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Busyboard: parent reviews, description with photo, impact on the child and his development

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Busyboard: parent reviews, description with photo, impact on the child and his development
Busyboard: parent reviews, description with photo, impact on the child and his development

Raising a child is not an easy task. Children require special attention from adults. At the same time, they cannot be left for a minute, because it is not clear what the baby will do and whether he will harm himself. An excellent solution for moms and dads would be to buy a development board. Feedback from many parents on the forums suggests that this invention is an indispensable thing in the home development of a beloved child.

What is a business board?

A business board is a board (module, stand) on which there are many objects and elements that a child usually cannot touch. These can be zippers, locks, electric switches, buttons, buttons, hooks, handsets, etc.

business board reviews who used
business board reviews who used

Elements of different textures and directions are placed on the board. Something that can be touched, clicked, toggled, buttoned, twisted, pressed, etc. For the safety of the child, all this must be fixed in the most reliable way.way. You can buy such a development board in a children's store or order it online. Judging by the numerous reviews of parents about bodyboards, the second method attracts them more. Here, parents themselves determine what parts, toys and educational elements will be present on the module. You can also make a smart board with your own hands.

Usually playing with a business board takes kids for a long time. This is due to the fact that the child is very curious by nature. The learning game captivates the child, and he learns in an accessible form how to turn on and off appliances, fasten hooks, zippers, etc.

A bit of history

development board
development board

The "smart" board is a prime example of Maria Montessori's technique. This female teacher was the first to draw attention to the fact that education in kindergartens and schools is standard and often does not take into account the individual characteristics of students. She proposed a different, flexible approach to the education and upbringing of children. It is based on the creation of optimal conditions for teaching a child by creating a reference developmental environment. Knowledge in the head of kids gets due to natural curiosity. This is how the development board appeared. In the reviews, moms and dads thank the creators of the educational and educational toy. Playing with a "smart" board, the kid himself understands the principle of operation of many objects. And this becomes a reason for joy and pride in oneself.

Over the years, the invention has been improved. Modern "smart" boards are full of a variety of elements and designs. Now they have even becomemore useful and more interesting than those with which it all began.

The benefits of development boards

Why are development boards becoming more and more popular, and why are there more and more laudatory reviews about a business board on the Internet? Everything is quite simple. "Smart" board implements many developmental and educational tasks. First of all, the following positive points should be highlighted:

bodyboard how to use
bodyboard how to use
  • Due to the fact that all objects and elements involve palpation and manipulation, fine motor skills of the child's hands develop.
  • Getting new impressions stimulates the work of the brain, the processes of assimilation, systematization and memorization of the information received are launched. With simple exercises, logical thinking begins to develop.
  • In the process of simple constructions, the child begins to understand the principle of operation of more complex ones, therefore, logic develops.
  • Baby explores and discovers the world through safe play. In reviews of the business board, adults note this fact. If the baby is too active and tries to plug the plug into the socket all the time or plays around with the switch, then the development board is a must.


In today's market, there are many varieties of "smart" invention. Now you can choose a separate design for a bodyboard for boys and girls. For the smallest "smart" modules are presented in the form of soft bodyboards on the fabric. Older children can already buy boards. They come in different shapes and sizes. Can be made in the form of a machine,mirrors of a stylist, a circle, an animal, etc. Standard development boards are presented in the form of a rectangular board. The number of items and developmental elements also varies depending on the age and preferences of the child. Manufacturers are experimenting and coming up with new variations of "smart" boards. Recently, the business board house has been popular. Reviews of these models indicate that they are in great demand in educational institutions and families. Each side of the house and the roof panel are separate mini-busy boards.

bodyboard varieties
bodyboard varieties

Filling the business board

There are universally recognized, standard components for developing boards. Sometimes the flight of imagination of manufacturers or parents goes beyond these limits and the panels are filled with unique and interesting details. If you analyze the reviews about the business board, you can highlight the elements that are very successful:

  • Small details (beads, buttons, hooks).
  • Locks of various types (latches, latches, chains, bolts, bolts).
  • Switch-switches.
  • Simple lighting fixtures (light bulbs, flashlights).
  • Plastic or wooden abacus.
  • Zippers.
  • Watch faces, dialing circles from old phones, bicycle bells, horns, furniture wheels, handsets.

Also for kids, various insert frames, mosaic elements, puzzles are often attached to the business board.

Selection rules

There are several rules forchoose a development board. They are:

bodyboard for girls
bodyboard for girls
  • All parts must be firmly fixed.
  • If the board is painted, then the paint must be of high quality, odorless, not flake off.
  • The business board should be smooth and not have sharp corners.
  • The complexity of the toy should be age appropriate.

Psychological experts recommend purchasing a development board for a child from the age of two. Gradually, it can be supplemented with more complex elements. The bodyboard has no age restrictions. Teachers say that after the age of four, the child himself will refuse to study with the development board, as he will no longer be interested in it.


Most of the reviews (who used the business board) are positive and even enthusiastic. And this is not surprising. After all, the development board has many advantages. Usually parents point out that even the most restless kids are interested in the toy. Most parents say that this is an affordable and "long-lasting" toy. She develops, educates and educates. Negative reviews are found, but they are most often aimed at the quality of the purchased business boards. This is especially true for boards made of plastic or models with loose parts.

Children have no greater joy than to play with objects and details that they are forbidden to use. "Smart" board makes it possible to conditionally remove the bans. The child develops and learns during the game. This is confirmed by numerous positivereviews about the business board.

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