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What should be the island for turtles?

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What should be the island for turtles?
What should be the island for turtles?

Despite the fact that turtles are considered to be animals that spend most of their time in the water, some species simply need to go to land for sunbathing and oxygen bathing. It is for such purposes that a small piece of land is installed in an aquaterrarium, above which an incandescent lamp in the form of an artificial sun is placed. The island is an indispensable element, because turtles breathe atmospheric air and need constant heating.

Main parameters of the island

As you know, not being able to get out on land, the turtle can simply drown. Therefore, the absence of an island for red-eared turtles is an unforgivable mistake. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the main parameters:

Island for turtles
Island for turtles
  • The size of the island should be 3-4 times the parameters of the reptile. If there are two turtles, the land, respectively, will be 2 times larger.
  • The land area must be positioned in such a way that the pet can climb onto it without obstacles. It is desirable to hold a gentle ladder to its surface.
  • A turtle island should have a rough surface to help you get out of the water with ease.
  • The site should be located above the water level so that it does not get wet.
  • It is desirable to install the island below the edge of the aquarium by 20 cm so that the turtle cannot climb out of it.
  • Be sure to create an artificial sun by installing an ultraviolet lamp. As you know, water does not transmit ultraviolet rays, which are necessary for turtles to grow and produce vital substances. The temperature on land should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Installed land must be made of non-toxic materials.

What materials can I make my own turtle island from?

The island is the most important element of an aquarium for reptiles. Therefore, its quality should be given special attention.

You can make a piece of land for turtles from large stones, which will be the natural basis for the island. Stones must be securely fixed in such a way that some of them rise above the surface of the water. Among the high-quality materials, wood, glass and pebble-pasted tiles also stand out.

Islands for red-eared turtles
Islands for red-eared turtles

Another ideal option is to make landfall with driftwood. From above, you can fix a small platform from the plank. To prevent rotting and water pollution, the structure should be carefully treated with special means. It should be noted that a turtle island can also bepurchase from pet stores if you can't make your own.


So, to make an island for turtles out of glass, you need:

Do-it-yourself turtle island
Do-it-yourself turtle island
  • prepare suitable parts for the future site and ladder;
  • the edges of the glass parts must be carefully processed so that the turtle does not cut;
  • paste the glass with a rough material using a special safe aquarium glue;
  • fix the island against the walls of the aquarium.

After completing all the steps, it is necessary to ventilate the aquarium for 3 days. Then you can fill it with water and launch the turtle.


Before you build an island for turtles yourself, you should use only large stones, taking into account the following features:

Make a turtle island
Make a turtle island
  • processed stones must be purchased from a pet store;
  • each single stone must be larger than 2 turtle heads;
  • stones should be cleaned to remove sharp corners;

The island must be tightly fixed so that the reptile does not violate its stability during movement and does not injure itself.


An island for turtles made of wood will look no less impressive. Snag can be taken as the main material. It is advisable not to use simple branches, because they can swell from moisture and bend.

To build an island out of driftwood, consider the followingfeatures:

  • the wooden island will need to be updated periodically as it wears out;
  • the snag must be of the appropriate size so that it is easy for the turtle to climb it and sit comfortably;
  • material should be thoroughly cleaned before being put into the aquarium.
DIY islands for red-eared sliders
DIY islands for red-eared sliders

Cleaning the wooden base involves the following steps:

  • Snag should be thoroughly washed in warm water;
  • it is advisable to boil the tree in saline for one hour.
  • put the island in running fresh water for 5-7 days.

As you can see, building a turtle island requires a little effort and patience as you work. Most importantly, the construction of the necessary element of the aquarium requires a responsible approach.

Bridge to the terrarium

Reptile owners have often come across the fact that in stores they offer to purchase a special bridge for a pet. The element is made of natural materials, and the structure itself is attached to the walls of the terrarium using conventional suction cups. The bridge is a typical place for a turtle, where it can not only rest, but also move along it.

To create the most comfortable conditions, you can try to make islands for red-eared turtles with your own hands, or build a whole house for a reptile. Given the reptiles' desire to be alone, this would be a great place to hide.

So, be it an islandor a whole house, of course, a similar element must be present in an aquarium where turtles live. You can make your own patch for your pet or purchase it from a pet store. However, you should always remember that this little creature needs warmth, care and attention.

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