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Baby puree from 4 months old: rating, compositions, how to feed a baby, reviews

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Baby puree from 4 months old: rating, compositions, how to feed a baby, reviews
Baby puree from 4 months old: rating, compositions, how to feed a baby, reviews

Mother's milk and formula provide a lot of nutrients to the baby and cover all the needs for minerals. However, with age, the proportion of nutrients should increase, and then baby puree comes to the rescue.

Where to start complementary foods

Proponents of old and new school of pediatrics argue about whether to give baby puree, from 4 months or from 6 months. But in one voice they say that it is best to start complementary foods with fruit and vegetable juices, since the consistency of this substance is liquid, like milk. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and fiber that a child needs for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, complementary feeding of a child begins at four months, but opponents argue that at this age the child's body is not yet ready for foreign food, except for milk. The acids in the juice can cause allergic reactions that can be difficult to control.

The adherents of the modern school of pediatrics have a broader view. In addition to juice, which is considered beneficial, the child can be given fruits and vegetables as additional food.vegetable puree, as well as porridge. There is no clear answer which baby puree from 4 months is better. It is important to choose the optimal taste and comply with the norm.

If you don't know exactly when to start weaning, here are some signs to help:

  • the child already holds his head on his own;
  • trying to take toys or any other objects that come his way into his mouth;
  • if the baby pays special attention to the meal of adults and shows constant interest in adult food;
  • if the baby himself opens his mouth when the spoon approaches his mouth;
  • if you see that your baby is hungry between milk or formula feeds.

Also, doctors and more experienced mothers who have already gone through the torment with the start of complementary foods are advised to introduce vegetable purees into the diet. If you start with fruit sweets, the child will get used to them and will not agree to swallow a tasteless unleavened vegetable porridge under any circumstances. This turns into a real torment not only for the child, but also for the parents. Yes, and vegetable puree is absorbed several times better. The composition of vegetables is as close as possible to the enzymes of gastric juice, and the assimilation of food will take place with little or no bloating. This is especially important for parents who have suffered from baby colic.

In any case, when introducing baby puree into the menu from 4 months, you must rely on your own observations of the behavior and eating habits of the baby.

baby feeding

Early feeding rules

It is impossible to immediately determine whichbaby puree from 4 months is better. It is necessary to observe the baby and select tastes, focusing on the mood with which the child absorbs the next spoonful of puree. There are a few rules that will make it easier for moms to introduce complementary foods.

  1. It is not recommended to give two or more products at the same time. This is due to elementary safety rules. If, for example, a baby develops an allergy at first, it will be difficult to determine from which product it started. The assortment of baby purees from 4 months is huge, but it is best to start with a simple zucchini or pumpkin, and then introduce sweets in the form of applesauce or apricot puree.
  2. It is best to give complementary foods a few minutes before breastfeeding. In this way, small portions of additional food will be better absorbed and gradually it will be possible to increase the doses.
  3. You need to watch the consistency of food. The softer, the better it goes through the narrow, tender throat.
  4. Gradually, the amount of food should increase, it should become more diverse, as a growing body requires an increased number of calories.

Be sure to remember that it is necessary to introduce a new product only when you are completely sure of its he alth. If your baby develops an allergy while using any products, get rid of it first. Then, after a few days, you can try something new.

Begin feeding

Almost every young mother dreams of starting complementary foods as soon as possible, because this means that the baby becomes adult and interesting, begins to try adult food andexplore a new world. However, one should not hurry in this matter, so as not to injure the child's still unformed intestines and not disrupt the fermentation function.

At first, you should limit yourself to half a teaspoon of vegetable puree. It is better to choose squash or broccoli. These vegetables are neutral and suitable for almost all babies. It is preferable to give with a soft spoon. Firstly, it does not injure the mouth, and secondly, it looks like a warm chest. Further, most mothers face a big serious problem. Babies either spit out new food for them, or swallow very little, and the rest goes into the trash. Don't worry. Remember that each organism is individual in its development, someone needs more time to get used to new tastes and textures, and someone will take a spoon from mom's hands and demand more. How to feed a baby puree at 4 months, not a single mother knows for sure. Don't give up, keep trying.

