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Script for "Autumn Festival" for kindergarten

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Script for "Autumn Festival" for kindergarten
Script for "Autumn Festival" for kindergarten

In preschool institutions with the advent of new seasons, matinees are organized. All the kids are excited about the holiday, go to rehearsals and get roles that are of great importance to them. Therefore, the preparation for the "Autumn Festival" should be thought out to the smallest detail. To do this, you need to come up with a script.

Ideas for organizing an autumn holiday
Ideas for organizing an autumn holiday

How to properly distribute roles for a matinee?

Educators, teachers of music and dance know perfectly well which of the kids are good for what. Therefore, the roles at the “Autumn Festival” matinee should be distributed, starting from the nature and activity of the kids of the preschool institution. Boys and girls with leadership qualities should be given leading roles, while calm, modest kids are more suitable for secondary roles to gain self-confidence.

Autumn Festival Scenario

For the little ones, a simple, without heavy poems and songs, matinee is suitable. In kindergarten, the “Autumn Festival” can be arranged according to the following scenario.

Leading (a child from the older group or a teacher, in an autumn costume):

– Todaythe holiday is very glorious, guys, autumn has come to us.

She brought many gifts of nature with her.

Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, For son and daughter, And also the outfit of nature, We are ready to admire him.

In honor of the beautiful autumn, Kids tried not in vain.

Poems for the autumn holiday in the garden
Poems for the autumn holiday in the garden

Boys and girls run out and perform the Wind dance to beautiful melodic music. Then three boys and three girls in costumes of leaves remain on the stage and recite poems:

1st boy: Autumn is beautiful, Drops leaves, The carpet covers our feet.

2nd boy: Apples and pears, Autumn gave, So that we are always he althy.

3rd boy: Pears, apples picked, Everything was hidden in the closet, Under the sofa the pumpkin is ruddy, Autumn is beautiful, long-awaited.

1st girl: The apples are ripe on the trees, Under the feet of the multi-colored carpet, And now we meet with a smile, September, October and November cherished.

2nd girl: Rain fell from the sky, The birds have flown away, So, autumn has come to us, I brought gifts with me.

3rd girl: A basket of mushrooms is on the doorstep, And the sky is pouring rain from above, So, autumn has come to us, Apples, pears, ruddy pumpkins brought.

Presenter: Autumn is full of beautiful gifts, Pavors the eyes of the round dance leaves.

Fruits, vegetables andnature, Changable weather.

Grateful to all autumn very much, Because she will treat you to something delicious, And she especially pleases those who were obedient.

The presenter distributes an apple from the basket to all the kids. The whole group takes the stage, and the children dance a pair dance to a song about autumn.

Presenter: It's time to accept the gifts of nature, We are already prepared for the gifts.

And now it's time to harvest, To make it hot even in the cold.

You can go to the park, admire the leaves, Raise your head to the sky, see off migratory birds.

Music plays, and all the participants go to the curtain. Such an autumn holiday for preschoolers will appeal to parents and will not be difficult for kids. It is worth taking into account this version of the matinee.

Short poems for the holiday "Golden Autumn"

No matinee is complete without rhyming lines that the kids learn and then tell. For the "Autumn Festival" in the garden, such rhymes are suitable:

Golden autumn, dancing leaves, Inspires poets, Gives artists a lot of new subjects.

Autumn Festival in Kindergarten
Autumn Festival in Kindergarten

If it rains from the sky, Leaves dance, This means that the autumn-beauty is coming to us.

Migratory birds take off into the sky, The wind throws leaves from the trees, The umbrella at this time is our best friend.

Yellow, red, green all around.

Autumn beauty inguests came, Brought many wonderful days.

Beautiful time to visit us came, Leaves dance, The weather and nature are changing.

Golden autumn came to us for the holiday, Brought ruddy apples with me.

It's not for nothing that this time was called "gold", Leaves turn yellow and dance.

Rosy apples flaunt on the table, People admiring the scenery from the window.

Colorful autumn leaves are swirling, They lay a beautiful carpet under our feet.

The foliage turned yellow, Nature has changed, The weather is different this season.

Round dances of leaves are circling everywhere, The pears have already ripened in the dachas and gardens.

Such verses on the “Autumn Festival” are easy to remember and every boy or girl will be able to tell rhymes with expression. The smallest ones just remember short rhymes and tell them at the matinee. With rhyming lines, “Autumn Festival” in kindergarten will be fun and in one breath.

Detailed verses for the little ones

For the leader or children from the older groups of the kindergarten, you can take into account long poems for the Golden Autumn holiday. For example, they might be:

This time inspires poets, Muse gives to those who write couplets.

Envelops in the creativity of painting artists, Changes the style of shop windows.

The leaves are dancing above us.

Umbrellas, rubberboots are always in this period with us.

Clouds often pour tears from the sky, Migratory birds fly away on a long journey.

Apples and pears are always on the table, Kids jumping in the mountains of leaves.

A beautiful autumn has come to visit, Joy, brought beauty to everyone.

Autumn holiday script
Autumn holiday script

This season is called "golden"

And for good reason, because nature is changing.

Like an artist without a brush, Autumn colors the leaves on the trees.

Colorful carpet under our feet, Children go to school, bring bouquets.

Round dances lead leaves overhead and underfoot, Various goodies autumn gives us.

Great time for artists, poets, After all, autumn inspires this.

Such poems will help to start or end the “Autumn Festival”. The main thing is that at the holiday the kids get a charge of emotions and be in a great mood.

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