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Silicone baking mats: reviews, types, benefits

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Silicone baking mats: reviews, types, benefits
Silicone baking mats: reviews, types, benefits

About the use of heat-resistant silicone mats in the oven, many housewives still have doubts. But it's a useful thing in the kitchen. Raw dough and prepared products do not stick to the material, it does not need to be lubricated with oil. According to reviews, silicone baking mats are easy to clean and store. The types and benefits of products are described in the article.


Silicone oven mats are made from heat-resistant silicone. Products are able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +260 degrees. According to the reviews of the hostesses, rugs can be placed in the oven, but it is important to control the temperature.

silicone baking mats reviews
silicone baking mats reviews

The main purpose of the accessory is to provide a non-stick surface and protect dishes, which makes cleaning easier. Washing a thin sheet is much easier compared to a baking sheet or a bulky pan. Silicone is not able to absorb odors and fats,so one item can be used for different dishes.

Rugs are divided into two-sided and one-sided. In single-sided, the second side is not smooth, which is necessary to neutralize slippage from the table. On smooth products it is convenient to cook both large piece and small products in batches. They are used for baking pizza, cookies, buns, pies.

In order for the silicone baking sheet to serve for a long time, you should not work on it with a sharp knife, clean it with metal washcloths and brushes. Dishwasher safe but not necessary as the surface needs to be rinsed in warm water.


According to reviews, silicone baking mats have the following advantages:

  1. Protect baked goods from sticking, easy to remove from the surface without damaging the appearance.
  2. In addition to baking, preparations can also be made on the products, for example, dough rolling.
  3. Mags do not need to be oiled.
  4. Baking is evenly baked.
  5. Silicone does not emit harmful substances during heating, therefore it is safe for he alth.
  6. The product is easy to store and does not take up much space.
  7. You can cook with it hundreds of times.
  8. Product suitable for various tests.
  9. This attachment can also be used in the freezer.
  10. Easy cleansing.
silicone dough mat with markings
silicone dough mat with markings

According to reviews, silicone baking mats are comfortable to use. To choosesuitable product, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment.

Size and shape

This kitchen utensil is round, square, rectangular. The first ones are convenient for use in a pan, and the rectangular ones are for baking sheets. Dimensions must be selected based on the dimensions of the dishes and oven. Even if the sheet is larger than required, it can be trimmed.

You should also consider the thickness. Thin sheets are able to transmit more heat from the metal and are cheaper, but it is advisable not to skimp and choose a thick option. In this case, the risk of burning is reduced. Professional surfaces are created in rolls, they should be cut by yourself.


The silicone mat with markings for the dough allows you to "cut" it to the desired shape and size. For example, the perfect pizza is easily obtained on a square sheet with circle markings. The ruler is convenient not only when rolling out, but also for applying the marked side to the dough or other products when cooking.

silicone baking mat how to use
silicone baking mat how to use

Usually the markup is functional - several circles with different diameters, rulers in cm and mm on different sides. Small circles are used for jigging meringues and eclairs.


Silicone baking mats with rims are ideal for those who love biscuit rolls. In this case, leakage is not allowed and the correct shape is created. The layer does not need to be removed from the mold, it is immediately smeared with jam or cream and rolled into a roll.

Of course, you can bake andother products. The option is ideal for making sheet marshmallows or homemade plast marmalade. According to reviews, cutting this model to reduce the size will not work.


Thanks to the micro-perforation, the mat can pass hot air. The heat enters through the holes, so the products are better baked. These beddings are not used for batter, meringue, marmalade.

silicone oven mats
silicone oven mats

Shortbread cookies, hearth bread, buns, crackers, pies, pizza can be baked on these surfaces. It is allowed to cook everything that does not emit fat. Otherwise, it will leak and stain the pan. To protect it, it is desirable to cover it with special paper.


According to reviews, non-stick products are in demand. They are not as multifunctional as smooth ones, but are convenient for solving narrow tasks. In this line there are models for creating the following products:

  • smooth and beautiful eclairs;
  • curly cookies;
  • Macarons;
  • biscuit pancakes;
  • neat meringues.

The advantage of the goods is the convenience of laying out the test. No need to think about the distance between products.

Texture surface

You can't rush to buy a texture rug. You need to make sure that it is created for baking, and not for giving a pattern, relief to raw dough. If the temperature allows baking in the oven, then you can buy it.

silicone baking mat
silicone baking mat

Embossed surface is greatfor shortcrust and biscuit dough. Due to the non-stick surface and the flexibility of silicone, the resulting dough leaves the mold freely, and the pattern will be clear and beautiful. According to reviews, silicone baking mats are handy tools for those who bake frequently.

Solving serious problems

Dense heat-resistant mats are used for roasting meat, poultry, fish. According to reviews, surfaces with frequent cells are most in demand. Fat in this case is less in contact with food, so the dishes are not so harmful and greasy.

With pronounced reliefs, additional air exchange is provided, so the dish is evenly baked. These models are not used for batter, but are used for baking bread.

Terms of Use

To appreciate all the advantages of the device, you should learn how to use a silicone baking mat. The application rules are as follows:

  1. The product is used for baking only on a hard and smooth surface.
  2. In a gas oven, place the silicone on the pan or baking sheet, do not place the sheet on the grate over the flame.
  3. The surface is considered non-stick and should not be oiled or greased. But some recipes require lubrication.
  4. Appliances are allowed to be placed in a cold and hot oven.
  5. Products are microwave safe.
  6. Better not to cut on silicone as there is a risk of surface damage. But durable types are also sold.
  7. It is better to store a sheet in a roll,securing it with a rubber band. Do not fold it several times, as the product deteriorates from creases.
  8. This dish is not suitable for grilling. Do not use it in a wood stove either.
  9. It is forbidden to cook on an open flame and on a burner.
  10. For washing it is necessary to choose detergents without alkali.
silicone baking sheet
silicone baking sheet

If you don't trust silicone, you should pay attention to the baking stone. It is used for bread and pizza without fear of burning and sticking.

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