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Platonic love - what is it?

Platonic love - what is it?
Platonic love - what is it?

A lot of novels have been written about love, poems have been written and pictures have been drawn. They talk about love in various contexts, worshiping and condemning lovers, helping them and hindering them in every possible way. But love is different. Information that will tell you what platonic love means can be interesting.

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About love

Love is a feeling that every person experiences. It can be different: love for mother and relatives, for the Motherland and ordinary objects. But a special place in everyone's life is occupied by love for the opposite sex, a person with whom you so want to be together every second, share joys and worries, endure all difficulties and celebrate victories. But, in addition to this, there is also the concept of "platonic love." This is the feeling that is not associated with close bodily contact, this is romance and purity of relationships in all its glory.

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On the origin of the concept

Each concept has its origin, starting point. The notion of "Platonic" is no exception.love". This is a term that arose during the life of such a wise man as Plato. He, by the way, is its founder, having first told about Platonic love in his famous treatise "The Feast". This word was used as an explanation of pure, ideal love, which does not require bodily contact. This is a close spiritual closeness of two people, not overshadowed by lust and dirty thoughts. This is that sublime state of mind when a person wants to be better, has the strength and desire to create and create something beautiful. Platonic love is reflected in any art: poems, poems, paintings - often world masterpieces were created precisely thanks to such feelings, with the help of muses, with whom there could not even be bodily contact.

Unconventional love

Today, the concept of platonic love is a bit outdated. At this stage of life, this feeling is considered by most people to be something unnecessary, such an atavism that does not bring much benefit. Well, the modern world is quite practical, and there is often no place for disinterestedness. If we talk about platonic love, it can be noted that in such a relationship there is no such thing as "strange love." If the close relationship between a teacher and a student is condemned by the public, then platonic love in such a situation is exactly the feeling that will not harm, but rather even help both parties to become better. Falling in love with the teacher, the student tries to become better, stand out, study harder. The teacher, on the other hand, can relate to such a student more with paternal, mentoring love. Platonic is alsolove for the motherland, when a person does not expect return, but simply loves disinterestedly and tries to do something good for the object of his admiration.

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But there are situations when platonic love is only the first step on a big, wide path to true, mutual and sensual love. Such relationships are most often very strong, people are married for the rest of their lives. And only in this interpretation, platonic love has the right to develop into something more. In other situations, let it remain pure and virgin platonic love.

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