As a rule, children's doctors recommend mashed vegetables for babies from 4 months old to start complementary foods, because most vegetables are green and have less sugar. The already mentioned zucchini puree, broccoli or cauliflower, spinach or asparagus is excellent. But no matter how good the rating of baby purees from 4 months is, homemade food, even for the first feeding, will still be better and tastier. And all because mom will cook mashed potatoes with love and care.

fruit puree

Cooking at home

You can make mashed potatoes for a baby at 4 months at home. They can afford itmothers who are on maternity leave and have enough time. Before preparing the puree, the selected vegetables or fruits must be well poured over with boiling water. Remove the skin from hard vegetables and fruits, remove the stones. Doctors advise using only simple vegetables, such as zucchini, pumpkin or carrots.

The selected vegetables or fruits must be cut into small pieces or slices and lowered into boiling water. It is better, of course, to use modern kitchen appliances such as a double boiler, which retain the maximum amount of useful elements. However, for lack of it, you can use ordinary boiling water. Boil the vegetables well until completely softened. Drain water, let cool. Then, without adding s alt, sugar or spices, grind in a blender.

The following shows the ranking of products as their popularity increases.

first spoon

1. Puree "Diaper"

The well-known company for the production of natural juices and fruit drinks "Gardens of Pridonya" also produces infant formula for feeding babies up to a year under the brand "Spelenok". The brand has its own gardens close to the main production. This allows not only to produce products at the lowest cost, but also to preserve all the useful properties of vegetables and fruits, because there is a very short distance from the garden to the laboratories for the production of mixtures. "Spelenok" is included in the rating of the best baby purees from 4 months, not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. Puree contains only natural one-component products: zucchini,carrots, apples, pumpkin, cabbage. Non-GMO, no added spices, s alt or sugar.

"Spelenok" produces not only mashed potatoes, but also children's fruit drinks, nectars and just water. Manufacturers strictly monitor the quality of products, indicators are controlled using computerized technology. For ease of use, all products are available in two types of packaging: glass and cardboard. Glass with a convenient lid can be used at home, and mashed potatoes in small cardboard packages can be taken with you for a walk or on the road.

All reviews about baby puree from 4 months "Diaper" are not artificially wound up, only real reviews of mothers satisfied with the product and the result. According to general surveys, almost 90 percent of parents prefer to use domestically produced baby foods. According to them, the quality is in no way inferior to European counterparts, despite the fact that many are confused by the rather low retail price of 25-30 rubles per unit. But after trying, parents are convinced of the high quality of purees and juices.

2. "Agusha"

There are no parents who have not heard about baby puree from 4 months "Agusha". The Wimm-Bill-Dann company registered a new brand back in 2001 and has since occupied one of the leading positions in the production of baby food. Products under the brand "Agusha" are presented in three categories. The "first spoon" includes mashed potatoes for the first feeding from meat, vegetables and fruits, water, biokefir for good digestion of babies, as well as juices.

Second categoryrepresented by yoghurts, cereals and purees with a more complex and dense texture. This is a transition to a more solid diet. And finally, the third category includes dairy products and cottage cheese for children who have reached the age of two.

Brand "Agusha" cooperates with the Russian Union of Pediatricians, carefully monitors the quality of complementary foods. More than once, the company won prizes at international competitions for manufacturers.

puree "Agusha"

3. Baby food "Frutonyanya"

The rating of baby purees from 4 months will not be complete without the most famous and competitive brand of baby food "Frutonyanya". The brand appeared about ten years ago on the territory of Russia and in a few years has won the trust of mothers throughout the post-Soviet space.

The brand has a huge range of delicious products for babies: purees, juices, special soft water, yoghurts and dairy products, smoothies and cereals. A children's menu is being developed together with the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, so you can find the appropriate label on each package.

The domestic manufacturer does not particularly fantasize with the composition and offers standard mashed potatoes from broccoli, carrots, squash, pumpkin or spinach with a little water, without s alt and sugar. Meat purees, of course, use turkey, the lightest and most mineral-rich meat.

