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Catarrhal angina in children. Catarrhal angina: treatment with antibiotics, reviews
Catarrhal angina in children. Catarrhal angina: treatment with antibiotics, reviews
catarrhal angina in children
catarrhal angina in children

Many modern parents are often faced with such a disease of children as catarrhal angina (a photo of the throat with this disease can be seen in various medical literature), and do not know what it is and how to treat it. Unpleasant symptoms may appear in the cold season. A particular exacerbation of the disease is observed in autumn and winter, when the immunity of children is reduced compared to the summer period, when many vitamins are consumed and there are favorable conditions for active leisure at any time of the day.

Catarrhal angina in children occurs against the background of viral infections, as well as due to hypothermia. This form of manifestation is not too dangerous and characterizes only the initial stages of inflammatory processes, which can turn into more serious forms if treatment is not taken in time.

Catarrhal angina and its causes

catarrhal angina in children treatment
catarrhal angina in children treatment

The main causative agents of the disease are pathogenic bacteria, viral microbes, staphylococci andstreptococci. Inflammatory processes of the larynx can be the result of caries, sinusitis, otitis media, adenoids, and even overwork and violation of the regime. Therefore, before you start taking any measures, you should visit a doctor and find out the cause of the sore throat.

Medical indicators of the presence of the disease are dry mouth in the absence of a runny nose, enlarged tonsils and a bright color of the larynx. Inflammatory processes of the trachea may be accompanied by high fever and swollen lymph nodes. It is worth noting that catarrhal angina in children, the treatment of which is almost always based on taking antibiotics, is much more difficult than in adults.

How does a sore throat in children

Features of the course of catarrhal angina in babies and adults differ significantly, so many mothers and fathers cannot recognize the insidious disease in time, aggravating the situation.

The main preventive measures against angina are frequent walks in the fresh air, hardening to increase immunity, and physical fitness of the body.

catarrhal angina photo throat
catarrhal angina photo throat

A child can catch microbes and get sick in a kindergarten or in a public place due to their spread by airborne droplets.

Catarrhal angina in children is the first signal to take the most stringent preventive measures to increase immunity immediately after recovery. It is impossible not to respond to inflammatory processes in the larynx, as they can result in the development of arthritis, kidney disease andcardiovascular system.

You can notice the development of catarrhal angina in a child by the presence of a mucous film on the tongue, which is easily removed from it, as well as by a bright red larynx.

During the development of signs of sore throat, the baby needs strict bed rest, frequent and plentiful warm sweet drinks, as well as treatment of the larynx with anti-inflammatory sprays intended only for children - the attending physician should prescribe them after examining the patient.

Komarovsky about angina

rinse with angina
rinse with angina

The well-known kind doctor Komarovsky characterizes catarrhal angina as a sudden and acute disease. A viral illness can be transmitted from the carrier by airborne droplets. A weakened body is an excellent environment for the development of streptococci, especially when the baby has not yet recovered from another cold.

Komarovsky orients all parents in the direction of a mild course of the disease through the correct measures to provide first aid to the patient. If parents negligently treat such a diagnosis as a sore throat, Komarovsky says that they may subsequently have the result of the development of many complications in the child's body - diseases of the kidneys, heart, joints and a number of other ailments.

Catarrhal angina treatment

So, how to treat catarrhal angina? The main provisions of getting rid of it are mandatory bed rest and plenty of warm drink. The more fluid the patient consumes, the faster the healing process will begin. During the course of anginain the absence of temperature and the emerging appetite of the child, it must be fed in small portions and preferably pureed food so as not to create pain in the larynx. If this condition is not taken into account, the child may refuse to eat at all due to fear of a cutting pain in the throat.

Drugs to take for sore throat

how to treat catarrhal angina
how to treat catarrhal angina

During the initial timely detected stage of the development of the disease, the inflammatory process can be stopped with the help of the combined medicines "Biseptol", "Septrin", "Bactrim", "Streptocid". If the child has an elevated body temperature, treatment should be started by lowering it by taking "Paracetamol", "Ibuprofen", "Nurofen" or "Aspirin", and then continue the treatment procedures with medications "Loratadin", "Suprastin", " Diazolin", "Tavegil".

It should be remembered that medicines should be prescribed by the attending physician who examined the child and made a diagnosis.

To support the baby's immunity, you can independently give him a fortified complex available at home, without fail containing vitamin C.

When to call a doctor

Many parents, unaware that the child has caught a sore throat, cannot take the necessary measures when it begins to present unpleasant surprises related to the baby's he alth. So, in order not to aggravate the situation with the developmentinflammatory processes, it is necessary to call a doctor at home in the following cases and with such symptoms:

  • pain in the child's larynx does not go away for several days;
  • baby refuses to drink and eat;
  • unable to bring down elevated body temperature;
  • the walls of the throat were covered with white and yellow spots, resembling sloughing mucus;
  • the child's voice became rough and hissing;
  • It is difficult for the patient to swallow food and breathe.

After recovery, you should not immediately send the baby to a kindergarten or school, since catarrhal tonsillitis in children, the treatment of which is not very fast, significantly impairs immunity. A weakened body can catch the disease again. During the recovery period, great attention should be paid to sleep and outdoor walks, as well as nutrition rich in he althy and light dietary products.

Should I take antibiotics for this disease

catarrhal angina treatment antibiotics
catarrhal angina treatment antibiotics

If a child has catarrhal angina, treatment (antibiotics) should be prescribed by a doctor. But for children of small and preschool age, antibiotics are undesirable. The decision on their appointment is made by the doctor after a test to determine the causative agent of inflammatory processes in the larynx.

Catarrhal tonsillitis in children is often accompanied by pain, which can be relieved by Hexoral, Faringo-spray, Oracept sprays.

From inflammation will help get rid of and rinsing with decoctions,prepared on the basis of oak bark, chamomile and sage. The processes of treating the tonsils with a solution of iodinol can also alleviate the patient's condition.

When a sore throat develops, a child should not be given hot food and drink, as well as applying warm compresses to the throat, which will only cause blood flow and increase inflammation, causing a complication of the disease.

Excellent helpers in overcoming catarrhal angina are raspberry jam and linden homemade tea with honey in small proportions.

angina Komarovsky
angina Komarovsky

Rinse with sore throat, and what solutions can be prepared

The following solutions are shown:

  • manganese - a glass of faint pink water;
  • alkaline-s alt - 250 ml of water dissolves a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of s alt;
  • marine - a teaspoon of sea s alt dissolves in one glass of water;
  • hydrogen - one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide dissolves in one glass of water;
  • herbal - tincture of mint, chamomile, sage, thyme and linden.

An indispensable remedy in the treatment of angina is radish infused with honey and propolis.

In conclusion - about possible complications

Catarrhal tonsillitis in children is an insidious disease that can result in dire consequences if treatment is not prescribed on time. These can be frequent repeated outbreaks of the development of inflammatory processes of the larynx at the slightest hypothermia, chronic tonsillitis, rheumatism, and disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

If something like this happens tobody of a child after a disease, you should immediately contact the clinic for tests and an ECG, and in no case should you be vaccinated and Mantoux, laid down according to the accepted vaccination schedule for children.

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