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Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby: exercise options, rules and regularity

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Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby: exercise options, rules and regularity
Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby: exercise options, rules and regularity

Children grow up very fast. At the age of five months, the child already completely controls his movements, makes the first attempts to crawl. Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby is extremely important. Gymnastic exercises and massage at this age contribute to the development and strengthening of children's muscles, and also help the child to sit down and start crawling sooner.

gymnastics for 1 5 month old baby

Features of the procedure

Gymnastics with a baby at the age of five months is aimed primarily at strengthening the musculoskeletal system, at strengthening the back muscles. Very soon, the baby will sit and crawl, so the dorsal muscles must be strong. The duration of massage and gymnastics takes from 15 to 30 minutes, the mood of the baby plays a significant role here. The mood in which he is is one of the main criteria for the procedure. Watch the reaction of the baby during various movements, if you see a negative reaction, then stop the exercise.

Smiling and communicating with the child is also required. Gymnastic exercises for a baby of five monthsdiffer in greater intensity from gymnastics for a 4.5-month-old child. The kid during this period already perfectly perceives songs for children, so background music will add a playful atmosphere. It is also recommended to count loudly during massage or gymnastics, this will help develop rhythm.

Massage should start with the face, then move on to the arms, chest, legs and back. The best time to practice is lunch or evening, but not just before bedtime, otherwise the process of falling asleep will be delayed.

gymnastics for 4 5 month old baby

Features of age physiology

Smiling and expressing emotions is exactly what a child has already mastered at the age of five months. In addition, the baby already holds his head, lies on his stomach, and also grabs objects of interest to him due to awareness of movements. Staying in one place and doing nothing is no longer for him.

Gymnastics for a child of 5 months should take into account all the physiological characteristics of this age. During this period, the baby already pronounces some individual syllables and sounds, his attention and thinking are improving. Wakefulness becomes long, and the baby now sleeps no more than 15-16 hours. The rest of the time he needs communication: verbal, tactile and emotional.

gymnastics for a 5 month old baby

The positive side of gymnastic exercises

Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby helps the baby understand exactly how his body works. Regular physical activity helps strengthen joints and bones, and improves muscle elasticity. Gymnasticexercise contributes to the formation of the child's immunity.

Contact between parent and baby during class and subsequent massage has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. A baby who gets age-appropriate physical activity eats well, sleeps well and is less prone to constipation.

If the baby has some disorders of the musculoskeletal system or neurological disorders, he is prescribed exercises from the complex of physiotherapy exercises. With exercise therapy, you can combine or add any new elements only with the permission of the leading doctor.

baby 5 months gymnastics massage


Under good weather conditions, it is better to do gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby without clothes, and in the summer in the fresh air. Gymnastics must begin with a complex massage. This is necessary in order to "warm up" the muscles of the crumbs for further loading. The most favorable time for classes is before lunch. Gymnastics has an exciting effect on the baby's body, which can disrupt sleep if done in the afternoon. If the child is naughty, then the lesson should be stopped.

gymnastics for a 5 month old baby Komarovsky

Gymnastics for a 5-month-old baby - Komarovsky recommends

Starting gymnastic procedures should be from the age of one and a half months of the baby. Massage should be done daily. According to Komarovsky, before starting all procedures, it is necessary to prepare the baby and create favorable conditions:the temperature should not exceed 22 degrees, and the room should be well ventilated and sterile. In winter, a newborn must be covered with a blanket, only those parts of the body that are massaged remain open. Feeding should be carried out no later than one hour before all procedures. According to Dr. Komarovsky, everything should start without sudden movements, incrementally. First, there are light strokes that do not irritate the baby's skin and prepare for more vigorous movements. The main rule is that all movements are directed along the course of the blood vessels.

gymnastics for baby 5 months

Good gymnastic exercises

Gymnastics for a 5 month old baby should be fun and interesting. It is best to complement gymnastic exercises with rhythmic children's music, reading poems aloud for children or singing songs.

Exercise is aimed at improving the coordination of hand movements, called "Catch me". Required equipment: two children's toys with a sound mechanism. The starting position of the baby is lying on his back, on the right side of the child, place the included toy that makes sounds. After the baby grabs the toy on the right, place the second toy on the left. The child must grab the second toy, his goal is to hold both toys for a short time.

Exercise to strengthen the spine and back "Feather". Place your open palm under the back of the baby, lift, holding his head. The baby should bend slightly, thereby tightening the abdominal muscles. This exercise is performedmore than 10 times.

Exercise for all muscle groups of the baby, which helps to improve the vestibular apparatus and contributes to the sitting of the child, is called "I myself!". We lift the baby under the armpits and hold it in an upright position. In advance, place a toy right in front of the child’s feet, for which he will bend over. Supporting him under the chest, help him to take the toy through the squat. After he can grab the toy, gently return the baby to its original position. 2-3 reps is enough.

Don't forget about the traditional "Caterpillar" when a child reaches for a toy and tries to crawl on his stomach. If with one goal the baby is no longer interested, then two goals can be arranged to complicate. Soon he will be able to grab two items. If the baby's arms are already trained, then you can start the "Wheelbarrow" exercise, when the mother holds the baby by the legs, and he steps over the arms.

But do not forget that gymnastics for a 1.5-month-old baby and for a five-month-old baby are very different. Although the exercise "shaking hands" can be performed with a baby. The initial position is lying on your back. We hold the thumb in the baby’s fist, and grab the handle with the rest, slowly spread the crumbs’ arms, shake them slightly.


Gymnastics and massage for a 5-month-old baby are necessary for normal development. Do not be lazy to carry out this procedure daily. Just 30 minutes a day is enough for normal development in accordance with age, as well as for good he alth. Yes andclasses with a baby at a similar age are, first of all, invaluable communication between parents and their child. They are the whole world for him, so tactile contact and emotional connection with his mom and dad are very important. The child should feel love and care.

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