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Cast iron cookware "Biol": description, photo, reviews
Cast iron cookware "Biol": description, photo, reviews

The leading Ukrainian company Biol LLC produces cast iron and aluminum cookware with ceramic and non-stick coatings.

Company History

Biol started its work in 1999. Since that moment, the first aluminum cookware has rolled off the assembly line of the enterprise. The production facilities of the company are located in the city of Melitopol. Initially, the company specialized in the production of cast aluminum cookware. Over time, the range has expanded significantly, which made it possible to compensate for the lack of such products in the market of our country.

dishes biol
dishes biol

In 2003, the company's executives signed contracts with European buyers. LLC "Biol" became the first company in the CIS to start production of cast cookware with non-stick coating. In 2011, "Biol" tableware with a ceramic coating appeared in the assortment of the enterprise. And two years later (2013) a new workshop was launched. Cast iron cookware "Biol" became his product.

Today, the range of products manufactured by the company includes more than 360 items. These are saucepans and frying pans, goose-pots and pots, cauldrons and other kitchen utensils.

History of cast iron cookware

Cast iron utensils man began to use even before our era. Chinese, Sumerians, Romansconsidered cast iron, obtained by smelting iron, as a by-product and less valuable material. But very soon they found a use for it. This is how the first cast-iron cauldrons and frying pans appeared.

biol cast iron cookware
biol cast iron cookware

In the Middle Ages, cast iron is already becoming the main material for making dishes. And today, cast iron is loved by professional chefs and housewives. The physical properties of this amazing metal, combined with its affordable price, allow us to assert that this utensil will continue to exist in our everyday life.

Advantages of cast iron cookware

This material is an alloy of iron and carbon, the content of the latter is 2.14%. The melting point is about 1250 °C. Carbon imparts hardness to iron alloys, reducing softness and ductility. Cast iron has a low thermal conductivity, as a result of which the "Biol" dishes (reviews from the owners confirm this) slowly heat up, but keep the temperature perfectly. This allows you to cook dishes using the "Russian oven" effect. In this case, the dish not only heats up, but also languishes for the required time.

Cast-iron cookware "Biol" is universal. It is successfully used on electric, induction and gas stoves, and dishes with solid or removable handles are suitable for ovens.

Biol trademark technology

The company has mastered the production of cast iron utensils to perfection, and today it uses the most advanced technologies in the field of casting, namely, mold casting. Many housewives note the aesthetics of Biol products, as well as itsfunctionality and practicality.

Practically all utensils made of cast iron of the Biol trademark go through the process of thermal oxidation (treatment in an oil medium). As a result, a porous, thin layer of iron oxide forms on the metal surface. The pores of the coating eventually fill with edible oil. This film protects cookware from rust and provides non-stick properties.

Now we want to introduce some samples of the company's cast iron cookware.

Pig-iron cauldron

Lovers of outdoor recreation will like this cauldron for cooking on a fire. It belongs to the tourism series. Such a cauldron will allow you to cook fragrant fish soup, delicious shurpa or any other of your favorite dishes. It is noteworthy that such a cauldron can be used at home on any stove.

dishes biol reviews
dishes biol reviews

It has the following characteristics:

  • diameter - 26 cm;
  • volume - 6 liters;
  • height - 20.8 cm;
  • wall and bottom thickness - 4 mm.

Recommended price 1990 rubles.

Cast iron pan

Fans of stews are unlikely to do without a cast-iron pan in their kitchen. Its thick walls preserve the taste richness and aroma of your favorite dish. The reinforced glass lid allows you to observe and control the cooking process.

cast iron cookware biol reviews
cast iron cookware biol reviews


  • diameter - 20 cm;
  • height - 13.5 cm;
  • volume – 3.0 l.

Price RUB 1560

Pancake pan

This wonderful frying pan with flat sides will help you feed your loved ones and friends with openwork and ruddy pancakes.

dishes biol
dishes biol


  • side height - 2 cm;
  • diameter - 24 cm.

Price RUB 880

Caring for cast iron cookware

Manufacturers do not recommend leaving the cooked dish in such storage containers. After use, frying pans, pots, etc. should be washed (without abrasive products), dried and a very thin layer of oil (vegetable) should be applied. Cast iron cookware should not be washed in the dishwasher; it is better to do it by hand. Store dishes in a dry place.

If improperly maintained, rust spots may appear on the metal surface. Getting rid of them is easy - clean them with a metal brush, heat the container and apply oil.

Cast iron cookware "Biol": reviews of hostesses

People who bought this company's products are very satisfied with their purchase. They are satisfied with the quality of the prepared dishes. Many note that meat and vegetable dishes are excellent in cast iron cookware.

In addition, many note that the price of such kitchen utensils is consistent with its quality. Especially considering its long service life.

Some housewives say that such dishes are quite heavy, but this small drawback is more than offset by the excellent quality of the cooked dishes.

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