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Who can be witnesses at the wedding? Witnesses at the wedding, boyfriend and boyfriend: duties and signs

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Who can be witnesses at the wedding? Witnesses at the wedding, boyfriend and boyfriend: duties and signs
Who can be witnesses at the wedding? Witnesses at the wedding, boyfriend and boyfriend: duties and signs

Weddings meet different people. Who could it be? Witnesses at the wedding, relatives and friends. A wedding is a wonderful event. He has a variety of signs and generally accepted customs. Witnesses play an important role in this feast. Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance who exactly is capable of holding this post. What should witnesses do? Who can get this position? Understanding this is not as difficult as it seems!

who can be the witnesses at the wedding
who can be the witnesses at the wedding


There are many important people at our celebration today. Who could it be? Witnesses at the wedding! The thing is that the role of these people used to be extremely important. Witnesses confirmed the fact of the mutual consent of the couple in love to marry. It was necessary to nominate one person from the groom's side and one from the bride's side.

Now the witnesses are the most ordinary observers. In the modern world, their significance is not so important. But when the registry office is signed, these people put their signatures in a special book. So they confirm the marriage of the bride and groom. Witnessesfar from the most important people for marriage. But the tradition of their choice is still preserved. With these persons, the wedding usually takes place according to all the rules and traditions.

Bride side

From the side of the bride and groom should be for an important person. Who could it be? Witnesses at the wedding! It has already been said that it is necessary to choose 1 person from each side - both from the bride and the groom. At the same time, it is important to remember: a girl comes forward from her side, a man from his side.

painting in the registry office
painting in the registry office

The future wife should choose one girl among her acquaintances who will be constantly there. This is a friend. At the wedding, she plays the role of a witness. At the table, she is seated closest to the bride.

Witnesses are, one might say, the best friends of the hero of the occasion. And they play a really important role. Especially if you hold a wedding with a ransom and kidnapping of the bride. But more on that later. To begin with, remember that there can be no more than one witness at one celebration. This is an important rule. But the bridesmaids (ordinary guests) can be as many as you like.

From the groom's side

The groom's witness also plays an important role. As you might guess, this is a person who is the best friend of the hero of the occasion. The one whom the groom trusts. In the same way as on the part of the bride, only one witness is nominated for the future husband. It is appointed in advance. This is currently being done at the invitation stage.

friend at the wedding
friend at the wedding

Witness is an important person. Some compare this person to the "right hand"groom at the wedding. He will have to help the future husband in ongoing competitions and ransom. We can say that the friend is the keeper of the groom. And the friend at the wedding is the keeper of the bride. Previously, their presence was considered extremely important. Now, as already mentioned, this is not a mandatory item for a marriage.

Who can be

From the side of the bride and groom, 1 person is chosen for the wedding. I wonder who it could be? Witnesses at a wedding used to be chosen seriously. I had to follow a lot of rules. It is already clear that one best friend should be chosen from the bride's side, and one best friend from the groom's side. They will be the witnesses.

Earlier it was believed that only single people can be boyfriend and girlfriend. Those who have not yet married at all. And it was considered a good omen if the witness and the witness began a relationship, they liked each other. This allegedly served as a symbol of a strong marriage of friends.

Now, too, mostly unmarried / unmarried people are chosen as witnesses and witnesses. Just by tradition. Due to some superstitions, it is not too common for divorced people to be delegated the powers of boyfriend and boyfriend.

But in today's world there are no restrictions on this. Painting in the registry office can take place without witnesses at all. This is an optional item of a modern celebration. And if you decide to keep this tradition, then you have every right to appoint someone you just want to see next to you all day. Remember, this should be someone close to you. But, again, from the side of the bride - a girl,from the groom - a guy. It can be just acquaintances, best friends, brothers and sisters. The main thing is that people are close to you.

bride and witness
bride and witness

Duties of a Witness

The bride and the witness are two bridesmaids. As we found out, the boyfriend plays an important role if you keep all the traditions of the wedding. She is the guardian of the bride. What are her responsibilities?

The to-do list starts long before the big day. Now the witnesses must help the bride prepare for the holiday. They help to choose a makeup artist, hairdresser, dress, accessories. On the day of the wedding, they can make a make-up for the girlfriend who is getting married. Without fail, they help the bride to get ready for the registry office. If a ransom is carried out, then the witness must take an active part in it - check the "strength" of the groom and his witness.

Then the whole day, the boyfriend plays the role of the bride's assistant. She monitors her friend's appearance so that she looks beautiful all the time, helps in organizing "snacks" during walks after painting at the registry office, during contests and quizzes she takes an active part in entertaining guests, collects money "for a girl", wears a bouquet bride.

Activity of a witness

Who can be a witness at the wedding is now clear. And even the tasks of the witness are no longer a secret. What does a witness do? In principle, his duties are somewhat similar to the activities of a friend. The groom's best friend helps organize the bachelor party, if there is one. He chooses a suit, tie and otheraccessories that allow you to create an image of a future husband. Of course, his friend will look after his appearance on the day of the celebration.

The witness actively participates in competitions, helps his partner in marriage to redeem the bride, is "responsible" for rings and documents in the registry office. Collects money "for the boy", together with the witness holds an auction of the first piece of wedding cake. If the groom arrives for the bride by car, the witness must organize the decoration of the car. In the registry office, it is usually the boyfriend who gives the rings to the spouses, and the boyfriend at this time holds the bride's bouquet.

groom's witness
groom's witness

One more thing - the witness must have a certain amount of money in small bills. A trifle, small "paper" money - they make life much easier. It is not necessary to take large sums with you, about a thousand rubles is enough.


There are signs for witnesses and witnesses. It is believed that if these people are married and married, then they will give their happiness to the spouses, and they themselves will lose it. And allegedly single people attract joy to the future family.

Widows and widowers should never be called as witnesses. This will bring trouble to the couple. It is not recommended to take namesakes as witnesses.

The choice of clothes should also be approached wisely. The dress of the witness should be pink or blue - this attracts well-being and love to a new family. Bridesmaids are not allowed to wear black.

If the witness helps the bride with makeup, you can’tto stand between the future wife and the mirror - so the girlfriend will take all the happiness and good luck for herself. It used to be that this is how girls get up, intending to take the groom away.

For happiness, pins are pinned on clothes for young people, and for well-being they are sprinkled with rice and coins. Young people should not cross the road. Therefore, at the feast, the witnesses must go before the newlyweds.

To get married or be married next, witnesses and witnesses must catch the bride's bouquet (for girls) and garter (for boys).

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