Lavender wedding - how old? What to give for a lavender wedding?

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Lavender wedding - how old? What to give for a lavender wedding?
Lavender wedding - how old? What to give for a lavender wedding?

Video: Lavender wedding - how old? What to give for a lavender wedding?

Video: Lavender wedding - how old? What to give for a lavender wedding?
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The lavender plant has an ancient history. According to legend, this flower was presented to Adam and Eve during the expulsion from paradise. He was supposed to soften the sorrows and troubles that awaited the first people in the new life.

Lavender was used in ancient Egypt for mummification and religious ceremonies. It is believed that this plant drives out evil spirits from the room in which lovers are.

Roman matrons took a bath with lavender. The fragrant aroma refreshed and gave strength after a busy day. In Bulgaria, lavender flowers are used to eliminate migraines, palpitations.

Lavender wedding is a celebration of two loving people. This anniversary is not without reason called a delicate fragrant plant. Its flowers have long been the emblem of purity, fidelity, love.

Lavender wedding symbol

This wedding anniversary's romantic name comes from the delicate lavender plant. It can be found on the slopes of the southern mountains, and the fragrant aroma of the flower is preserved even when dried.

Lavender wedding… How many years have the couple lived together? Why does the wedding anniversary have such a name? The couple celebrates 46 years of marriage. This is not an anniversary date, so the celebrationconducted quite modestly.

lavender wedding
lavender wedding

The lavender flower is a symbol of the wedding anniversary. It represents the longevity of the relationship of spouses who have come a long way together. The steep slopes of disagreements and conflicts were left behind. And ahead is a mountain height covered with fragrant flowers.

Lavender wedding is celebrated on the 46th anniversary of marriage. The couple is no longer young, so it may be difficult to hold an event. Relatives or acquaintances should help the spouses meet this date with dignity.

Psychology of relationships for the 46th anniversary

Lavender flower has long been associated with tenderness, tranquility. Therefore, relationships in a couple provide for wisdom and patience. The couple, who lived together for 46 years, left behind tears, squabbles, jealousy. They reached a new level of love and mutual respect.

Partners no longer idealize each other, they have forgiven previous insults and omissions. They don't try to look better than they really are. Learned to accept the weaknesses and strengths of others. Together, year after year, they overcame family and social difficulties. Were able to develop a sensitive attitude and attention to the needs of a partner.

At this stage of the relationship, there is no heat of passion. The couple has already realized that support and reliability are much more important for spiritual intimacy. Dignity and quiet joy reign in their hearts.

Anniversary celebration

Lavender wedding is a holiday for elderly spouses. You can limit yourself to family gatherings. Or have a picnic in the park area. Spouses on this daycan get tired of the hassle and the guests. Therefore, you can organize leisure for two - book a table in a cozy cafe, buy tickets to the theater or cinema, arrange a romantic evening on the boat.

lavender wedding decoration
lavender wedding decoration

The best option for an event can be a banquet hall in a restaurant. Visitors to the institution will not disturb the guests of the holiday. And the heroes of the occasion will not have to cook countless dishes and clean the apartment after the holiday.

Lavender Wedding Decoration

Anniversary decor doesn't have to be the classic lavender color. This cool shade pairs beautifully with pinks, blues, creams, golds, silvers, greys, whites.

You can hang Chinese lanterns and ribbons to the ceiling (in the window opening, arch). From the chandeliers, lower the origami figures on the fishing line. A wedding in lavender color is decorated with flowing lilac-colored fabrics, white and pink organza, and compositions from plant twigs. Garlands, balloons will add a festive mood.

wedding in lavender
wedding in lavender

You can decorate the festive table with a bouquet of lavender or wild flowers (chamomile, clover, bluebell), put scented candles. Tablecloths, napkins should also be designed in the appropriate colors.

Vases for bouquets can be transparent or made of purple glass. The decor for the anniversary will not be lush and luxurious. Lavender will give sophistication, accuracy. She, with expressive accents, will create an atmosphere of comfort andconfidence.

White bows and bunches of lavender can be prepared to decorate chairs. Tie purple, green, orange ribbons on the glasses. Even candlesticks can be wrapped with lavender sprigs, lace braid.

Lavender wedding invitations

Invitations for guests can also be issued in soft pastel colors. For a bright accent, use painted or live lavender branches. An invitation card is best made from thick paper - it will be convenient to decorate it.

The text itself can be designed in a printing workshop. You can also hand-write invitations. Sequins and small beads are also interesting decoration elements. They can be attached with glue in the corner of the invitation or put a monogram after the text.

wedding in lavender style
wedding in lavender style

Lace glued to paper will add elegance. They can frame the words of the invitation or attach along the postcard. On the front side, you can add a photo of the spouses. Fantasy and creativity will help create original invitation cards for guests.

What to give for an anniversary?

A lavender-style wedding also includes appropriate gifts. The most popular present is an aromatic oil (candle, perfume) with the smell of lavender.

You can prepare a panel of plant flowers and photos of the heroes of the occasion. An aromatic pillow (or sachet) of herbs will fill the home of the spouses with a pleasant soothing aroma.

lavender wedding how old
lavender wedding how old

Jewelry (earrings, rings,cufflinks) with lilac, purple stones will remind you of a lavender wedding.

For the anniversary, you can pick up any present. According to tradition, on this holiday, the heroes of the occasion receive gifts for the house. It is important to wrap it in pink-lilac wrapping paper (or put it in a box decorated with bunches of a plant).

Spouses gifts to each other

Lavender wedding is a great occasion to give a gift to your soul mate. The choice of a present depends on the personal preferences of the husband, wife. But it may also be a necessary item that the spouses have long dreamed of.

lavender wedding invitations
lavender wedding invitations

A lavender bouquet, a picture of a lavender field, a bedspread or bed linen with plant elements are the most popular anniversary gifts. Spouses can present each other household items or decorative elements - a vase, a tea set, a tablecloth with napkins, a blanket, small pillows.

A husband can give his wife a blue handbag, an elegant stole, purple pearl beads or an amethyst brooch. And she - to present a purple shirt, a knitted sweater, a bathrobe or a tie as a present.

46 wedding anniversary is an important event in the life of spouses. Such a couple is worthy of respect and pride. The elderly couple, having gone through a difficult life, learned to appreciate every year spent together.