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55 wedding anniversary. Congratulations and gifts for an emerald wedding

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55 wedding anniversary. Congratulations and gifts for an emerald wedding
55 wedding anniversary. Congratulations and gifts for an emerald wedding

Such a date as the 55th wedding anniversary is usually celebrated with special scope and fun, ordering a banquet hall, as well as inviting relatives and friends. The holiday is very significant for both spouses. Since not every couple can live in a joint marriage for 55 years. What is this wedding and how best to celebrate it? How to congratulate and what to give spouses? We will try to answer these and other questions in our article.

History of the name

The longer the spouses live together, the stronger their initial feeling becomes. Years later, past disagreements are erased between people and misunderstandings disappear. Sometimes a husband and wife do not even need words to understand each other. After all, this is really a real treasure - complete mutual understanding.

55 wedding anniversary is not only a beautiful date, it also has a no less symbolic name. The emerald is considered a symbol of strong love that has lasted for so long. The stone itself is highly valued andis noble. Pleasantly shimmering and at the same time soft color captivates with its radiant color.

Another reason why the anniversary is called "emerald" is the fact that natural stone is not very common. Couples celebrating 55 years of marriage are also rare. As a rule, at the time of the holiday, the spouse and wife are about 70-80 years old, and judging from this, not every even faithful and devoted life partner can live to such a date.

Most cultures consider the emerald a symbol of loy alty and honesty. This attitude to the stone is very relevant for the heroes of the occasion. Since if it weren’t for this factor, the anniversaries would hardly have kept the relationship.

wedding anniversary cake
wedding anniversary cake

Customs and traditions

Celebrating the emerald wedding - the 55th anniversary of marriage - not everyone can boast. This celebration has no special traditions and rituals. The main rule for anniversaries is to stay close, enjoy life and receive guests who come.

According to tradition, on this day, it is customary for spouses to present jewelry made with inserts of precious stone, namely emerald. Presented for 55 wedding years, jewelry subsequently becomes a real family heirloom, which is passed down from generation to generation. Stones have a wonderful property of accumulating information, therefore, along with receiving jewelry, experience, wisdom of ancestors, memory and family traditions are betrayed.

Naturally, such a gift is expensive, in connection with this, products fromemeralds are presented to spouses only by close relatives, trying to choose jewelry that best matches the character and spirit of the anniversaries.

children of anniversaries
children of anniversaries

What do they give for 55 years of marriage?

What wedding is complete without a gift? For an emerald wedding, you can give a variety of jewelry. For example:

  • Ring, bracelet or pendant with precious stone. Such decorations are worthy gifts that are perfect for such an occasion. If desired, each of these products can be decorated with a commemorative inscription.
  • A necklace with a pendant is a very beautiful and touching present, which will undoubtedly appeal to anniversaries, namely the beautiful half of a happy family. Of course, such a product must certainly be made of precious metal and have not only a beautiful, but also a discreet design.
  • emerald weddingt
    emerald weddingt
  • Figurines decorated with emeralds. In the event that a guest, going to an anniversary dedicated to the 55th wedding anniversary, thinks of such a sign of attention, it must be remembered that such gifts should be presented in the amount of two pieces. Since it is their paired number that is a symbol of love, unity, fidelity and devotion.

However, the main aspect is not the material value, but the warmth and sincerity with which the present was presented.

In addition to the above options, anniversaries can be given more modest gifts. For example, a restored old photograph or a family photo album. Also greata gift on this day will be archival video materials or a picture depicting the heroes of the occasion.

What to wear for anniversaries?

To fully comply with the holiday, the heroes of the occasion can dress in elegant emerald-colored costumes. A light green suit or the presence of several bright details in clothes of a suitable color scheme can also replace such an outfit.

The beautiful half of a happy family can throw on a dark green shiny scarf, wear elegant products with emerald, or use other details to complete the look: shoes, a hairpin, a belt.

The husband can decorate his smart suit with emerald cufflinks or wear a green shirt.

55 years of marriage

As a rule, due to the venerable age of the anniversaries, their children or grandchildren organize a solemn event. It is they who are trying to gather for the 55th wedding anniversary all the friends and relatives whom the heroes of the occasion would like to see on their holiday.

Some organizers of such events prefer a noisy celebration of the wedding anniversary. However, it would be much wiser to choose a more relaxed option for a celebration that will take place in a close family circle.

all guests in attendance
all guests in attendance

First of all, during the organization of the holiday, attention should be paid to the design of the premises. It is necessary to think over the design of tables and chairs, get acquainted with the festive menu, which should be simple and nutritious. In the decor of the festive room must be presentemerald color, which symbolizes the wedding anniversary.

Most likely, an active program for the celebration should be abandoned for the simple reason that the main guests will be of the same venerable age as the anniversaries. In this regard, attention should be paid to the musical arrangement of the event. You can pick up a whole album, which would consist of compositions that remind the heroes of the occasion of their youth.

Congratulations on the emerald wedding

As a rule, congratulations on the wedding day on the 55th anniversary begin to be said by the youngest family members - grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Next, the turn comes to older relatives - children, daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

congratulations on the anniversary
congratulations on the anniversary

For anniversaries celebrating the holiday, you can prepare a beautiful congratulation in verse or prose. A creative approach to the wish can be a great solution. So, for example, a daughter or son of anniversaries can create an original video greeting or a slide show consisting of photos and warm wishes, accompanied by a pleasant and calm melody.

Examples of wishes

Congratulating spouses, guests, as a rule, wish good he alth, longevity and family happiness, which would allow them to live in joy for many more years.

Close and dear people are sincerely happy for the anniversaries. They believe that the life of the heroes of the occasion continues in their relatives: daughters, sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In turn, the children of the spouses thank their parents for the excellent example that raised them to be goodpeople.

congratulations on the anniversary
congratulations on the anniversary

Congratulations on the anniversary of the birth of the family should glorify the experience, loy alty, love of the spouses who carried it through for many, many years.


In our article, we figured out what kind of wedding is 55 years old. What is the reason for its name, how to congratulate the anniversaries and celebrate the holiday.

Wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion to get together with the whole big family, give each other attention, care, and also share pleasant memories together.

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