Where to put a cat: an overview of animal shelters, conditions and terms of detention, reviews
Where to put a cat: an overview of animal shelters, conditions and terms of detention, reviews

Video: Where to put a cat: an overview of animal shelters, conditions and terms of detention, reviews

Video: Where to put a cat: an overview of animal shelters, conditions and terms of detention, reviews
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In this article, we propose to consider options for where to put a cat: forever (there may be different reasons), for a while, or options for an extension for a homeless person. Each of the proposed options will be considered carefully to avoid errors. When you think about where to put a cat, whether it is your animal or a street one, you must understand that she needs to find the best home, where she will not be offended, not left hungry, and certainly not thrown out into the street. First, let's figure out where you can attach a purr, completely deprived of a home.

Keep it for yourself

homeless kittens
homeless kittens

If you haven't passed by a poor, homeless animal, you might be able to keep it. Even if not for good, but only for a while, until the best owner in the world is found for the cat. Perhaps you will love the purr and will no longer wonder where to put a stray cat, washed andpersonally fed. For many, this happens, especially if the child brings the poor fellow from the street, and you think - "only for a while."

If it is not possible to keep the animal for yourself, then we suggest considering other options:

  • animal shelters;
  • paid and free overexposures;
  • announcement in social networks about the search for the owner.

There should be no issues with homeless people. But how do you properly house your cat that has become unwanted?

Give to relatives or friends

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you start to think about where to put the cat if it is not needed. Ask your closest people, and even just acquaintances, if they have a desire to attach your animal to themselves. In most cases, the answer will be negative, but you never know, suddenly there are people who are madly in love with your cat?

If a friend is afraid to take an animal, because he already has a cat, then inform him that it is easier to keep two than one. Cats love company, and they will be much more interesting and fun together. Offer to help buy food, a litter box, a sleeping hut, and toys. But remember that if a comrade has a pet of the opposite sex, then one animal, or both, will need to be sterilized in order to avoid the birth of offspring, which will also need to be attached.

Usually friends and family will know the reason why you want to get rid of an animal. Deciding where to put a cat if a child has an allergy is much easier than attaching an animal that is dirty. And howwhat to do if this is really the problem?

Set up in a private home

outdoor cat house
outdoor cat house

Probably everyone has friends living in a private house. Such people very rarely refuse to adopt destitute animals, only if they themselves are not allergic to wool.

Be honest that you are giving away your pet because he cannot or does not want to learn how to use the litter box, and this smell is simply unacceptable in the apartment. Animals that don't go to the litter box often make ideal pets to keep in a private home, where you can go outside, hunt mice, and just walk.

As in the previous case, it will be easier to attach with a "dowry". Say that you will buy everything you need, you will provide food and all other necessary supplies.

Again, make sure that your pet's future children do not end up outside. Both cats and cats that have free access to walks must be sterilized. Therefore, before thinking about where to put the cat, take care to take it to the veterinarian for a routine operation.

Announcement from social networks and newspapers

temporary shelter for cats
temporary shelter for cats

The newspaper is already the last option, but it should not be abandoned, because there are people who do not use the Internet - the older generation. But it is grandparents who most often want to take a cat into the house, and perhaps they will be ready to take exactly the one that turned out to be unnecessary to you, or the street one that youwant to attach to a warm house.

In social networks, it is easier to track the ad, give comments, answer questions to interested people. Where to put a cat if allergic? Of course, attach through an ad, but it must be honest. Today, every second person has this very “allergy”, due to which they give away the animal. Most often, the real reason lies in the fact that the animal was simply tired, played enough with it, or it began (or did not finish) to mischief at home (walk past the tray, or even beyond its distant limits, carry things, and so on). And so, the new owners will still find out about these pranks, and they may leave not the most pleasant reviews about you in the same social networks. But this is the mildest outcome of the case, because they can simply throw away the animal that you did not dare to leave, and for so long they attached it to new hands!

In the ad, be honest about the reason you are thinking about what to do with the cat. Write: yes, it is dirty, therefore it is attached to people who can teach how to use the tray, or to a private house. If he steals things, then also describe the problem, and future owners will already be ready to put everything valuable in its place, and not leave it on the dressing table, from where the purring thief can snatch it away.


cat with kittens
cat with kittens

Are you completely unable to keep an animal anymore? Is it really about he alth (just everything else can be endured until a permanent home is found)? Then pay attention to the fact that in cities there are many overexposures - these are kind people who are ready to temporarily shelter an animalin your apartments. There are two types of such temporary shelters: free and paid, let's talk about both in more detail.

Free Overexposure

Where can I put a cat that you found on the street and could not pass by? Of course, ask for help from volunteers. These people accept homeless cats and dogs for temporary residence in their own apartments absolutely free of charge. Finding them is easy, they always have a lot of ads on the extension of wards on social networks (with a photo, a description of a terrible fate). How to approach them?

