: radiance, light source or brightness. For example, one of the best compliments to a girl about her beauty can be the phrase: “Your eyes are like stars - just as captivating and bewitching.” Without any difficulty, one can make a similar comparison with a cool breeze or a summer rain. The main thing is the ability to think broader and focus on the properties of the object.

All girls love compliments

Common topics for comparison: goodies, weather or nature, magic and magic.

Smoothing sharp corners with a warm word

The best compliment for a girl is support in a difficult situation. It was not uncommon for young ladies to do something radicallychange in appearance. If you don't like the new haircut, but you don't want to offend the lady of your heart, try to note other qualities of the act, praising not the hairstyle, but the girl's courage.

Pay attention to her actions

One of the frequent problems of the weak half of humanity is dissatisfaction with their figure. If a young lady says that she is fat, you should not be silent. It is important to give a compliment to make her feel loved and desired. Note that you like forms, but if a lady wants to go in for sports, you will become her faithful companion and help her in her endeavors. Any girl will melt from what she hears.

Different situations are easy to smooth out with words. In order not to upset the lady, notice that you support any of her efforts. And remember that the best compliments to a girl about her beauty are those made sincerely.

Reinforcing words with actions

Any lady would love to hear about her beauty and uniqueness. But girls are more impressed with evidence than just words. A bouquet of flowers, presented just like that, for no reason, will help a lot in this.

Flowers are never redundant

But it will be even more pleasant for a woman to help around the house. “Honey, you are working like a bee, you must be tired. You have the most delicious food, and the house shines. Relax today, and I will take care of some of the household chores,” is the best compliment to a girl that can move her to tears.

Finding inspiration on the Internet

Numerous publics are full of entries about the extraordinary beauty of women. Somephrases become so hackneyed that they are already perceived as a joke. “Does your mother need a son-in-law?” or “Your parents aren’t jewelers by any chance? Then where did they get such a diamond?” - this is a classic access macho. Competent replacement of familiar words with unique and unusual ones will help to avoid this situation. It's not a bad idea to get inspired by the Internet, but no young lady will like using such carbon copy compliments.

Often young people borrow the words of a famous song. “You are in space, I am in space. Forever" is a great example of this. Lines taken from the lady's playlist will have a special effect. The best compliment for a girl is your attention to her interests, including music.

Sincerity is the most important thing in a compliment

A little life hack to help you understand when to praise a lady: watch a romantic movie. So you can evaluate the procedure for creating a compliment from the outside and see the reaction of the girls to it. Of course, you should not rewrite the words of the heroes - pay attention to what exactly the men notice. Then you will be able to understand with what expressions you need to build a compliment.

Recipe for the perfect praise for a young lady

What is the best compliment for a girl? One suitable for any age. According to the women themselves, these are words that express the true attitude of a man towards her: “You are the best wife in the world”, “Without you, I would not have succeeded” and, finally, 3 cherished words that everyone wants to hear. Remember that you need to pay attention to the little things: to changes in appearance, tocooked lunch or for daily care. As a rule, the warmest compliments are not spoken in poetic language - they are just honest and appropriate in a particular situation.

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