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Kindergarten graduation scene. Graduation script in kindergarten
Kindergarten graduation scene. Graduation script in kindergarten

Do you need poems or a funny scene for graduation in kindergarten? You've come to the right place! Our article reveals all the secrets of the holiday.

In the life of every kid there comes a moment of parting with kindergarten. This is an amazing date. On the one hand - joyful: the child has grown up, ready to study at school, and on the other hand - sad: the period of preschool childhood, the joyful time of games, is ending. The graduation ball in kindergarten will demonstrate to parents and caregivers of grown children. Smart and happy boys and girls will show off their talents for the last time within the walls of a preschool institution.

Children's graduation is serious business

Preparation for this event starts early. Parents prepare outfits, knock down in search of gifts and holiday attributes, teachers learn poems, dances, songs. If there is a desire and opportunity, you can turn to professionals for help. Specialized agencies are ready to offera wide range of services. Photographers can offer to create graduation albums for kindergartens. Operators will film your celebration or fragments of classes, putting everything on a disk, which will be a good gift. The holiday agency can help organize memorable bright special effects (for example, launching balloons into the sky), and also take care of decorating the kindergarten.

graduation scene in kindergarten

To make the day memorable

A good memory of the time spent in kindergarten, of course, should remain with children leaving school, so teachers and parents should take care and create graduation albums. Professionals offer their services for kindergartens, but you can prepare such memorable gifts yourself. To do this, it is worth picking up memorable moments in kindergarten, captured in the photo, investing the best creative work of the children, preparing wishes and parting words. Presented in a solemn atmosphere, they are sure to please the children. It would be nice if in such an album it would be possible to trace the growth of children from the moment they came to the garden to graduation. Children are always touched by their photographs, wondering how small they once were.

What to give children?

It is better to give something that will be useful to them in their studies. It can be various school supplies: pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, albums, paints. Such a gift will set you in a learning mood, help your child survive the moments of waiting for a meeting with the school. You can give children books, better children's encyclopedias, which they can also usewhile studying at school.

graduation scene from parents

How to congratulate kindergarten?

Of course, a prom in a kindergarten is primarily a holiday for future first-graders, but we must not forget the kindergarten workers who have worked for so many years, raising children, putting their soul into them. In gratitude for this care, parents usually prepare a graduation gift for the kindergarten. This may be something that will be useful to teachers in their future work - a bright manual, a game or a toy, household appliances, elements for decorating the interior. A graduation scene from parents or poetic congratulations can be a good addition to a gift.

Kindergarten graduation celebrates, We have a wonderful holiday, Today he escorts childrenTo the walls of the school and to the first grade.

We want to thank you, For the hard creative work, Our children have grown up - a miracle!New children will come to you, You will love them like ours, And teach them everything.

And your cup of patience, It will sink to the bottom again.

So many years have been with us, The hour of separation has come now.

And, of course, you need to tell us:"We will always remember you!"

prom in kindergarten

What children dream of

Kindergarten graduation scene.

  1. The years will fly by quickly, kindergarten is over, Then we will finish school, life will become fun.

    Today we will dream, Choose a job for ourselves.

  2. I love to read for a long time, Everything onlight to learn, Here I will go to college, I will become a doctor of science!

  3. And I want to become a model, I will delight everyone with my walk, Look, I have become a beauty!

    I will shoot for a magazine.

    small circle gait model.)

  4. And I will fly into the sky, I want to become a flight attendant, I will try very hard, Smile to passengers.

  5. I will go into show business, I will sing songs, And then they will recognize me everywhere, I will sing unusually from the stage!

    Your autograph in the children I will certainly send a garden

  6. I want to become an artist so that I can perform on stage, And also act in films, smile at you from the screen.

    But I'm drowning in doubts!

    Do you think I can ?

  7. Well, I would be glad to

    Become a kindergarten teacher, I know how much effort was spent

    Our teachers are with us.

    Grow up a little more

    And I will come to kindergarten again.

  8. And I want to be president!

    Any solemn moment, I will speak, Lead a great country!

  9. Dreams change friends

    But you can't forget them!

    Of course it was a joke So smile for a minute!

children's graduation

What to read for graduation in kindergarten?

Poems will help create a festive atmosphere, convey the feelings and emotions of parents, children and teachers, set everyone in a good lyrical mood. They can be heard from the lips of the heroes of the occasion - graduates, on behalf of educators and parents. We offer several poetic sketches that canenter the matinee scenario.

Graduation kindergarten meets.

This day has been awaited for so many years.

How many holidays happen here, But today is an important moment.

How many years have we spent with you, Days flew by after days.

Children came to us as babies, Soon they will go to school.

And today we see them off, Many difficulties await on the way, And along the school wide roadLet them go easily.

A poem about my favorite kindergarten

Child reading:

Alyoshka asked me:

"Where have you been all week?"

- I was in the Antoshka kindergartenI went to the older group.

You know how interesting it is, You can learn a lot

And run and jump, And dive in the pool.

There are a lot of things in the classroom

You can learn new things, Draw, sculpt and glue, Sing and dance songs, There are cocktails with oxygen

Children love to drink very much

I could tell him about kindergartenFor a long time to talk.

And Alyoshka said to me:"Listen, you got it cool!"

funny prom scenes

Poems for children at graduation in kindergarten

Boys read quatrains:

Our dear teachers, Dear girl friends!

We have to leave the kindergarten, And it's time to leave us toys.

I'll screw the cap on the gas tank, I'll leaf through a fairy tale book.

And I'll put all the cubes in a box, I'll finally hug the bear.

