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How to create a gothic doll with your own hands?

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How to create a gothic doll with your own hands?
How to create a gothic doll with your own hands?

More and more people are decorating their homes with strange and frightening gothic dolls. They give the room a special style, charm and sophistication. What kind of creature is this, how to make it with your own hands and what kind of character does a person who loves these creepy dolls have?

Short description

Gothic doll completely repeats the appearance of a person. Notable features include pale skin, burning black, bright red or completely bleached hair, incredibly expressive eyes, huge eyelashes and dark clothes - the entire wardrobe of the dolls is presented in dark colors.

gothic dolls

She never has a smile on her face, she looks sad and unhappy. Often, tears are drawn on the cheeks of dolls.

For someone, an infernal toy can cause fear, disgust and hostility. But to many, she seems incredibly attractive. You can buy an original doll in any toy store, but it is much more interesting to create such a figure with your own hands.

What you need for this

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In order to make a gothic doll with your own hands, you will need the following:

  • main material, which is perfect for plasticine, clay or dense material;
  • strong wire;
  • black and white fabric;
  • stickers with imitation eyes, eyelashes;
  • paint;
  • scissors.

Once all the material is prepared, you can get to work.

The process of creating a doll

do-it-yourself gothic dolls

The process of creating a doll can be divided into several main stages:

  1. From the main material you need to make the main parts of the body of the doll: torso, legs, head and arms. From the fabric, you can easily create several separate lumps. Plasticine or clay will make more regular shapes.
  2. With the help of wire, you can combine all the components and create a dense frame. Additionally, it can be sealed by wrapping each part of the body with dense threads.
  3. On the face, you need to highlight the cheeks, make dimples for the eyes and ears, a protrusion for the nose. The head and hands should be painted white or the necessary parts of the body should be sheathed with a white cloth.
  4. It remains to take care of the beauty's wardrobe. Put on a ready-made or self-sewn black dress on the beauty. On the legs - boots with lacing or elegant shoes. Accessorize your gothic look with skull brooches, large beads, lace gloves, a wide belt, and more.
  5. It remains to take paint and finish the missing components: expressive eyebrows, blood-red lips, cheeky manicure, etc. It is recommended to use stickers for the eyes. If desired, you can make a dollfalse eyelashes. The hair of a gothic doll can be made from a satin ribbon: take a small piece of material and gently fluff it. Fasten the finished curls on your head.

The doll is ready! Decorate your home with creepy beauty.

Gothic textile dolls are the most widespread, as they can change the shape of the body, bend arms and legs.

What can you say about a person who is fond of gothic dolls?

gothic textile dolls

Every mother tries to buy her child those toys that arouse his interest. But what to do if a boy or girl shows a clear sympathy for gothic dolls, a photo of these characters appears in the child everywhere: on a social network, on a computer desktop, and even on the covers of notebooks? Psychologists say that people who are interested in such products have the following character traits:

  • they don't want to be like others, they definitely need to stand out from the crowd;
  • dark tones mean frequent manifestations of depression, melancholy and loneliness;
  • the child lacks attention and communication with loved ones;
  • a person has an extraordinary approach to everything around him, he will do unpredictable things in his life.

Experts say that such children need to be given increased attention, as they have a tendency to suicidal thoughts.

It is worth noting that adults like gothic dolls. Many decorate their home with gloomy sculptures, paintings anddolls. Quite often the interior looks dreary and gloomy. You can meet quite a number of adults who wear outrageous clothes, dye their hair black and make strange dolls that look like themselves.

Gothic doll is not just a part of the interior of the room or a favorite toy. It can be used to create a psychological portrait of a person and tell a lot about the hidden corners of the soul…

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