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Video baby monitor: rating of the best, reviews
Video baby monitor: rating of the best, reviews

A small child requires increased attention. But after all, a young parent needs to do so much around the house! Especially in order to simplify the life of mothers, a video baby monitor was invented. She is the perfect assistant, reliable and easy to use, thanks to which you will always be aware of what is happening with your baby. We have compiled a ranking of the best baby monitors to make it easier for you to make a choice according to certain parameters.

Features of using baby monitors

The video baby monitor is a simple and versatile device that can be used not only in infancy. With it, you can also establish control over the older child, for example, when you need to remotely monitor whether he completed the lessons. Modern models are produced in a variety of ways - with Wi-Fi, remote control of the camera, stand-alone … In fact, this device is placed in the room where the child is and shoots everything that happens in it. And the image and sound are displayed on the mobile monitor.

baby monitor rating of the best

Selection Options

We have compiled a rating of the best video baby monitors according to various parameters, but the main ones are the camera power, the type of signal that can be analog or digital, the waypower supply and monitor dimensions. In many cases, preference is given to models that have additional features, for example, equipped with a Wi-Fi module or can shoot at night.

Best models in terms of price/quality ratio

baby monitor rating of the best 2017

Compiling the rating of the best baby monitors of 2017, we proceeded from the most popular customer requests - the power of the models, reliability, ease of use and affordable price. In the list of the three most popular and high-quality devices that you can buy inexpensively, we included the following:

  • AngelCare AC1100. This manufacturer focuses on high quality images and sounds. Users also note that thanks to such a device, you can control the breathing and movements of the baby, calmly going about their business in the next room. If movements are suddenly recorded or breathing is not heard, the monitor will immediately give a signal. A special sensor is responsible for this, laid under the mattress, which reacts after 20 seconds. Among the advantages of mothers who bought this model, they note good color reproduction, battery life for 8 hours, the ability to use in day and night modes. Data transmission is carried out using digital technology.
  • Ramili RV900. According to reviews, the rating of the best baby monitors in 2017 must include this model. Its feature is the ability to control the child at any time of the day while maintaining a stable connection. A huge number of additional functions - a feeding timer, two-way communication - make the use of the model even moreconvenient. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the device at the same time, the operation of which will be synchronized. There are light and sound indicators. Among the advantages, users note compact dimensions, stability of work during the day, the presence of a motion detector. But the reviews also note that the sensor sometimes reacts, for example, to a hanging toy.
  • Maman VM 540. This model proves that quality and price can coexist. Its highlight is also the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. Among the advantages, users note two-way communication, the presence of a thermostat and vibration mode, a color screen, as well as additions in the form of a night light, lullabies. Of the minuses, one can note the noise during operation and the short retention of the charge. Due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use, this model may well be included in the rating of baby monitors for a country house.

Thus, these three models are the most popular both in terms of price/quality and the number of reviews.

Breath sensor keeps baby in control

baby monitor rating of the best 2017 reviews

Separately, it is worth talking about models equipped with breath sensors. Thanks to them, you can constantly keep your baby under control, as the video from his location will be transmitted to the parent unit. We have included the following models in the ranking of the best baby monitors with a breath sensor:

  • AngelCare AC1100. The sensor in this model is located under the mattress, so it instantly responds to any movements of the baby. The child's breathing is reproduced bysettings of a special "ticking" signal. The model is suitable for use both day and night, as it is equipped with an infrared camera. All useful information for parents is displayed on a color touch screen. The reviews of this device note such advantages as temperature control in the room with the baby, data transfer stability with a minimum of interference, compactness, good operating range - up to 200 m in open space. When fully charged, the baby monitor works for 5-6 hours.
  • Ramili Baby RA300SP2. The uniqueness of this device is in the advanced breathing monitor. Thanks to this, the device quickly responds to any movements of the baby. Excellent connection is provided at a distance of up to 650 m. This model is also included in the rating of high-quality baby monitors thanks to the purity of the sound, voice activation when a crying baby is detected, two-way voice communication.

According to reviews, these two models are the most reliable for ensuring control over the baby from his very birth. Models can work autonomously and are complemented by a night light, which is also noted as a plus.

