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Child's menu at 2 years old. Nutrition for a child at 2 years old: menu

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Child's menu at 2 years old. Nutrition for a child at 2 years old: menu
Child's menu at 2 years old. Nutrition for a child at 2 years old: menu

The nutrition of each person must be balanced so that the body receives enough energy for life. Especially if this is a growing baby, for whom food is a supplier of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements and fiber. The menu of a child at 2 years old must be carefully planned so that he receives enough energy per day. The body is growing, and food is given considerable attention.

Different from infant nutrition

Menu for a child at 2 years old
Menu for a child at 2 years old

The menu of a child at 2 years old is already different from what he ate in a year. Now the main products have been introduced as complementary foods, almost all the teeth have grown, and it is possible to switch from pureed food to lumpy food. Soups should not be mashed, let the baby learn to chew. Also, the meat does not have to be twisted into minced meat, it can be boiled and cut into small pieces or stewed. The density of porridge should also gradually increase. Dairy products should be present in the diet along with meat, cereals, bread, vegetables and fruits. Let the baby join the common table, eat with everyone and take an example from their parents - so helearn to hold a spoon faster and look forward to the next meal. However, the menu of a child at 2 years old should not consist of those dishes that adults eat. Children of this age should cook separately.

Differences from adult nutrition

Menu for a child 2 years old
Menu for a child 2 years old

The baby's growing body needs only those products that benefit him. You need to know what adult food does not fit on the menu for a child of 2 years old:

  • mushrooms;
  • store canned food, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • seafood and s alted fish;
  • duck, goose meat;
  • sausages and smoked meats;
  • coffee drinks;
  • spicy seasonings and spices;
  • chocolate and confectionery should be limited.

Over time, the child will eat the same as adults, and for two-year-olds, there are a huge number of recipes that will delight not only the baby, but also his parents.

Sample menu for a child 2 years old

To make it easier for interested moms and dads, here is a detailed nutrition plan for children.

Menu for a 2-year-old child for a week

Day Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner

200 g semolina, 100 ml milk tea, sandwich (30 g bread and 10 g butter)

40 g green salad with sour cream, 150 ml borscht with fresh vegetable bone broth, 60 g beef cuts, 100 g buckwheat porridge,100 ml apple juice, 30 g wheat and 20 g rye bread

150 ml kefir, 15 g biscuits, one apple 200 g fish with vegetables in sour cream, 150 ml kefir, 10 g wheat and rye bread each
2. 200 g cottage cheese pudding with nuts and apples, 150 ml weak tea, sandwich 40 g apple and beet salad, 150 ml potato soup with semolina dumplings, 50 g boiled beef stroganoff, 100 g mashed potatoes, 100 ml fruit compote, 30 g wheat and 20 g rye bread 150 ml milk, oatmeal shortbread 50 g omelette with cauliflower, 150 g milk rice porridge, 150 ml kefir, 10 g each rye and wheat bread
3. 40 g apple and tomato salad, 160 g milk oatmeal porridge, 150 ml cocoa drink, sandwich 40 g of herring snack, 150 ml of hot beetroot, 200 g of rice cake with liver and milk sauce, 100 ml of rosehip infusion, 30 and 20 g of wheat and rye bread respectively 150 ml milk jelly with blackcurrant, cottage cheese cake 200 g curd zrazy with fruit sauce, 150 ml kefir, 20 g bread
4. 200 g syrniki with sour cream, 150 ml milk, sandwich 40 g fresh cabbage, carrot and beet salad, 150 ml pickle, 60 g steamed fish dumplings, 40 g sauce, 100 g mashed potatoes, 100 ml tomato juice, bread 150 ml kefir, 10 g biscuits, baked apple with sugar 200 g potato patties with egg and sauce, 150 ml kefir, bread
5. 200g milk rice porridge, 150ml cocoa with milk, cheese sandwich 40 g green peas with onions and butter, 150 ml soup with meatballs and corn grits, 50 g beef patties, 100 g cottage cheese and zucchini, 100 ml strawberry jelly, bread 150ml nut milk bun 120 g cabbage cutlets, 80 g cottage cheese with carrots, 150 ml kefir, bread
6. 80g cottage cheese omelet, 120g semolina patties with sour cream, 150ml cocoa drink, sandwich 40 g vegetable salad, 150 ml milk soup with potato dumplings, 60 g rabbit cutlets, 100 g buckwheat porridge, 100 ml fruit compote, bread 50g kefir jelly, 10ml apricot drink, 10g biscuits 150 g cauliflower baked in sour cream, 30 g marinated herring, 150 ml kefir, bread
7. 30 g beetroot salad with sour cream, 150 g cottage cheese pudding with raisins and sour cream, 150 ml milk tea, sandwich 30 g herring pate, 150 ml green borscht, 60 g stuffed beef cutlets, 120 g semolina porridge with vegetable broth, 100 ml plum juice, bread 150 ml kefir with crushed apples and mountain ash, oatmeal cake 120 g rice cake with fish and milk sauce, 80 g carrots stewed in sour cream, 150 ml kefir, bread

