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Boxing Day: history and celebration
Boxing Day: history and celebration

Many of us have heard that some countries celebrate Boxing Day. But not many people know that something similar has also recently existed in Russia. The Russians did not copy imported traditions and came up with their own unique holiday. This day is not marked red on the calendar and is just an excuse to please your loved ones with presents.

Boxing Day

This holiday in the UK

Initially, Boxing Day in Foggy Albion was planned so that families after Christmas could continue to enjoy each other's company. Therefore, they celebrate Boxing Day on December 26th. In the UK, this day is a public holiday, and if it falls on a Sunday, it is moved to the next day. The British sacredly honor their centuries-old traditions, so everyone knows the history of the origin of the holiday. Several centuries ago, on the day after the celebration of Christmas, employers sought to encourage their employees and distributed money and valuables among them. Weaving mills encouraged their workerscloth, grocers - groceries.

Tradition in modern society

Today, this tradition has been transformed, and now people in the UK have a unique opportunity to buy goods at discounted prices in the post-Christmas sale. It is also customary to attend various sporting events on Boxing Day. As the founders of football, the English did not miss the opportunity to make an additional round in the Premier League.

Coolts for the day

What they give

You can give anything on this day. The main thing is that the gift should be packed in a beautiful festive box. After all, literally Boxing Day is translated as "the day of the boxes." Congratulations on the day of gifts are usually received by all service workers. Although the British, like everyone else in the world, are involved in the pre-holiday bustle, they are so polite that they do not forget to write a few words to all the people with whom they interacted during the year. Holiday cards with warm congratulations are received by all sellers, postmen, laundry workers and other service personnel. The post office is working in an enhanced mode and delivering more than a billion postcards to various recipients.

Several versions of occurrence

Now this holiday is often called the second day of Christmas. But no one has come to a single version of the origin of this holiday. Too many sources are eager to claim authorship. In addition to the fact that employers gave their workers valuable things, servants were also encouraged in every house. The hosts also wantedto thank the servants for the good work during the year, giving gifts and providing a day off.

Children's Dayts

The churches collected all the offerings that were received on Christmas and distributed the next day to all those in need. Well, the name of the Christmas gift in the UK echoes the name of the holiday itself. Hence the interesting version of the origin of the name. The fact is that on Christmas night in every family, the child traditionally received a box with a gift. The children went to bed, and the next morning they hurried to the Christmas tree in the hope of finding the treasured contents.

Boxes everywhere

The boxes themselves were not particularly interested in them and were immediately thrown somewhere in the corner. In large families, the next day after Christmas, the house was literally bursting with empty holiday boxes. This is how a funny name could have appeared, which, when interpreted into other languages, looks more harmonious. On this day, all the boxes were to be liquidated. There is a version that people could return the gift they did not like back to the store.

By the way, today Boxing Day, in addition to the grand Christmas sale, promises many modern workers various bonuses and incentives from employers.

Happy birthday greetings withts

How is the day going?

Christmas is already over, behind countless preparations, fuss and waste of nervous energy. On December 26, you can exhale with relief and spend this day enjoying the company of your family. Most often, the British prefer to travel tonature outside the city, they meet with their relatives and friends. Avid shoppers are ready to be on duty in stores half the night, just to be among the first on profitable sales.

Earlier on this day, the English elite liked to hunt foxes. They put on red festive uniforms, mounted horses and surrounded themselves with a whole pack of hunting dogs. Now the hunting of animals is officially prohibited, so gamblers are more and more inclined to visit the races.

Officially, this holiday is held in all countries of the Commonwe alth of Nations. Therefore, in addition to Great Britain, this day is officially celebrated in all its former colonies and dominions: in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and several small island states.

How to make a DIYt for the day

This day in Russia

Russian citizens in the 20th century departed from the tradition of celebrating Christmas in a big way, so our Boxing Day cannot be copied from the British counterpart. Therefore, a group of initiative and entrepreneurial people decided to establish something similar on September 20, 2012. Who knows, maybe this tradition will take root, and soon we will have another legal day off? Everyone can visit the event of the so-called High Gift Fashion and pick up gifts for Children's Day or New Year.

Introduction to high gift fashion

The purpose of the event is to acquaint the mass consumer with the latest in the industry. It's no secret that most people are constantly puzzled over whatgive to your family and friends on the occasion. And so the offerings come down to banal certificates, envelopes with money, cosmetics, household appliances and jewelry. Many people like to give cool birthday gifts, but not everyone knows where to get original ideas.


Even if people don't have enough money to buy a gift from a brand designer, introductory exhibitions can help people borrow some ideas for their own creative inspiration. After all, as you know, for our loved ones, the main thing is often not the gift itself, but attention. Therefore, if you do not know how to make a birthday present for your husband, mother or daughter, be sure to visit the gift party.

congratulations on boxing day

A creative workshop is always open at the event, where everyone can take part in making a unique gift with their own hands. Even a self-signed mug, a t-shirt with a fun self-printed slogan, or a creatively designed umbrella is a good starting point for your personal gift design journey.

Well, you can borrow the entourage and design from the British. Very often we neglect the rule to decorate our offerings beautifully, believing that this is superfluous. Undoubtedly, the bright box will quickly open and immediately move into the corner. However, the very fact of anticipating a miracle at the moment when a loved one or a child opens a beautiful package, his emotions are worth a lot.


You have already come up with originalHappy Birthday? With handmade gifts, your loved ones will remember the holiday for a long time.

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