Wahl - hair clipper. Specifications and reviews

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Wahl - hair clipper. Specifications and reviews
Wahl - hair clipper. Specifications and reviews

Video: Wahl - hair clipper. Specifications and reviews

Video: Wahl - hair clipper. Specifications and reviews
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The quality of a haircut depends not only on the skills of the master, but also on the tools used. Good professional devices and accessories for hairdressers are produced by Wahl. The clipper of this manufacturer is used by the best hairdressers from all over the world.

Features of Wahl machines

The German company "Val" specializes in the production of tools used in the beauty industry. In the 1920s, Leo Wahl conducted an experiment with a vibratory electromagnetic motor, which resulted in the world's first electric hair clipper. The invention instantly gained popularity and became a symbol of men's hairstyles.

Leo Wahl patented the machine and organized the mass production of this device. Numerous attempts to improve the device have led to the creation of new hairdressing tools. Today, under the Wahl brand, a wide range of machines and accessories for hair correction is produced.

wahl clipper
wahl clipper

Wahl is a clipper with great features. She isallows you to perform adult and children's haircuts of any complexity.

The advantage of Val devices is ease of use. The machines of this brand are suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners who do not have experience with such devices.

Wahl brand produces two types of machines: mains and battery. The latter operate on a battery developed by the manufacturer, which ensures uninterrupted and long-term operation of the device. Grid models are completely dependent on the electrical grid.

The Wahl hair clipper is characterized by high performance. All parts are made of wear-resistant durable materials.

wahl hair clipper
wahl hair clipper

Technical parameters

Professional Wahl clippers have the following features:

  1. The width of the cutting part of the knife is 40 mm.
  2. The cutting height is 0.4-3.5mm.
  3. Protection against motor overheating.
  4. Patented electric motor with a vibration frequency of 6 thousand vibrations per minute.
  5. Light weight - 600g without packaging.
  6. Cord length - 4 or 2.4 m.
  7. Knife block made of alloy steel

Depending on the model, the kit may include:

  • knife protective cover;
  • set of plastic or metal nozzles 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm;
  • brush for cleaning nozzles;
  • regular or barber comb;
  • knife protection oil.

Each model is accompanied by instructions with operating rules andcare instructions for Wahl appliances.

The clipper has a warranty period of 12 months. The duration of operation of the device depends on the observance of the rules for the care of the knife block.

clipper reviews
clipper reviews

Magic Clip Car

Special attention deserves the innovative model Magic Clip. The machine comes with a set of 8 nozzles ranging in size from 1.5 to 25 mm, allowing you to make smooth transitions. The cutting height is 0.8-2.5mm.

The Wahl Magic Clip hair clipper is designed specifically for haircuts in the fading style - reducing hair to nothing. Ideal for this popular barber technique.

This model allows you to perform any men's haircut and even adjust the beard and mustache. The body of the machine has a comfortable shape and a smooth surface, making the device easy to hold in your hand.

The machine is powered by the mains, which allows you to use it throughout the day. Powerful vibration motor makes little noise.

The model uses a chrome-plated knife block. The high level of grinding of the cutting elements ensures a perfect cut of the hairs.

professional wahl clippers
professional wahl clippers


According to customers, Wahl is the clipper with the best performance. Many hairdressers have been using the products of this brand for years and are satisfied with its quality. According to the masters, Wahl machines make it easy to perform any haircut. Customers especially likequality and quantity of nozzles.

Even non-professionals have praised Wahl products. The clipper, reviews of which are extremely positive, is convenient and easy to use. The design of the device allows you to quickly install the necessary nozzle without additional effort and waste of time.

The advantages of the machines were attributed by the buyers to the long cord, durable housing and long service life. Wahl cars rarely break down.