How do I know if I love a guy? Love tests. How to know if a guy likes me
How do I know if I love a guy? Love tests. How to know if a guy likes me

Video: How do I know if I love a guy? Love tests. How to know if a guy likes me

Video: How do I know if I love a guy? Love tests. How to know if a guy likes me
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How do I know if I love a guy? Every girl has asked herself this question at least once. You can answer it with the help of various love tests, of which there are a huge variety. However, the questions in them are focused on the absolute majority and do not take into account the characteristics of some individuals. In the following sections you will find a little love test, as well as a few recommendations that will allow you to get the exact answer to the cherished question.

How long have you known each other?

How to understand that this is love? The easiest way is to analyze the situation in which you are at the moment. For example, try to remember exactly how long you have known or met a young man. The thing is that many people are not able to distinguish between falling in love and love, although these concepts are completely different. The first feeling lasts no more than a few months or even weeks, and the second allows you to spend decades with a young man.together.

If you met a young man relatively recently, do not rush to swear allegiance and love to him to the grave. No matter how sad it may sound, the period of romance and active courtship will end sooner or later, after which gray everyday life will begin. It is with the advent of such a time that most couples break up, because the feelings of young people were not as strong as they wanted. However, if you've been dating a guy for quite some time, then that's saying something.

Are you ready to make sacrifices?

Sacrifice is an "indicator" of feelings that allows a girl to answer the question "How to understand if I love a guy" So try to remember your actions over the past few months. Have you ever had to sacrifice something for a loved one? And we are not talking about a few hours of free time that could be spent watching a sensational series. Have you really given up on something serious for your boyfriend?

Girl in depression
Girl in depression

However, do not forget that for some people, sacrifice is something commonplace. There is a certain category of people who like to present themselves as martyrs and specifically choose only those situations that will bring them suffering. As a rule, such actions are committed in order to arouse a feeling of pity in a loved one. If you are such a person, then there is another way to test feelings.

Compare the pros and cons of the guy

No one is perfect - this is one of the lawspsychology. If you constantly ask yourself the question "How to check if I love a guy," then you can use one interesting technique. Just take a blank piece of paper and a pencil and write on it in a column the pros and cons of your young man. It is best to do this in order. That is, first remember some positive side of a young man, and then a negative one.

Sooner or later, one of the columns simply won't be able to come up with something else, and the opposite one will be filled with more and more characteristics of the beloved. If your boyfriend ends up with more pros than cons, you definitely love him. The thing is, people try not to notice the shortcomings of their second half, and some of them even pass them off as positive aspects: "Yes, he is jealous, but I like it. After all, this is how I see that he needs the truth."

Assess your attitude from the outside

How do I know if I love a guy? Do you ask this question at night? Then try to objectively assess the situation that is happening in your life at the moment. Do not be afraid to wallow in various stereotypes and clichés.

The girl is chatting with the guy
The girl is chatting with the guy

Just start answering the standard questions that say a girl is in love with a guy:

  1. Am I constantly waiting for a guy when he is at work or school?
  2. Am I sexually attracted to him or more?
  3. Do I want to hear his voice when he's not with me?
  4. How often do Itexting him on social media?

And so on. Try to look at yourself from the perspective of a friend or acquaintance. What would you think of a person who spends all his free time hugging the phone, waiting for a call from "just a friend"? Be as honest as possible with yourself. Remember that you are not on the exam and no one will judge you for the wrong answer. Analyze all your actions and thoughts as objectively as possible, and then draw the appropriate conclusions.

Understand your goals and desires

"I constantly think about him, I want to be with him" - for a person in love, such a statement is far from uncommon, however, it does not allow us to say with a high degree of probability that we are talking about love. To understand your feelings in more detail, you need to ask yourself the question "What do I want from life?" or "What is most important to me at the moment?". If you are ready to forget about everything for the sake of one person, he means a lot to you.

Also, questions like these often allow you to determine how strong your feelings are. If a girl really loves a young man, then she will be ready to forget about nightclubs, evening gatherings with friends and even family dinners. In the first place for her is a guy with whom she wants to build a serious relationship. The girl begins to wonder how he will look as a husband, father, or what her parents will think of him.

Sometimes passion drives people crazy

To maximizeto accurately answer the question "How to understand if I love a guy", it is also necessary to take into account the fact that common sense can intoxicate passion. Does your heart begin to beat faster at the sight of a young man, and your legs give way on their own? Such "symptoms" do not always mean that a person really loves his soul mate. In most cases, passion is to blame, which can deceive common sense.

girl and boy kissing
girl and boy kissing

Special care should be taken by chaste girls who have never been in a serious relationship with a man. At a young age, hormones can play out in earnest. A girl feels euphoric when she is close to her life partner, but every beauty should understand that true love can be recognized when such sensations pass. Are you ready to endure the bad temper of a person when your sanity returns?

