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Astrakhan - what is it? Astrakhan skins: photo, price
Astrakhan - what is it? Astrakhan skins: photo, price

The word karakul is commonly understood as the fur of a young lamb of the karakul breed. But few people know where the origins of this concept come from. Like everything on earth, this fur has its own history, which originated a long time ago.

Scribble - what is it?

Karakul translated from the Tajik language means "dark lake". It actually exists and is located in the north of the Pamirs. This is the largest lake in Tajikistan. It is from there that the breed of sheep of the same name takes its name.

karakul what is it
karakul what is it

Astrakhan fur is the wool of a young lamb that should not be more than three days old. With each subsequent day, animal hair coarsens and is no longer suitable for such products.

How is astrakhan fur different from other types?

Fur of this kind is very silky and thick. Its color is varied, but black is considered the most common. It has a unique pattern of curls of wool. The gray astrakhan is distinguished by color transitions and a straighter coat. Brown fur is less common, and white astrakhan fur is considered the most scarce, the price of which is several tens of thousands of dollars. Distinguishseveral basic types of astrakhan fur.

South African karakul

This fur is recognized as the most expensive of all types. His homeland is Namibia. Products obtained from it are very light. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a unique flat curl curl. Due to such a unique texture, it is very difficult to find such a rare fur. Karakul from Africa costs much more and is extremely difficult to find in a regular outerwear store.

Afghan karakul - what is it?

Afghan skins are large and shiny. Products from this type of astrakhan fur always look like a single canvas, since the seams are completely invisible. Afghan fur shines differently than any other, a black fur coat looks especially beautiful in the sun.

Uzbek Karakul

Is the cheapest of the above types. This type of natural fur is widely used for making winter outerwear such as fur coats, short fur coats, vests and coats.

Astrakhan products

When choosing a fur coat, you can not ignore products made of astrakhan fur. This coat is durable and long lasting. It also has excellent thermal protection due to the density of the fur. The structure of the astrakhan fur is very thin, which makes it easier to sew the product. There is a huge number of styles and forms of various kinds of outer fur clothing. A fur coat made of astrakhan slims its mistress and gives her a unique unique style.

Pros of astrakhan coats

It is impossible to find two completely identical fur products in color and relief. All becausethat the curl pattern of each lamb's wool is akin to the uniqueness of an individual's fingerprint.

astrakhan fur coat
astrakhan fur coat

Astrakhan fur coat is perfect for countries with a cold climate. Despite the fact that the products look very elegant and elegant, they perfectly warm even in the most severe frosts. Among other things, thanks to the latest technologies in the processing of natural fur, today it is possible to enjoy wearing warm, elegant and light astrakhan fur coats. This type of processing makes it possible to obtain very thin products, which makes it possible to use the obtained material for the manufacture of other products, such as skirts and jackets.

In addition, astrakhan coats allow the human body to breathe and relieve excessive sweating. These products are water repellent. This quality has become especially important in the conditions of modern winters, which are replete with wet snowfalls and rain. Karakul does not make a woman fat at all, but on the contrary, they emphasize the dignity of her figure.

Astrakhan fur coat care

To maintain the condition of the fur coat and its shine, the following rules should be followed:

  • Astrakhan fur coat must not be combed. The combing process destroys the fiber structure of the natural pile.
  • Dry the product only on coat hangers at room temperature.
  • Do not spray perfume on the fur coat.
  • It is not recommended to wear a handbag on the shoulder.
  • Store a fur coat only in a case that lets air through.

How to take care of an astrakhan coat?

Before buying such a product, you should clarify for yourself the answer to the question: “Astrakhan fur - what is it?”, Because each material has its own characteristics. As mentioned above, this type of fur is a fairly versatile material, and not only fur coats are made from it, but also other products.