Write that you found an animal, you have no way to leave, since you yourself already have five dogs, two pythons and an owl, or you just have unpleasant consequences from communicating with our smaller brothers in the form of itching, rhinitis and others allergy signs. For the most part, free overexposures help. Even if they themselves do not have places, they will run through the whole city, call all the same animal lovers, but they will find at least a temporary, but still a haven. What will be required of you?

You must understand that you can’t just throw off responsibility on others: you couldn’t leave at home, but you didn’t pass by, but they leave, and will look for a permanent home. You will need elementary help in the form of transporting a cat to the place of overexposure, buying food and the most necessary things - overexposure is free, private, and lives only on its hard-earned money and at the mercy of those who are not indifferent. Then it will be possible to help look for a home: leave comments under the photo of the animal in ads, make reposts, andpost such ads yourself.

Paid overexposure

cat playing with mouse
cat playing with mouse

Where to put a cat if it is not needed? Of course, if your conscience allows, you can send her under the guise of a homeless person for free overexposure, but still it is very shameful, just like you simply throw away an animal and give it to the place that a really needy creature could take. It happens that it is not possible to attach a really homeless cat to free overexposure, what to do in this case? Find a paid one!

Usually paid overexposure is the same as free overexposure: people also accept animals in their apartment while looking for new owners, but with the condition of full maintenance from the one who gives the pet + a small monetary reward for care. From these overexposures, announcements are also made that such and such an animal has been betrayed and abandoned, and is already looking for a new home.

But you can't just trust your (or street) animal and money to complete strangers. It happens that cats are simply seated in cages, they forget not only to feed, but also to pour water! That is why it is recommended to conclude a contract for the provision of services with overexposure, and from time to time visit guests to make sure that the money goes to the maintenance of the cat, and that she does not need anything, is well-groomed and busy.

Paid overexposure keeps the animal until it is paid for, or until a permanent home is found for it. But even such people take animals to survive (these are a number of poor fellows with injuries incompatible with life, disability, old,in general, all those who will definitely not be able to attach), and you will have to pay for the existence until the end of days, but, as a rule, such individuals do not need much, and it is not expensive to maintain them.

"Murzik's House" - a good paid overexposure in Moscow

You need to book in advance. Pet accommodation here is inexpensive - from three hundred rubles a day. But this price does not include food, only accommodation and care. If you need a cat to be fed food from overexposure, then the additional payment will be one hundred rubles per day - only premium food.

When you check into the "Murzik's House" you need to bring food, a tray, toys with you, as the policy of overexposure is as follows: the more things an animal has, the easier it is for him to adapt!

The cat will live in a personal "room" - this enclosure is very spacious, three-level, the animal will be able to move freely in it, and relatives will not pester here.

When you check in, a contract for the provision of services is concluded, accommodation is paid (the animal remains as long as necessary). Overexposure provides video and photo reports for free.

Reviews about "Murzik's House" are the warmest. Everyone who entrusted the animal to this overexposure was satisfied. They write that the conditions are "resort", the cats are helped to adapt by experienced staff. The enclosures are always clean, the animals are fed and well-groomed.

Cat Cafe

Many cities have places like cat cafes where you can spend time with several animals! In the cat cafe, animals are given a lot of attention,they are looked after, fed tasty and competently. But it is very difficult to attach a purr to such an institution, since there are almost never empty places. If you still succeed, then we can assume that the animal is very lucky in life.

How to make your animal accepted in the cat cafe? Get ready! Many carry foundlings in a cat cafe, not knowing that the cat needs to be treated for all parasites and vaccinated. If you bring an animal that is already ready for an addition, the chances of it will increase significantly!

Moscow Cat Cafe

There are several cat cafes in the capital, but the most popular are Cotissimo, Black Cat and Cats and People.

In these cafes, they almost never refuse to shelter a homeless animal, volunteers pick them up on the streets themselves. Next, the animal is vaccinated, sterilized, washed, treated, rid of parasites. In the future, the cat is looking for a permanent home, and the animals do not stay in the cafe for a long time, as the visitors of the establishment choose them for themselves.

The cat cafe accepts even old animals and those with disabilities, but they can refuse an aggressive animal, infectious, and with a color, of which there are already many in the institution.

Reviews of all three cat cafes are good. People write that there is no smell of cats in the establishments, all animals are clean, well-fed, affectionate. The only thing is that you cannot find a kitten here, since animals are accepted from the age of six months.


cat shelter
cat shelter

Many believe that the shelter is the best place for animals that are left withoutoversight or which you simply don't need anymore. A shelter is a good option only if it is really good: with spacious enclosures, competent staff who will feed you on time, play games, and clean the cage, treat you for parasites, vaccinate and send you for sterilization. But usually all such shelters are packed to capacity, and they will not be able to accept a new animal, no matter how much they want.

