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What is anorgasmia in men and women? Causes, symptoms and treatment
What is anorgasmia in men and women? Causes, symptoms and treatment

Even the happiest family can have intimacy problems. Not a single person is immune from sexual disorders. Problems in bed can appear suddenly and bring a lot of trouble to a man or woman. One such problem is anorgasmia. Most people have no idea what anorgasmia is, so it's important to understand everything in detail.

What is this?

Anorgasmia is the partial or complete absence of orgasm during intercourse. This happens to both men and women. Sex may be accompanied by pleasant sensations, but the highest peak of pleasure does not occur. In addition, this disease is characterized by a complete lack of arousal before sexual intercourse or even aversion to it.

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How does the disease manifest itself in women?

Anorgasmia in women proceeds differently. Each case is individual and requires a special approach. This disease in women is often confused with frigidity, but this is a mistake.Frigidity is the lack of sexual attraction to a male. Anorgasmia, on the other hand, can be accompanied by attraction and arousal, but without the onset of orgasm. Most often, at the same time, girls lead a full-fledged active intimate life, but they don’t tell their partner about their problem.

There are 3 symptoms of anorgasmia in women:

  1. During sex, the girl gets a pleasant sensation, she is excited, but the long-awaited moment of pleasure does not come.
  2. During intercourse, the girl is cold and indifferent. She is not excited, does not get pleasure, the lubricant is not allocated. This stage is confused with frigidity.
  3. Girl avoids intimacy. Sex can be uncomfortable or disgusting.
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If a woman has noticed a loss of interest in sexual relations, then she should conduct a self-assessment of the situation and consult the appropriate doctor.

How does the disease manifest itself in the stronger sex?

Anorgasmia in men is more difficult to identify than in women. After ejaculation, men experience relief, which they confuse with orgasm. The highest peak of pleasure in the male sex directly depends on the partner they have chosen. The more beautiful and relaxed the girl is, the brighter the man's orgasm will be.

Symptoms of anorgasmia in men:

  1. Dulled senses. Barely noticeable weak orgasm.
  2. No ejaculation after prolonged intercourse.
  3. Aversion to sex with a partner.
  4. Lack or loss of arousal during intercourse. Happens in runningcases of anorgasmia.

The male sex is much less likely to suffer from anorgasmia than the female. However, this disease can take any man by surprise. You should strictly monitor your male he alth in order to determine in time the moment when you need to see a doctor.

Causes of anorgasmia

There are many causes of this disease, so each possible case that causes anorgasmia should be studied in detail.

  • Incompatibility of partners. A girl may get caught by an inexperienced or rude lover who will not be able to bring her to orgasm. Guys, on the other hand, lose interest and desire at the sight of a non-sexual or passive partner. In such cases, only changing the object for intimate relationships helps.
  • Extremely rarely, physiological factors can lead to anorgasmia. These may be features in the structure of the genital organs, congenital or acquired anomalies.
  • Diseases of the genital organs. If a guy or girl does not go to the doctor in time with intimate diseases, then later this can bring a lot of discomfort during sexual intercourse. Girls may not be aroused or experience pain during vaginal penetration. Young people may experience discomfort from arousal or ejaculation. Treatment of anorgasmia in this case should be carried out by a doctor dealing with diseases of the genital organs.
  • Hormonal failures. This factor affects mostly girls. Problems with the thyroid gland or taking birth control very strongly affects the hormonal background of a woman. Mood swings can lead to withdrawal from sex and everything related to it.
  • Psychological problems. Each person is characterized by headaches, overwork at work, lack of sleep, stress, psychological trauma and so on. All these problems can lead to violations in intimate life.
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If a person has no idea what anorgasmia is, but notices one or another of the symptoms listed above, a mandatory visit to the doctor is necessary.

Types of anorgasmia

In our time, doctors know several types of anorgasmia. How to treat them will be discussed in this article.

  • Primary anorgasmia. It manifests itself if a man or woman has never experienced an orgasm. The reasons can be both psychological and physiological factors.
  • Secondary anorgasmia. Most often found in females. It is caused by the fact that a woman enjoys sexual intercourse, but the orgasm itself is very weak or does not occur at all. This type does not require the intervention of doctors, since most often the reason lies in the relationship itself. The girl may be distracted by extraneous thoughts or worries. In this case, couples need to diversify their intimate life. Help change positions or places for sex. This type is also called false or partial anorgasmia.
  • Situational anorgasmia. It happens when a woman is able to get an orgasm only in a certain situation. This may be a certain position, a special place for having sex, or certain conditions for having sexual intercourse. This type is very rare and there is no medical intervention.requires.
  • Coital anorgasmia. It is caused by the fact that it is impossible to get an orgasm from sexual intercourse. The highest peak of pleasure can be obtained only when the sexual organ is stimulated. It could be oral sex or masturbation.
  • Absolute anorgasmia. This is a state where neither sexual intercourse, nor masturbation, nor oral caresses lead to orgasm. In this case, be sure to consult a doctor.