To preserve the original appearance of the astrakhan coat, the product requires some care:

  • Astrakhan coat is very difficult to clean. If it is dirty, take the product to dry cleaning.
  • Do not wash or clean the item yourself.
  • Dry your coat at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.
  • It is strictly forbidden to iron the astrakhan coat.
  • Do not store this item of clothing in airtight cases.
doodle photo
doodle photo

Today, karakul coats are of particular relevance, pushing even mink out of the fashionable Olympus. To wear such a “work of art” means to follow current fashion trends and have impeccable taste. These products can also be trimmed with other types of fur. Such coats are very different from astrakhan fur coats. They have a more strict and elegant style, both patch pockets and pockets with flaps, frills and straps.

Fashion Trends

The growing popularity of astrakhan coats is due to the fashion trend for vintage and the return of fashion to Russian style. Plus, the practical qualities and presentable appearance of the product will not leave the mostsophisticated fashionistas are indifferent. Astrakhan coats are able to warm even in severe frosts. They have conquered the fashion world with their beauty and grace.

astrakhan coat
astrakhan coat

These products perfectly retain the heat of the human body. They are suitable for almost all age groups. Increasingly, modern fashionistas are beginning to ask the question "Karakul - what is it?" and, having appreciated its many advantages, they gladly acquire fur coats from this fur. Modern products have a wide range.

Like astrakhan fur coats, coats have a water-repellent surface and are perfectly adapted to changes in air temperature.

Faux fur is just as good

Along with natural astrakhan fur, there is, as an alternative, its non-natural analogue, which is gaining more and more popularity in the modern market.

artificial scrawl
artificial scrawl

Artificial karakul is unable to cause allergies, it is more cost-effective and cheaper than natural. The manufacture of various products from this material is less expensive, and the production technology is much simpler. Also, the popularity of faux fur is dictated by ethical considerations. This is due to the growing influence of the "green" society. In addition, this type of artificial raw material, thanks to the latest processing methods, is very similar to real astrakhan fur. The photo, if you look, will not make it possible to find the differences, and, most likely, only a real furrier will be able to distinguish the analogue from the original.

Features of making faux fur

Fur is made using special machines and machines for knitwear. The composition of the artificial material includes a base (or soil) and a pile glued to the base.

This type of raw material is considered to be glued overhead. In the manufacturing process, pile (chenille) is glued to a cotton base (ground). The so-called fur for artificial astrakhan fur is made of twisted cotton threads. For a closer resemblance to natural raw materials, chenille is rolled at a certain temperature using special machines.

doodle price
doodle price

Then the pile is laid in a special way and fixed to the base on one side with polyisobutyl-based glue. The end result is a great analog doodle. What is it and all the distinctive features can always be checked with the seller in the store.

Where did faux fur come from?

Artificial karakul appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. Its main colors are traditional black, brown and gray. There are several types of such fur:

  • For clothes.
  • For collars.
  • For linings.

This type of material has a curled wool structure. It has a number of advantages over natural astrakhan. Artificial products can be washed, but only at a certain water temperature (not higher than 45 degrees).

This fur is made in rolls 50 cm wide. Its application is quite wide. Hats, fur coats, coats are made from it. In the Soviet Union, hats made from this type of fur were especially popular. This material is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and practicality. There is a kind of artificial astrakhan called astrakhan, which is lighter in weight.

fur astrakhan
fur astrakhan

For a long time, astrakhan fur, both artificial and natural, has been used by man for the production of various kinds of products. For many centuries, people have honed their skills in processing this fur. Starting from the extraction of the skin of astrakhan to the creation and finishing of its artificial analogue, he went a long and difficult path, reaching perfection in this matter. Fur has become an integral part of fashion trends. More and more fashion shows are using doodle elements in clothes.

In closing

If you are still not sure if you need karakul in your wardrobe, the photos presented in this article (and in various fashion magazines) will help you make the right choice. Elegant products will not only emphasize your beauty, but also warm you in winter. Of course, as always, beauty requires sacrifice, and not only financial. Following the rules of proper care for astrakhan fur, you can show off in a new fur coat for many years. Even if the cost of such a fashionable novelty bites (from 30 thousand rubles for a short fur coat and more, a faux fur product will cost much less), but what can be compared with the feeling of one’s own beauty and grace?!

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