Parents whose children have already tried the mixes offered by Frutonyanya are all happy. Especially a lot of reviews about convenient packaging. EachThe jar has a protective film that prevents dust from getting under the lid. The lid itself is hermetic, closed under high pressure. It is interesting that on each jar you can find a special marking for grams. This makes it easier for mothers to count how many spoons in grams their baby ate today. This helps to keep a kind of record and accurately calculate the time of menu complication.

Puree "Frutonyanya"

4. Lure "Heinz"

The American company "Heinz" is widely known all over the world. The range of products provided to the market is focused on different areas of food consumption. Most often you can find the brand when buying sauces and baby food.

Heinz baby food products are made in Italy despite being an American company. This is not surprising, since Italian technology for the production of such a delicate product as baby food is considered the best in the world.

Heinz's line of baby purees is quite standard. This is a puree of fruits and vegetables. The depth of the line is very wide. For the first feeding, you can buy one-component purees from green beans, apple, spinach, zucchini and carrots. With a gradual increase in the percentage of complementary foods in the diet, you can safely add multi-component mixtures, both vegetable and fruit. All products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, because Heinz has its own extensive fields. High-tech computer equipment in production clearly monitors all stagesproduction to give the child a pure and wholesome product.

Among parents, a modern mobile application is widespread. The program will help you create the optimal schedule for the transition to complementary foods. The utility relies on the child's data, which must be entered in special fields. Reviews about the application are positive, in Russia, mothers use this assistant and advise it to those who still doubt the usefulness of the application.

Puree "Heinz"

5. Baby puree "Gerber"

Nestlé, a world-famous company, in addition to everyone's favorite chocolate, entered the baby food market a few years ago. The range of baby puree from 4 months is very wide:

  1. Meat puree. At "Gerber" it is represented by turkey meat. During this period, a growing child's body really needs iron and sodium, which is found in large quantities in meat, and especially in turkey. Poultry meat is saturated with fatty amino acids, zinc, iron, an excellent quality protein that is easily digestible. In addition, turkey meat contains a high sodium content. It is sodium that is involved in the creation of blood plasma and allows other vitamins to be quickly absorbed. You should start feeding with one teaspoon. When opening, carefully watch for a click. Baby puree from 4 months "Gerber" is completely natural, does not contain s alt and spices. Store no more than a day in the refrigerator.
  2. Vegetable puree. This line is represented by several titles. You can choose mashed cauliflower,broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin. All baby puree from 4 months is highly purified, produced without the addition of starch and any flavor enhancers. It is very important that all purees are one-component, which means that there is nothing but the same zucchini grated with water. You can store jars after opening for only a day, so do not regret if your child has eaten almost nothing. Complementary foods are tricky, and if your baby isn't ready to gobble up a whole jar a day just yet, take your time.
  3. Fruit puree. The most favorite and delicious. To tell you a secret, mothers of babies often like to feast on these children's supplements themselves, because they bring nothing but good. Among the fruit types of "Gerbera" you can choose both single-component varieties and double ones, for example, apple with plum, apricot with rosehip, apple and banana. One-component purees are presented in a wide range of flavors. Everyone's favorite applesauce for a child at 4 months is also best given in moderation at first.
Puree "Gerber"

Parent reviews

Parents' feedback on Gerber puree (according to the results of our rating is recognized as the best) is extremely positive. For several years of existence, there have been no scandals with the brand, its reputation as a manufacturer of natural complementary foods is absolutely fair. Moms who fed their babies puree speak of high quality. There is absolutely no s alt or spices, as indicated on the package. Many are pleased with the small package. According to mothers, at first, children eat very little complementary foods and don’t feel like it.leave an almost full jar for later. I want to give the child fresh, just opened, but it’s a pity to throw away an almost full package. Some experienced parents suggest that open baby puree be subjected to a sharp deep freeze. This method is in place. It is only important to follow the rules of food safety and not to defrost mashed potatoes several times. The cost of a new jar is on average 35 rubles, and this is a disproportionate amount compared to the he alth of a child.

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