But bad shelters are bad. They have cramped cages in which cats sit without walks, toys, and sometimes without food, as there are few staff, and they simply do not have time to look after all the pets. Imagine what a nightmare for an animal - sitting around the clock in a cage meter by meter, when before that it was possible, albeit not jumping on sofas, but on trees, along the street - freely! That is why you will think about what is better: to leave the foundling on the street or to hand it over to a bad shelter. The only thing is that in the shelter the cat will not freeze, will not die of hunger or in the teeth of the same hungry street dogs. But the chances of dying from the disease increase significantly.

Shelters, good or bad, always need help! If you decide to send your animal there or what you found on the street, prepare gifts too: food, bedding, toys, trays, and so on. Not a single shelter refuses all possible assistance in cleaning, feeding animals, walking with them.

Overview of good shelters in Moscow

"Forest Shelter", "Gift of Fate", "Tender Beast", "Murkosha" - this is a haven for all homeless cats and those who simplyabandoned by the current owners. Before you bring an animal here, you need to contact the foundation's volunteers and agree on an extension. Nothing is required of you, you can carry a cat in any condition. Here she will be washed, fed, vaccinated, and sterilized upon reaching the age of 8 months.

Further, the animals will be photographed, post ads on social networks about the extension in good hands. As soon as the owner is found for the cat, a contract for the transfer of the animal is concluded with him. The further fate of the cat is not left without observation, volunteers will be asked to provide photo reports.

You can bring an old and sick animal to the shelter, here everyone finds their own warm corner and a bowl of food. All cats that cannot be adopted due to age or illness live out their short cat age in a shelter, in good conditions.

Everything is clear with this, we figured it out. But often there are cries of help on the net, such as "Help, I'm leaving, where to put the cat for a while?". We will deal with this further.

Temporarily settle with friends

cat in a box
cat in a box

If possible, just leave the keys to the house to a loved one who will feed the cat, change the filler in the tray. It will be easier for the cat, because she will stay at home, even if she is alone.

If there are no people who can come to you every day, then maybe there will be those who can temporarily accept an animal? If there are, then bring along with the cat her toys, a tray, her favorite bedding - this way the kitty will quickly adapt to the new environment.

Hotelfor animals

hotel for cats
hotel for cats

Where to put a cat on a vacation or business trip, if none of your friends can help? There are two options to consider:

  1. Paid overexposure. It's cheap, but look only for good reviews, because you won't be able to check the conditions in which the pet is kept.
  2. Hotel for animals. This is more expensive than overexposure, but here they will definitely feed, play, and caress you, you can rest in peace! Reviews of pet hotels are mostly good, so you don't have to worry about your pet.

In both cases, a contract for the provision of services is drawn up. Consider the best hotels.

Overview of hotels for cats in Moscow

  1. "Goldie Cat" - there are only 11 rooms, all "Comfort" and "Lux", accommodation from five hundred rubles a day. Living conditions: spacious enclosures with toys, a tray (food to go). The staff takes care of the cats: games, caresses, cleaning, haircuts and so on. There is video surveillance, a report at any time and for free.
  2. "Booking Cat" - from 300 rubles per day, depending on the comfort of the enclosure (from 1 to 2, 1 meters in height). Video and photo reports at the request of the owner of the animal, haircut, feeding, full care (including games and petting).
  3. "Koshkino" is an even cheaper, but comfortable pet hotel. The price of accommodation is from 250 rubles per day, food is not included, as in previous options. The price includes full care, care, living in a clean enclosure separate from other cats.

Pet policy in all hotels:

  • not accepted cats under 4 months of age, unneutered after 9 months, without vaccination passport, untreated for parasites;
  • you can bring the animal on your own or transfer it from the apartment to the hotel employee (for a fee);
  • cats must only arrive in carriers;
  • rejection of aggressive animals;
  • conclusion of a contract for the provision of services;
  • payment on admission + possible surcharge (contingencies) when the animal is returned home.

Best option

Where to put the cat on vacation? And take it with you! To purchase a ticket, you will need a passport with vaccinations, so put them on as needed. If all vaccinations are carried out, then you won’t have to think about where to put your cat on vacation!

Will need to be carried, but it's a low-cost purchase and will come in handy many more times.


overexposure for cats
overexposure for cats

Never throw away an objectionable animal if it can no longer live with you. Domestic cats have low immunity and will die with the first virus. These animals cannot protect themselves from relatives and dogs, they die under the wheels of cars, from hunger (because they do not know how to get their own food), frost. We have offered many options, and at least one, but it will definitely suit you.