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Women's and men's intimate hairstyles

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Women's and men's intimate hairstyles
Women's and men's intimate hairstyles

There can be no trifles in the sexual life of two partners. Therefore, the issue of intimate hairstyles worries a lot of people. How not to make a mistake with the design of the most piquant part of the body and add a spark to your sex life? Let's try to deal with these issues together.

forms of intimate women's haircuts
forms of intimate women's haircuts

Necessity or luxury?

Hairstyles for intimate areas is a question that can be approached from two different perspectives.

On the one hand, this is a necessary action. After all, all people love aesthetics, and the increased hairiness of individual zones deprives this important component. A neat intimate hairstyle successfully emphasizes the curves of the female body and the severe forms of the male figure.

In addition, there may be a question of hygiene. The bikini area is a place that requires increased care. Abundant body hair interferes with its processing, so the epilation procedure is useful even in terms of a practical approach to personal care.

On the other hand, it is a luxury that many people find unaffordable. And completely in vain.

surprised girl
surprised girl

Think aboutpartner and about yourself

First, decide why you need this procedure?

To feel prettier or to impress your partner? In the latter case, it is important to remember his preferences. There are cases when a man is sexually attracted to the naturalness of the female genitals. Exactly like many women get turned on by the sight of neatly cut hair in the intimate areas of their partner.

It will help you understand the preferences of your soul mate in the matter of women's intimate hairstyles photo of various options. Fortunately, there is no problem finding them in the public domain.

Intimate hairstyle options

Types of haircuts in intimate places can be divided into the following types:

  • Curly. Cut out using a special template. Here, the imagination of people is not limited by anything, you can find a layout of a flower, a hieroglyph, a yin-yang symbol, a heart, and even some inscriptions. To some, this will seem like a terrible bad taste, but there is a customer for any product.
  • Brazilian version. This procedure begins with the removal of hair from the sides of the pubis, and ends with their elimination between the buttocks. The result is a strip of hair. This option became popular when tight swimsuits came into fashion.
  • Islet. A type of intimate haircut when the hair is removed from the side and from above. The result is a small island of hair that will spice up your intimate life.
  • Complete hair removal. Some people like this option. It is acceptable for women and men, as it is the most practical option for pubic care.zone. It is worth noting that the most popular of women's intimate hairstyles is categorically not liked by many men. There is an opinion that only an adult woman can be desired, and such a woman should have at least some pubic hair. Therefore, we return to point 2 and check with the partner about his preferences.

For men

surprised man
surprised man

A very sensitive topic for discussion is men's intimate hairstyle. The strong half of humanity still cannot give up one wrong stereotype. The thing is, a lot of guys equate masculinity with unkemptness.

It's time to abandon medieval stereotypes. In today's world, washing once a week is not enough to look well-groomed.

But it can be difficult to convince the strength of male complexes, despite the fact that an intimate haircut is both practical, simple and beautiful. Although sometimes there is only one hint that abundant hairiness in the intimate area does not have the most positive effect on the perception of the size of the genitals.

In any case, do not insist on your own. If a man wants to keep his natural cover, let him leave it. Depriving your soul mate of self-confidence for the sake of your own desires is far from the best idea, which can lead to rather sad consequences in a relationship.

Main Principle

Hairstyle in an intimate place is a very sensitive issue. Its main principle is not to overdo it.

There are cases when a girl in an attempt to impress her boyfriendgoes to a beauty salon. There she is preparing a real installation of pubic hair, varnish and even rhinestones. A proud lady comes home as her significant other gasps in a fit of laughter.

As a result, the sexy night is cancelled. The girl in tears goes to the bathroom to pick off the rhinestones from her intimate hairstyle, if you can call it that. It's too late to look for the guilty.

men against
men against

This story teaches us the following - questions of sexual transformation require accuracy, and any experiments must be reasonable. Do not rush out of the fire into the frying pan and approach this issue with restraint. This approach will save you from an unexpected reaction from your partner and a ruined evening.


  • Unusual appearance of the genitals is a kind of role-playing game that can give a new fuse in a relationship that has become somewhat routine.
  • Easy to care for and keep yourself clean. The issue of hygiene is the main argument in favor of an intimate haircut for both sexes.
  • You can periodically change the look of your pubis to find the most profitable option.
  • Intimate haircut can hide the lack of size of the male penis or any lack of labia in the lady.


hair in the intimate area
hair in the intimate area
  • If the procedure is for the first time, then there may be difficulties in the form of sudden irritation. This is normal, but annoying. A life hack for our readers - if you apply a moisturizer on a rash, it will go away faster.
  • People who have not previously monitored their pubiczone, the first haircut will backfire with itching in the intimate zone. The hairs begin to grow, and the person experiences a truly ferocious desire to scratch himself. Very inconvenient when you are at work or in the store. Of course, you can get used to everything, but it is not easy to do this. The main thing is willpower.
bikini itch
bikini itch

After the procedure, you can not visit the solarium, sunbathe in the sun and use shower gel, which greatly tightens the skin. You will have to wait about one day, then the skin will recover. So, if one day without a solarium is a problem for you, then an intimate hairstyle is not for you

Don't make a mistake with the tool

There are several ways to make things happen:

  • Epilation wax;
  • razor;
  • trimmer;
  • sugaring;
  • hair removal cream.

Each method has its drawbacks, depending on the individual preferences of the individual. That is why it is important to choose the tools that suit you individually.

Someone is allergic to hair removal cream, someone can't stand the pain of waxing, someone doesn't like the feel of waxing strips. In this case, the easiest way is to buy an inexpensive trimmer and use it for such a delicate procedure.

What are the benefits?

  • No pain - the trimmer simply cuts the hairs.
  • Economical - no need to buy consumables. The trimmer's razor is a reusable item that will last for many years.
  • Somemodels can be used in the shower.
  • As a rule, all trimmers are cordless, which greatly simplifies their use.
  • Guaranteed no irritation in the intimate area.
  • Multifunctionality - the trimmer can be used not only for intimate haircuts, but also for shaving legs, underarms and so on.
  • Allows you to even out the length of your hair with a special comb.
women's intimate haircut
women's intimate haircut

How to do it yourself

It is not necessary to go to a special salon to get an intimate hairstyle, although this will greatly simplify the process.

Let's figure out how to carry out the procedure on our own, quickly and without consequences.

  1. Prepare a warm bath. You can add aromatic oils or he althy herbs to the water. Steaming the skin is one of the most important procedures before hair removal. Everyone forgets about this, but it is steaming that allows you to avoid pain and irritation, and a warm bath will help you relax and saturate the body with beneficial components of essential oils.
  2. Applying a scrub to remove dead skin will do the trick. Then it will be even easier to make an intimate hairstyle.
  3. The ideal hair length for an intimate haircut is no more than 5 millimeters. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to cut the hair with scissors to the desired length.
  4. If using a template, then mark its borders with a trimmer or straight razor.
  5. Remove hair outside the contour in any convenient way. Short hair should be removed withtweezers.
  6. Apply gel or aftershave cream to help avoid irritation.

Intimate hairstyle is a bold move worth doing at least once. Restraints and complexes need to be discarded and as soon as possible, because they only interfere with personal growth and relationships with your partner. More confidence and creative thought, razor in hand and go in search of new experiments!

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