A little love test

How to understand yourself and get an answer to an exciting question? To test their feelings, many people prefer to take various online tests compiled by psychologists or sex therapists. However, the effectiveness of such a technique directly depends on how well the questions were selected. That is why we invite our readers to take a short test aimed at young people from 15 to 30 years old.

Love dough heart
Love dough heart

Try to answer questions as honestly as possible:

  1. I'm waiting for a call or message from myyoung man?
  2. Will I be faithful to him in a relationship no matter what?
  3. Will I cry if he suddenly disappears?
  4. I want to spend all my free time with him?
  5. Am I interested in his personal life?
  6. I wake up thinking about him?

Each "Yes" is worth 1 point. In the event that you scored from 5 to 6 points, then you should start building a serious relationship with a young man, because you love him. If you managed to score 3 or 4 points, most likely you are experiencing a feeling of love or affection. Well, 1 or 2 "Yes" answers says that you should not have high hopes for a relationship with this person, you just do not want to feel lonely.

Relationships do not change depending on various factors

Love is independence from external circumstances. Constantly chastising your boyfriend about hitting on you when you're not in the mood? Most likely, you do not have serious feelings for the person. The same applies to situations where a girl refuses to meet her lover, referring to poor he alth or fatigue. A girl who truly loves her boyfriend will want to meet him no matter what.

Girl hugging a guy
Girl hugging a guy

This category also includes the desire to quickly talk to your loved one when some kind of trouble or unpleasant situation has occurred. A girl in love is looking for support and a protector in her boyfriend who can listen to her or help her in some way. If the beautyprefers to cope with all the hardships on his own or falls into a deep depression while communicating with a young man, then love is hardly possible.

Do you trust your partner?

Of course, complete and unconditional trust in young relationships is a rarity. In most cases, it is present in married couples in which the spouses have been living together for several decades. If you constantly take your boyfriend's phone away to check his correspondence, or make scenes after he said hello to a childhood friend, then there can be no talk of any love. However, do not confuse distrust with feelings of jealousy and fear of losing a loved one.

Also, a person who really loves his partner always trusts him with his deepest secrets and secrets. In some cases, the girl may even talk about what she asked her best friend never to mention. Well, or she can share problems that concern only her family. As a rule, a trusting attitude towards a man arises in the later stages of communication. If you often find yourself telling a secret to a young person, then this is a very positive sign.

Do you feel the benefits of the relationship?

"I'm waiting for a call from him - it means I love him" - do you repeat a similar phrase in your head? Very in vain, because the expectation of telephone communication is very often associated with the fact that a girl simply wants to get something from a guy or a relationship with a young man: a treat during a date, a birthday present, money for small expenses.

girl with money
girl with money

Synonymous with love is disinterestedness. If you are not ready to be near a person, when he is not ready to give you anything in return, you do not love at all. Of course, in the modern world, money plays a huge role, but the guy's we alth should not affect your attitude towards him.

Don't be afraid to ask his opinion

"How to understand that this is love" - a similar question is asked not only by girls, but also by some men. Often they are simply afraid to confess their feelings to a beauty until they understand for sure that they need this relationship. Try to ask your young man a question about what love means to him and how to distinguish such a feeling from passion and affection. In most cases, the girl will be able to get the most honest answer.

If a young man asked you to meet, but you do not know how strong your feelings are, be sure to tell him about it so that he does not have high hopes. In some cases, a girl simply craves attention or communication with a representative of the opposite sex, wants to feel loved. Playing with the feelings of a man is a rather dangerous occupation. So never give people false hope if you doubt your feelings.

How do I know if a guy likes me?

There are a huge number of different methods to answer this question. For example, you can pay attention to the behavior of a young man when you are next to him. Is the young man very different from the personality that he shows to his friends andacquaintances? If yes, this is a pretty good sign, because the guy wants to like the girl he is talking to, which means that he also likes her very much.

intertwined fingers
intertwined fingers

You can also try to remember how often a young man compliments you. In most cases, people are embarrassed to praise ordinary acquaintances or even friends. However, for the girl you really love, you can make an exception. A particularly good sign is when the compliments sound genuine and fit the situation.

Video and conclusion

We hope our article helped you understand the question "How to understand if I love a guy." If you still have any doubts, you can watch a short video that talks about the main differences between love and falling in love.


Never jump to conclusions and cherish the relationships you have. Happiness and love to you, dear readers!