Meeting rules

Menu for children
Menu for children

If you can't clearly follow the recommendations given in this menu for children, it's okay. Most importantly, stick tosome rules when preparing he althy meals for your baby:

  • lean meat should be present in the diet daily, about 90 g, and offal - 1-2 times a week;
  • sausages and sausages can be given special, for children, and only as a rare exception;
  • fish with few bones - 2-3 times a week for 70-100 g at a time;
  • 600 ml of dairy products are recommended per day, at least 200 of which are kefir or fermented milk;
  • raw cottage cheese or in casseroles, puddings and cheesecakes - several times a week;
  • egg - 3-4 times;
  • per day 12 g of butter and 6 g of vegetable oil;
  • at least 250 g of fruits and vegetables per day;
  • about 100 g of bread a day.
Child nutrition 2 years menu
Child nutrition 2 years menu

These rules are followed by cooks in kindergartens, compiling the menu of a child 2, 5 years old.

How to handle food

To organize a suitable diet for a child (2 years old), the menu should contain boiled, stewed, baked, freshly prepared dishes. You should not give the baby fried, the same cutlets can be steamed. Let the baby eat vegetables and fruits, both raw and processed.

How to adjust the diet

Children's food menu
Children's food menu

Some products appear in our diet periodically, seasonally. Therefore, in spring and autumn, you can support the body's strength by taking multivitamin complexes, but only after consulting a pediatrician. It is better to give preference to those products, fruits, vegetables and herbs that are grown inwhere you live.

How to organize meals for children

The menu has already been given in detail, and it is advisable to maintain a given rhythm of nutrition for the baby every day. If he does not go to kindergarten yet, but sits at home, make a specific schedule, a sequence of actions for the day. Let the child know that, for example, in the morning he will wake up, wash himself, do exercises and have breakfast. After the walk, he will wash his hands and will have lunch, and after dinner he will receive a long-awaited candy. It is not necessary to adhere to the schedule by the hour, the main thing is the sequence of actions. So, after an energetic walk down the street, the baby will wake up with an appetite, all the more he knows that several delicious dishes are already waiting for him at home, and he will eat everything offered with pleasure.

Undernourishment and overeating

Child menu 2, 5 years
Child menu 2, 5 years

You can't force a baby to eat everything on his plate. If he doesn't want to eat right now, wait until the next meal without offering him a snack. Then the next time the portion will be eaten. Do not overfeed the baby, it overloads his digestive system. Let him eat little by little, but only when he really wants to. Parents should not be upset that the child, in their opinion, is malnourished. He will get all the necessary substances, just eat a little later or even tomorrow. If he feels good, has fun and enjoys playing and exercising, this is a sign that he is now quite full.

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