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Wedding in emerald color: decoration of the hall, images of the bride and groom

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Wedding in emerald color: decoration of the hall, images of the bride and groom
Wedding in emerald color: decoration of the hall, images of the bride and groom

The wedding celebration is the most exciting event in the life of young people and girls. Today it has become fashionable to make themed and “colored” holidays. Especially popular is the wedding in emerald color. No wonder, because it is a bright and at the same time delicate shade, which, with the right design, will decorate any celebration.

wedding in emerald color
wedding in emerald color

Meaning of emerald color

"Emerald" literally means "radiance". And in fact, this stone is distinguished by an unusual pure radiance and brilliance. In psychology, it is believed that the emerald color, like green, gives peace of mind, positive emotions, stability and well-being.

During the time of the Indians, one of the tribes had a huge emerald, which they worshipped. According to legend, this stone brought good luck, protected the village from troubles and raids. The emerald was worshiped and brought gifts from other stones. He was considered the true king among the jewels.

So if you want to live a long familylife without adversity, then a wedding in emerald color is the best option. The main thing is to think over all the details, because this shade does not tolerate mistakes, and the wrong combination with other colors can ruin everything.

emerald color wedding decoration
emerald color wedding decoration

Hall decoration

No matter how unusual an emerald wedding is, the design must be carefully thought out and selected. Every detail is important: from the outfits of the newlyweds and bridesmaids to invitations and menus. What you should pay special attention to when decorating the hall is the combination of colors. Each of these shades will favorably emphasize the we alth and exquisite taste of the heroes of the occasion:

  • noble gold;
  • white;
  • dark blue;
  • silver;
  • orange or yellow;
  • mint;
  • dark chocolate.

For example, you can use two additional colors: gold and white to decorate the hall and the table. White tablecloths with emerald napkins and bows on the canopy of the chairs perfectly complement the golden ribbons and cutlery. If desired, you can pick up glasses, vases and plates of a green tint.

The hall is better to choose neutral colors, white or milky walls without a pattern are ideal. You can complement the design with emerald drapery of walls and windows, the main thing is not to overdo it. Emerald lighting and accessories, like waiter butterflies and guest cards, also look beautiful.

The crown of any wedding is a delicious and beautiful cake. Ask the pastry chef to create a masterpiece for you with green icing. He willlook very harmonious on the table and surprise guests with an unusual design.

emerald wedding dress
emerald wedding dress

Young outfits

A wedding in emerald color is not only a harmonious decoration of the hall, but also a competent choice of dresses and accessories for the young. There are several options that work equally well.

  1. You can match the emerald wedding dress and the groom's white suit. In this case, it is worth doing less green in the design of the hall, so as not to be too smart. You don't want to look like an elf in a green forest at your own wedding, do you?
  2. Make emerald a great addition to a classic white dress and tuxedo. To do this, you can use green ribbons in the bride's hair, the groom's tie or bow tie, emerald shoes, small accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. Don't forget a pillow for rings. Let her also be an emerald hue.
emerald shoes
emerald shoes

Special attention should be paid to the bride's bouquet. It should be modest in contrast to luxurious outfits and decoration. A small white bouquet of small roses, orchids or anemones looks very harmonious. If the celebration falls in spring or summer, you can use lilies of the valley, peonies, dahlias or even alstroemeria for the bride's bouquet. Don't forget the groom's boutonniere. It should be combined with a bouquet, most often the boutonniere is made from the same flower that is used for the bride.

Guest outfits

Be sure to let your guests know what you are planningdecoration in emerald tones. Let them choose the appropriate outfits. An important condition must be at least one accessory of a green tint. Then your wedding photos will look truly luxurious and royal.

For bridesmaids, it is better to order the same dresses in the Hollywood style. This will come in handy if you are planning a thematic photo shoot. The main thing is to take into account all the features of the girls' figures and choose a style that will look good on each of them. For men, you can suggest using a green tie.

emerald wedding invitations
emerald wedding invitations


Wedding invitations in emerald color should also match the general mood. You can make them yourself or print them in a printing house. If you want to stand out, order invitations from hand-made masters. They will make stunning cards on green paper or embellish them with gold-embossed emerald ribbons. In general, as you wish and what is enough imagination and skills.

Photo shoot

Increasingly, instead of ordinary pictures, young people choose thematic photo shoots. No wonder, because wedding photos will be a memory for the rest of your life. Here are some ideas for such shoots:

  • For an outdoor photo shoot, you can choose a fabulous theme, such as the famous book about the Wizard of Oz. True, you will have to work out the image of the bride properly, pick up accessories, surroundings and find the appropriate landscape. But how many emotions!
  • Knights and princesses are also greatfit into an emerald wedding. However, this option requires much more preparation, because not everywhere you can find at least a semblance of an old castle and a huge garden. But there will be no problems with renting horses and a carriage.

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