Family responsibilities: the role of men and women in the family, a list of responsibilities

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Family responsibilities: the role of men and women in the family, a list of responsibilities
Family responsibilities: the role of men and women in the family, a list of responsibilities

Video: Family responsibilities: the role of men and women in the family, a list of responsibilities

Video: Family responsibilities: the role of men and women in the family, a list of responsibilities
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If your family life does not look like a happy one, it only means that you either lack knowledge or you are applying it incorrectly. And this topic is especially acute regarding the distribution of male and female responsibilities in the family. Certain rights and obligations are fixed in the Family Code. That is, at the legislative level, and this is already serious. Marriage is based on the observance of certain rules. But maintaining relationships is one thing, but creating a harmonious family is already a complex and lengthy process. These issues have been studied since ancient times.

Let's turn to the ancients

The duties of a wife and husband in the family did not appear from scratch, they were based on knowledge about the nature of relationships. And nowhere without the principles of male and female psychology. It was believed that if all knowledge is properly used in marriage, then a happy family life is guaranteed. The basis of the family is harmony and mutual understanding, but it is impossible to reach these peaks if you do not study your duties and try to follow them as diligently as possible, and not just poke your chosen one or chosen one on what he should. This behavior will only addproblems and increase the number of quarrels and disagreements in family life.


What is the problem?

If you want to change the world, start with yourself. This rule works great in the device of the family. Everything is simple here: if the spouse sees that his wife began to cope with her duties much better, he even at an automatic level, feeling gratitude and involvement in what is happening, begins to correct his mistakes. The same goes for the reverse situation.

The problem here is that nobody wants to start with themselves. And this is logical, because it is much easier to blame the other person for all the problems, just remember that this only aggravates the current situation, but does not help in solving it. You will never improve a relationship if you blame each other for all mortal sins.

The duties of a husband in the family

Let's start building harmonious relationships with men, because the spouse is the head of the family. For women, this section is only suitable as an introduction to diligently study their duties. The same applies to men. In the Russian Federation, family rights and obligations are enshrined even at the legislative level.

duties of a wife
duties of a wife

What can't you do without?

So, what men's duties were considered unchanged from time immemorial:

  • The husband is obliged to provide the family with at least everything necessary, that is, to earn decent money. The work of persons with family responsibilities should be appreciated.
  • Also, a man must provide for each family memberprotection.
  • The spouse is the spiritual leader of the union. He should inspire by his example not only his wife, but also all other family members.
  • According to the Vedas, a man must free his wife from the need to earn money, thereby a woman will have the opportunity to maintain order in the house, always wait with a hot dinner, educate the younger generation.
  • However, the husband should also take an active part in raising children.
  • A man must satisfy the sensual desires of his woman, but within the limits of what is permitted.
  • In addition to his wife and children, a man is obliged to take care of his wife's relatives, providing them with support as needed.
  • The husband must protect his woman from excessive attention of other male representatives and at the same time observe etiquette in communicating with other ladies.

In addition to the above duties, the husband is responsible for the relationship between all members of the family, even if his relationship with his wife ends in divorce.

good relationship
good relationship

Duties of the wife

First of all, it is worth mentioning that a man has no right to reproach his wife for not performing her duties well enough if he does not cope with his own. The same goes for the wife. If she does not cope with her tasks, then she should not blame her husband either. Persons with family responsibilities, and women especially, must strictly follow the established rules.

husband's duties
husband's duties

What should a wife do?

So whatduties fall on women's shoulders?

  • A woman with family responsibilities should run the household, do household chores, cook and clean. Asking for help from your spouse is only worth it if it's hard to do it alone.
  • A wife does not have to provide for her family, but has every right to do the work that brings her pleasure. And no matter how much money you can get for it, the main thing is that it should be an honest income.
  • The wife should take care of the upbringing of the children.
  • And also obliged to do everything so that her husband becomes the same spiritual leader for the whole family.
  • Parents have a sacred duty to give the world worthy offspring. Therefore, a woman must give birth, raise and raise at least one child.
  • A wife should take care not only of her family, but also of relatives, both her own and her husband's. Obliged to help her husband to the best of her ability.
  • The last point is similar to men's duties, namely, the wife must protect her man from excessive attention from the female, and also observe etiquette when communicating with other men.

In general, according to the Vedas, male and female duties are closely related. The same can be said about children's family responsibilities.

how to achieve harmony
how to achieve harmony

Family rights and obligations

Of course, the main responsibility within the family falls on the shoulders of the man. But we must not forget about the joint tasks, performing which, you can achieve that very harmony. These are the followingobligations:

  • By entering into legal marriage, both husband and wife bear exactly the same responsibility not only to their own parents, but also to each other's relatives.
  • Both husband and wife should equally take care of all their children, provide them with a decent existence and educate them. And this rule applies not only to common children, but also to those born in previous marriages of both spouses.
  • A man and a woman should respect each other's religious beliefs.
  • The same applies to children: parents are obliged to give them the freedom to choose their spiritual destiny, in no case put pressure or impose their opinion on this matter.
  • A husband and wife should equally take care of each other's parents both morally and financially. Provide assistance in housekeeping and not interfere with grandparents in matters of raising their grandchildren. Issues of care and assistance also apply to disabled relatives.
  • Both spouses must maintain good relations with others, especially with colleagues and neighbors.

This is an approximate list of duties of a husband and wife, performing which, you can build a he althy and fulfilling family relationship.

family relationships
family relationships

What qualities should a man have?

Fulfilling family responsibilities is one thing, but in order to achieve true harmony in relationships, you need to cultivate a set of certain qualities in yourself:

  • To be a spiritual leader andlead the whole family, you need to know your highest goal, the meaning of life. First of all, we are talking about self-awareness. Otherwise, a man simply will not be able to become the same spiritual leader for his family, will not ensure the harmonious development of relations. But this is one of his main duties. That is why it is in the interests of a woman to choose a worthy life partner.
  • Nowhere without fearlessness and determination. The family should feel behind a man's shoulder, like behind a mountain.
  • Generosity, but not in the usual sense for us. Giving everything to everyone left and right and eventually being left with nothing is at least stupid. Wisdom matters when it comes to generosity.

So, the main duties of a man in the family are based on these qualities.

how to avoid quarrels
how to avoid quarrels

What roles does a woman play?

Despite the fact that a man has a great responsibility for the well-being of the family, the wife must provide all the conditions for this. Here's how it happens:

  • The primary role is that of the wife. This means that the wife should remind her husband of the purpose of life and his responsibilities if he has gone astray. And you don’t need to think about having to “cut” your husband, you need to do it wisely and carefully.
  • The next role in family responsibilities is mistresses. The wife should become better for her chosen one, so that he does not even have thoughts about paying attention to another woman. At home, a woman should look no worse than at work. We all understand that beauty is very important.
  • When a man is angry and not in the best mood, the wife should take the role of the daughter. This role consists in not annoying your chosen one, being calm and not making scandals from scratch.
  • There are moments in life when a man cannot pay enough attention to his chosen one. Here the role of a sister comes into play, which means that the wife must accept any attention from her husband and not claim more. Her task is to temporarily become an understanding sister for her husband.
  • And the last role is the role of mother. In this case, the woman is obliged to take care of her husband if he is sick or overwhelmed by problems. This is where the role of a caring mother comes into play.

If all the described roles are observed by the wife, then harmony should reign in the family.