Best models with motion sensor

video baby monitor rating of the best with a breath sensor

Most modern baby monitors have motion sensors. But we analyzed the reviews and made our rating of the best video baby monitors with a motion sensor:

  1. Motorola MBP854. A wireless device with motion and sound sensors costs about 12,000 rubles and is ideal for organizing control over a baby. Thanks to its compact dimensionsthe device can be placed even in the smallest room, constantly monitoring the baby. Among the advantages, users note the reliability and security of communication at a distance of up to 300 m. If the room is large, the device can be supplemented with 4 blocks at once. You can be in touch with the baby even at a distance, which is achieved by the presence of a Wi-Fi module. According to reviews, this video baby monitor is very convenient due to the use of a smartphone, laptop or tablet as a parent unit.
  2. SWITEL. Compiling a rating of the best video baby monitors, one cannot ignore the products of the Swiss manufacturer. The model features a range of 300 m between the baby and parent unit. There is a motion sensor that is triggered by the slightest movement of the child. moreover, parents will be notified in different ways: sound, light, sound and light at the same time.

Reviews of models equipped with motion sensors speak of functionality and practicality. They are ideal for apartments and country houses. Due to their compact size, the devices take up very little space, and are reliable and stable.

Best IP babysitters

video baby monitor rating of the best with motion sensor

Modern technology has led to the fact that even baby monitors have become more advanced devices. Many manufacturers equip their products not only with a Wi-Fi module, but also with a different number of IP cameras. Their advantage, according to parents, is the ability to connect to any modern gadgets - iPhone, Android and PC. Which video monitor to choose? Rating of models with IP camerashelp you make the right choice.

1st place: StarCam Mini

The model is compatible with any devices with OS iOS, Android, PC, can connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Among the advantages, users note the following:

  • possibility of control from anywhere in the world on the Internet;
  • presence of IR illumination at night;
  • the presence of a speaker that transmits sound and a motion sensor;
  • recording what is happening and storing the recording on a memory card.

The cordless model is also ideal for looking after elderly relatives or pets. Instead of the traditional parent unit, mobile phones, tablets, computers are used. Camera turns help keep the entire room under control.

2nd place: iBaby Monitor M6S

baby monitor rating

The iBaby Monitor M6S model has also entered the ranking of the best baby monitors equipped with IP cameras. Its uniqueness is not only in its innovative design and build quality, but also in the fact that it is the only device on the market with a dual-band Wi-Fi module. And it sets up in just a couple of seconds. In reviews of this device, the following advantages are noted:

  • remote access via gadgets;
  • access from anywhere in the world;
  • Full HD streaming recording;
  • the ability to remotely control the tilt and turn of the camera;
  • presence of night illumination;
  • equipment with motion and sound sensors.

3rd place: Motorola MBP85 Connect

When wemade a rating of the best video baby monitors of 2017, taking into account user reviews about them. A lot of good reviews about this wireless device with built-in Wi-Fi. By installing free applications, you can control the device and its functions. Among the advantages, users note:

  • far night illumination;
  • possibility of remote control of the camera and its position;
  • possibility to install additional cameras;
  • play video in high quality.

Thus, IP baby monitors are perfect devices that work without interference and background noise, capable of operating in a large radius of action.

Top by customer reviews

Any rating is based on reviews. We also focused on them when we compiled a list of the most popular devices for one reason or another. Based on user reviews, the ranking of baby monitors that are most popular with moms and dads would be:

baby monitor reviews rating

1 place - Motorola MBP 621 as the most affordable and optimal model in terms of functional characteristics, suitable for use in both large houses and small apartments.

2nd place - Angelcare AC1100 as the most expensive model, but perhaps the most reliable and high quality. The presence of a night shooting mode and two-way communication, a thermometer and a breath sensor, the ability to work from the mains and from batteries - all this makes this device popular.

3rd place - Maman Vm2502 as a simple but easy to use model. Her highlightnoted by users, in silent operation and a simple interface, as well as in the function of automatic tracking of an object.


A video baby monitor is an important device for a young family, which helps in controlling the baby and his actions. We have described the most popular devices that have the most good reviews. What will you like? Choose a model based on where it will be located and how close control over the child's room you need. Note that the price range of models is very different - from 3,000 rubles to 15,000 rubles. But even inexpensive models are of high quality and are complemented by all the necessary functional options.

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