Well, I'll wipe away a miserly tear, They say men shouldn't cry.

But how can I keep such aSadon the heart of this slush?

We are men, this is not enough!

We will never let you down!

And although now it suddenly became sad, Don't be afraid, we won't cry!

Goodbye, our garden, goodbye!

We will remember you!

Girls read:

And we were once babies, And we even cried at times, Begged to hurry back to mom, When they left us here.

But there were fun tasks, We learned to sculpt and draw, And in the music roomWe tried to sing and dance.

And they played a lot of fun in the group, We have a lot of different toys.

And we always walked in the yard together, We had countless fun games.

And now where will all this go?

Who will save my Katya's doll?

So that she is always dressed, And who will comb her hair the way she suits?

What if they break our dishes?

What if they leave the bunny in the rain?

Maybe it's time for tears, Let's girls roar!

Wait! Don't cry, girls!

Today you can be a little sad

And let's tell the teachers as a reward, That we will never forget them!

We will laugh and have fun, After all, we will go to first grade in the fall, And we will study well at school, And we won’t let the kindergarten down.

Secrets of the script for children's graduation

The holiday is often held in the form of a concert, in which congratulations, songs, dances, and musical scenes alternate. To graduation partyguests are sure to come - fairy-tale characters loved by children. For example, the brownie Kuzya, who has been watching children for so many years and will now tell all their secrets, or the cheerful Carlson, who will easily tame the housekeeper Freken Bock, who decided to teach children how to prepare for school.

You can make a holiday by describing a day in your life in kindergarten.

The form of travel is also suitable, the last trip on the boat of childhood or the departure from the kindergarten platform of a first-class school express will look touching. The role of the captain or driver in this case will go to the teacher.

The scenario of the holiday can be built based on a fairy tale loved by children. In any case, a holiday is not only a parting, it is also a meeting with your favorite fairy-tale characters, songs, dances, funny scenes. At graduation, it is customary to remember the funny incidents that occurred in the group. It's great if they can be staged. Roles can be played by both adults and children.

Farewell to kindergarten - time to spin in a w altz

One of the ways to convey the mood, to express yourself in movement is dancing in kindergarten. Graduation, of course, is also not complete without them. These could be:

  • Farewell dance with toys.
  • Alumni W altz.
  • Farewell tango.
  • Dance of fives and twos.
  • Other themed dances.

The language of movement can sometimes express more than words. Grown-up preschoolers moving gracefully to beautiful music - a picture for parental admiration. The script should include both pair and groupdancing so that children can express their emotions, express their mood, show guests what they have learned.

prom music scenes

Let the kids come to congratulate

You can invite children of the younger group to the holiday. Graduates will remember how small they were, and kids will see what they will become in a few years. Of course, you should not expect any parting words from the younger group, but they may well sing a song or dance, ending their performance with a small parting word or such words, for example:

We want to congratulate you You are going to first grade!

Congratulations from parents

A group of active parents can prepare a creative gift for garden workers. This may be the presentation of certificates, commemorative awards in various categories or a thank you song. Perhaps the kindergarten graduation scene we offer will do. Parents come out to the music and stand up as a group. Another parent comes out to meet them. A dialogue is started. One parent is a skeptic, the rest take turns dispelling his doubts about kindergarten.

- Good afternoon!

- (sadly) What a good, normal day it is! I wonder why you smile like that?

- Because we are the happiest people on the planet!

- How did that happen, may I ask?

- Very simply, we are happy to have the best kids in the whole world!

- I also have wonderful children. Two. A boy and… another boy. Why are you sure that your children are the best?

- Yesbecause our children go to the most amazing kindergarten in the world "…"(name of the kindergarten)!

- And I'm just looking for a kindergarten for my children! What makes your garden amazing?

- Our garden is interesting!

- Fun!

- Good!

- Cozy!

- Wow! Is it true?

- The real truth! Kindergarten "___" has the most experienced teachers.

- The most friendly nannies.

- The best music directors.

- The most athletic leaders of physical education.

- The most caring doctors.

- The most responsible employees.

- And the most creative administration is in charge of everything.

- And I want to arrange children in your garden, I'm going to write an application. Thanks for the advice! (Quickly leaves.)

- Well, we didn’t have time to tell so much about the kindergarten!

- But we will have time to express our gratitude to the kindergarten workers.


graduation in kindergarten poems

And youth is gone…

Kindergarten graduation scene.

A boy and a girl come out.

Boy: Well, finally! That's great!

Girl: What are you happy about? Is it because you are leaving kindergarten?

Boy: Yes! Now you won't have to go to bed during the day!

Girl: But it will be necessary to study, count, write, read.

Boy: So what? And now you don’t have to eat porridge!

Girl: But you have to sit in class!

Boy: Can you imagine, we will come home after dinner, and notin the evening!

Girl: Let's get home - there is no mother, we will have to do everything and eat, and sit down for lessons.

Boy: But you can play with friends, run around the yard, play football.

Girl: But lessons must be learned! To not get a deuce.


Together: Yes… that's it! Our youth is gone!

And parents have a holiday too

Behind the congratulations of graduates and garden workers, it is important not to forget about those without whose participation this holiday would not have taken place - about parents! After all, it was they who raised the kids and brought them to the garden, it was they who, together with the boys and girls, were experiencing a touching moment of parting, it was they who continued to walk along the road of life with them, learn lessons together, collect a portfolio and learn the multiplication table. The kindergarten administration and educators can prepare letters of thanks to parents who have taken an active part in the life of the group and the preschool. Children can read touching poems dedicated to their parents.

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