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Create puff pillows with your own hands

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Create puff pillows with your own hands
Create puff pillows with your own hands

Video: Create puff pillows with your own hands

Video: Create puff pillows with your own hands
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The fashion of the past periodically returns, spontaneously bursting into modern life, and it fits into the environment very harmoniously. This applies not only to dresses, jewelry and other accessories, the retro style is also reflected in the interior, decor items and needlework. Puff pillows are the most eloquent confirmation of the above.

Buf - what is it?

cushion puffs
cushion puffs

The word "bouffe" has French roots and comes from bouffer. If we talk about fabrics, then this name has two meanings: “pull up” and “puff up”. Puffs are a type of decoration in the form of lush assemblies and folds. They are performed with the help of lines, which are then formed into three-dimensional assemblies. Similar trim often adorns the sleeves, belts or hems of dresses. Bedspreads, curtains, pelmets and cushions with puffs are very common.

Almost any fabric can be used as a material. But you should take into account the fact that the selected pattern of the pattern will look completely different if it is performed from different types of fabrics.

The peak of popularity of this decoration, when puffed pillows and outfits decorated with voluminous folds became widespread, fell on the 18th century. Then the ladies preferred to wear unusualdresses and intricate elaborate hairstyles. But even today, fashion designers use this type of finish in their collections, giving things splendor by creating voluminous folds.

Make puff pillows with your own hands

To create such beauty yourself, it is not necessary to be known as a top-class needlewoman. It is enough just to study the intricacies of this finish, prepare the necessary materials and be patient.

puff pillow heart
puff pillow heart

To work, you will need the following tools:

  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • fabric marker or chalk;
  • paper for creating a template (whatman paper or thin cardboard);
  • cutting knife or tailor's scissors;
  • pins;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine (but many prefer to do without).

Cushion puffs cannot be created without the right material, so prepare:

  • fabric of any type, but without a pattern (the presence of geometric shapes or stripes on the material is allowed);
  • synthetic winterizer for filling;
  • decorative elements.

When calculating the amount of material, it should be taken into account that puffs require shrinkage of the canvas. The material will need about two or even two and a half times more than the area that is planned to be decorated with trim.

Puffs-pillows. Fundamentals of Creation Technology

sofa cushions with puffs
sofa cushions with puffs

First you need to make a template, for this you need to draw a sheet into squares. Then draw diagonals incheckerboard pattern, changing their direction in each new row. After that, the template can be transferred to the wrong side of the fabric. Next, begin to sew the fabric according to the scheme. The threads must be pulled tight enough, but so that the resulting folds “stand” and can be moved.

Once one side of the pillow is ready, you can move on to the second. As a result, both halves must be folded with the right side to each other and sewn, leaving one edge free. Then you should turn the product inside out, stuff it with padding polyester or other material and sew the last edge.

Having mastered the technology on a rectangular or square pillow, you can move on to more complex forms. You can create various products using puffs: a heart pillow, a flower, and more.

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