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Children's exercises: the basic rules of gymnastics

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Children's exercises: the basic rules of gymnastics
Children's exercises: the basic rules of gymnastics

Exercise is needed to improve the he alth of both adults and children. The child's body is more in need of healing measures, since the immune system is still imperfect, and therefore the infection can quickly overcome the child. You need to start with morning workouts, thanks to which positive qualities are brought up in children: perseverance, responsibility, independence.

Gymnastics rules for kids

Constant stress, such as children's exercises in the morning, builds willpower and

baby exercise
baby exercise

develops the musculoskeletal system. For morning exercises to be effective, you should follow the same rules, which are simple in nature, but require regularity.

The first rule is that children's exercises should be done at a certain time, daily, except for those days when the child is sick.

The second rule - gymnastics should be done before breakfast, that is, on an empty stomach. Before class, you must go to the toilet and rinse your mouth with water.

Third rule - children's exercises are carried out in a well-ventilated room (in the warm season - outside). So the child will receive, in addition to physical activity,also a "portion" of hardening.

The fourth rule - all exercises must be performed exactly. This must be monitored, since the correct execution determines the normal development of the musculoskeletal system.

The fifth rule is not to hold your breath. It is necessary to teach the child to breathe through the nose with full force. If you experience discomfort, you should consult a pediatrician for contraindications.

Sixth - in terms of complexity, children's exercises should correspond to individual physical development.

Seventh - perform a set of morning exercises, preferably with music.

Eighth - gymnastics is carried out with good mood and pleasure.

That's all the highlights. Adults should not rigidly "force" a child to do exercises: musical children's exercises are more like a fun dance or game. And at the same time, children need to be explained that gymnastics will be of great benefit to the body.

musical baby charger
musical baby charger


Any exercise for children begins with the adoption of the starting position - standing, lying, sitting. This is followed by a set of exercises:

  • forward bends;
  • walking;
  • circular body movements;
  • raising the torso from a prone position;
  • squats (complicated version - squat with bouncing when standing up);
  • swing legs;
  • flexion and extension of the arms at the elbow from a prone position;
  • raise hands up, after which they should be lowered with a simultaneous tilt forward andhalf squat;
  • running in place.

The complex should end with calm walking with deep breathing and relaxing half-tilts.

children's exercises radiant sun
children's exercises radiant sun

Fun exercise

Children's exercise "Radiant Sun" is suitable for kids in kindergarten, and for older children. This is gymnastics with a special song that describes each movement when performing a particular exercise, for example:

"Everything in the world jumps, even hares and bears. And giraffes and elephants jump straight to the moon."

The song was created in the form of a dialogue with children and is sure to cheer up those around.

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