What could be the consequences

If you do not see a doctor in time, anorgasmia can progress, causing difficulties in the intimate sphere of partners. Depression, depression, psychological disorders may appear. All this will lead to quarrels between partners, up to a complete separation. In addition, if an anorgasmic person begins to withdraw into himself, there may be aversion to the opposite sex or to sex itself.

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Lack of emotional discharge in a woman can lead to menstrual irregularities. Due to changes in hormonal levels, problems with the mammary glands may occur. For women, orgasm is very important, it makes them beautiful and radiant.

Why the disease is more common in women than in men

Most women know what anorgasmia is. Men are less familiar with this word. According to statistics, this problem affects 75% of the female population and only 25% of the male. According to its physiology, it is easier for a man to reach the highest peak of pleasure during intercourse. Many ladies have their own psychological characteristics,complexes and prejudices that dull the orgasm or prevent it from happening at all. This explains the so frequent occurrence of anorgasmia in women.

If a man does not have the desire and need for intimate relationships, then he will not be able to prolong his race. Every young man is able to ejaculate even without getting an orgasm. With women, everything is much easier. A girl may not have sexual desire and not get an orgasm, but this will not prevent her from becoming pregnant and having offspring. A woman who wants a child is able to have sex even with anorgasmia.


To start the treatment of anorgasmia, you need to contact a sexologist or a sex therapist. In some cases, you need to contact an andrologist, gynecologist or urologist. Each of them knows what anorgasmia is. These specialists will diagnose your illness and help you solve your problem.

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At the doctor's appointment you will have a series of questions about your intimate life, work, childhood. Based on your responses, your doctor may refer you for the following tests:

  • Gynecological or urological examination. Assign if there is a suspicion of diseases or abnormalities in the development of the genital organs. To make an accurate diagnosis, you will need a consultation with a gynecologist or urologist, an examination of the genital organs and ultrasound.
  • Endocrinological examination. It is prescribed in cases where the patient has a suspicion of a hormonal imbalance. In this case, you will need a consultation with an endocrinologist, an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and a blood test forhormones.
  • Psychological or psychiatric examination. It is prescribed if the patient has signs of depression, aggression, or a violation of the emotional state due to the lack of orgasms. In this case, the man or woman is sent for a consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist, who prescribes a complete examination in their area.

Treatment for women

After diagnosing anorgasmia, the doctor prescribes treatment. Most often, this disease has a psychosomatic nature, therefore, consultations with a psychologist or hypnosis sessions are mainly prescribed. This specialist will teach you how to relax properly, how to get rid of fears and internal complexes. If a girl is worried about frequent anxiety and poor sleep, then she will be prescribed a course of treatment with sedatives.

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In the presence of endocrine pathologies, the endocrinologist prescribes hormonal drugs. Patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are awaiting a medical course of treatment from a gynecologist or venereologist. Pathologies or changes in the genitals in women are observed by the surgeon. If there are visible defects in the labia or vagina, then surgery with plastics may be required. Treatment of anorgasmia in women is prescribed only after a complete examination by a sex therapist. Never initiate therapy on your own!

Treatment for men

Anorgasmia in men does not appear on its own, so the doctor approaches each patient with all seriousness. If the cause is psychological trauma, it is recommendedpsychologist consultations. It will help eliminate all mental anxieties that prevented the appearance of an orgasm. A man may be prescribed antidepressants, tranquilizers, vitamins, hormones, and additional orgasmic stimulants. If a young person suffers from poor sensitivity to sensations, he is prescribed vibration massage, electrical stimulation and hydrotherapy with the additional use of drugs.

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In diseases of the genitourinary system or genital organs, each case is considered by a specific doctor. If a man is concerned about pain during urination or sex, then a full examination by a urologist with subsequent treatment will be needed. For diseases such as prostate adenoma, prostatitis, male menopause or infertility, males should contact an andrologist. If anorgasmia is caused by anomalies of the genital organs, there are defects or scars, then only plastic surgery will help with subsequent consultations with a psychologist.

Exercise for anorgasmia in women

To strengthen the vaginal muscles, the following exercises will help:

  1. It is necessary to bend over so that an angle of 90 degrees is formed. In this position, grab the back of a chair. Breathe evenly and slowly. When you inhale, the muscles of the vagina need to be strained, and when you exhale, relax. This exercise is done for 3-5 minutes in 3 sets per day.
  2. Every day before going to bed, lying in bed, you must try to cause heat in the lower abdomen and in the genitals. Next, you need to tighten all the muscles from the knees to the waist so thatthe walls of the vagina could touch. Done 10-15 times before bedtime.

Prevention and advice from doctors

Sexopathologists advise not to keep secrets from your sexual partners. If there are problems in bed, you need to solve them together. Rest, change of position or environment will help the relationship. If a person works at hard work, then he should allocate time for rest. Walk outdoors and keep a sleep schedule. Excessive smoking and drinking should be avoided.

In order for the sex life to always please and bring pleasure, you need to monitor your physical condition. For any problems and deviations, you should immediately consult a doctor. In no case should you ignore intimate problems. What is anorgasmia and how to avoid it, both men and women should know.

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