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Fluorescent plasticine for children or How to make life brighter

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Fluorescent plasticine for children or How to make life brighter
Fluorescent plasticine for children or How to make life brighter

Plasticine is used quite often as a material for children's crafts, which is why it should be chosen carefully, paying attention not only to the bright packaging and cost of the goods, but also to its composition. Before buying, you should carefully study the information indicated on the packaging and make sure that the use of the selected product will be safe for the he alth of the child.

It's no secret that children prefer bright, juicy shades, so recently more and more often on store shelves you can find fluorescent plasticine, which contains special coloring pigments. Thanks to them, the children's craft will have a very bright and intense color, which will delight not only the kids, but also their parents.

Plasticine boat

Which plasticine to choose for a child?

Since the main target audience for modeling products are children of preschool and primary school age, the specified product must have a number of properties that allow it to be used without fear. First of all, plasticine should not containtoxic impurities and have a pungent odor. Quite often, manufacturers of goods for children make a mark on their products that it is safe for children. Therefore, parents should carefully read the composition and properties of the selected plasticine before making a purchase.

Now plasticine, which has some unusual properties (it can be self-hardening, floating, ball and even edible), is gaining more and more popularity. The choice is so diverse that customers' eyes widen, and their hands reach for several boxes at once. Increasingly, children and their parents prefer light floating plasticine, figures from which can be used to play in the water. It can also be fluorescent plasticine, then the child will be provided with double pleasure.

Floating plasticine boat

Main features of floating plasticine

Floating plasticine is very light, soft and pliable in work, it is pleasant to knead it with your hands, but you need to work with it rather quickly, as it dries up in the air. Therefore, this species may not be suitable for very young children, and children 5-6 years old, on the contrary, will be delighted with its properties.

If a craft made from fluorescent floating plasticine is left for several hours, it will harden and hold its shape. After complete drying (the time of which depends on the humidity and temperature of the air in the room), the product can be lowered into the water, while it will not sink, which will allow children to enjoy playing in the bath orswimming pool.

Experimenting with various materials and products for creativity, the guys acquire new skills, develop fine motor skills, experience unusual tactile sensations and get unforgettable emotions. Therefore, parents should buy various types of plasticine for their kids and actively participate in the creation of bright masterpieces.

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