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Ceramic baking dishes: description, specifications, reviews

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Ceramic baking dishes: description, specifications, reviews
Ceramic baking dishes: description, specifications, reviews

In our time there are few people who would not cook food in ovens or microwaves. In order to please the family with not only a tasty, but also a he althy dish, you need to think about purchasing eco-friendly cooking utensils. In addition, each hostess needs to choose a convenient container that will suit the interior of the kitchen and will not be difficult to clean. In this situation, ceramic baking dishes will come to the rescue. Of course, the principle of operation of utensils for baking or preparing poultry is the same, but there are still some differences that you should pay attention to when buying molds.

Ceramic baking dishes

Clay products have long been used by man for cooking. Ceramic molds are a modern representation of earthenware. Actually, clay is the very first material that was used to make containers for cooking and storing food. The advantage of such dishes is the porosity of the walls, which allows the products to languish, reaching the required condition. At the same time, the maximum amount of useful substances and vitamins is preserved in the dishes.


More oftenjust in the kitchens there is a rectangular (square) or round baking dish. Ceramic, with or without a lid, with handles of various configurations or without them - this is the individual choice of each hostess. The uniformity of the forms is explained simply: such dishes are easier to wash, any dish can be placed in it and it is easiest to place in the oven.


Baking forms are very diverse, here you can find complex figures in the form of animals, and dishes with patterns to create an original pattern, and with wavy edges, and so on. There are also very small molds in which cupcakes are baked, and large ones for birthday cakes. The baking dishes come in a variety of colors, so they can even be served on the table without spoiling the festive table.


ceramic bread pan

Despite the wide variety of bread in stores, more and more housewives prefer to bake it at home. The ceramic form for bread has a standard "bread" look. However, recently new types of shapes have begun to appear - triangular, round, baguette. Standard bread-baking utensils may have ribbed or smooth sides.


It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of which ceramic baking dishes to purchase. For the preparation of various types of pastries, casseroles and other dishes, it is difficult to get by with two or three forms. For example, for baking soufflés, biscuits or cakes that need a high temperature, you need a round shape with highsides. Sand cakes and yeast pies require a round shape that has thick walls and low sides. Rectangular are suitable for lasagna and other casseroles. For cupcakes, muffins or baskets, small ceramic molds are needed. For roasting poultry in the oven, you need to use special dishes.


When buying, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer of dishes - a well-known brand guarantees the absence of lead and cadmium in the composition of the enamel that covers ceramics. Only such a composition complies with international sanitary standards. When buying dishes from well-known companies, you can be sure that only safe dyes were used in their manufacture, which cannot be said for sure when purchasing forms from unknown manufacturers.


In our technological age, you can buy any product you like not only in many stores, but also order it on the Internet. Of course, everyone buys where it is more convenient for him. However, before adding the shape you like to the shopping cart on the site, you should find one in the store in order to really evaluate not only its appearance, but also the weight, the convenience of the handles or their absence. It should be borne in mind that ceramic dishes are quite heavy, which is difficult to imagine from the picture on the site. And choosing a duck that is convenient at first glance, you can experience discomfort, discovering upon receipt that it is too heavy for you.

ceramic baking dishes reviews


Unlike the old molds and trays, which were only used whencooking, modern ceramic dishes are also designed for serving dishes on the table. Such a serving is especially popular when setting the table in the national style or at theme parties. In addition, given the appearance of portion molds for cupcakes or aspic, not only common ceramic dishes are served on the table, but also individual ones.

In addition to oven molds, you can put ceramic salad bowls, soup bowls, dinner plates, gravy bowls on the table - in a word, it can be completely served with ceramic dishes, which will only emphasize the national bias of the feast.

Pros and cons

Ceramic baking dishes have a lot of advantages:

- Functionality and attractiveness. Ceramic dishes can be different in volume, color, shape. You can buy practical rectangular dishes, but you can also please yourself with unusual shapes. For example, a bird cooked in the form of a chicken will not leave any guest indifferent. At the same time, such dishes can be served on the table.

ceramic baking dish with lid

- Usefulness. Products cooked in a ceramic form will retain much more trace elements and vitamins than in any other dishes - thus, the food is not only tasty, but also he althy.

- Practicality. Ceramic baking dishes are suitable for all temperatures, the products in them are not only cooked, but also perfectly stored in the refrigerator or freezer. In addition, these molds are easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch, allowing you to cutdishes right in them. You can wash dishes with various detergents, both by hand and in the dishwasher.

- Uniform heating. Earthenware is different in that it warms up slowly and evenly, so the dishes in it are cooked correctly.

- Versatility. In ceramic dishes you can cook a wide variety of dishes, pastries, casseroles, soufflés, meat or fish dishes - the choice is limited only by your imagination.

- Humidity. A unique feature of ceramic cookware is its ability to absorb and transfer moisture. For cooking some dishes, it is recommended to place it in water, leaving it to get wet for 15-20 minutes. Such dishes will give moisture to the dish during cooking, making it juicier, while the eco-friendly composition of the form does not affect the taste of food.

Despite the fact that ceramic dishes are not afraid of scratches, they are quite fragile and can break if used carelessly. In addition, earthenware should not be subjected to strong temperature changes, so you can not put dishes that have just been taken out of the refrigerator into a preheated oven. In this case, it is worth reheating the dish along with the oven.


More and more housewives are trying to acquire ceramic baking dishes. Reviews about them speak unequivocally - this is an ideal dish for preparing a wide variety of dishes and in various conditions. Curiously, ordinary casserole trays can be used not only in ovens, but also on an open fire, which does not impair the quality of the cooked dish in any way.

ceramic moldsfor baking in the oven

Houses especially appreciate the convenience of caring for ceramic dishes and their environmental friendliness, because now more and more people appreciate the opportunity to cook he althy meals for their families. In addition, an obvious plus for consumers is the fact that when using ceramic baking dishes, it is practically not necessary to add oil, which also affects the taste of the food and its useful properties.

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