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Aphrodisiac. What is it and how does it happen?

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Aphrodisiac. What is it and how does it happen?
Aphrodisiac. What is it and how does it happen?

Relationships between a man and a woman, having experienced the heat of passion, eventually become calm and predictable. Every evening is similar to the previous one, the series of these days is endless. An aphrodisiac will help diversify life. What is it and how does it happen? Let's figure it out.

aphrodisiac - what is it
aphrodisiac - what is it


Several years ago, people discovered the ability of certain foods to influence sexual desire. In the pursuit of pleasure, mankind has been very willing to use knowledge. Centuries have passed, but the issues of improving the quantity and quality of sexual life are still of concern to both men and women. Now substances that stimulate sexual activity are well known, and the answer to the question: "Aphrodisiac - what is it?" everybody knows. The most famous aphrodisiacs are foods.

  • Strawberries with champagne and chocolate. This is the best option for a romantic evening: champagne breaks down sugar in strawberries and relaxes a person, while chocolate serves as a source of endorphins that exacerbate sexual desires and cheer up.
  • Honey. Natural product increases libido,increases endurance, strengthens strength. It is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.
  • Seeds and nuts. They contain a lot of vitamin E. If you mix honey with nuts and take a tablespoon once a day after meals, then in a month there will be an unprecedented surge of strength.
  • Tomatoes. These vegetables contain lycopene, which "protects" the prostate gland of men.
  • Basil, parsley, asparagus. They have a beneficial effect on potency.

If the topic "Aphrodisiac - what is it" is touched deeper, we will get interesting facts. There are a lot of products that increase libido - you need to know and apply them. In addition to the above, aphrodisiacs include oysters, truffles, sea fish, olives, olives, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, saffron, avocado, apricot, banana, grapefruit, sesame, onion, caviar, marzipan, quail eggs, horseradish.

essential aphrodisiacs
essential aphrodisiacs

How an aphrodisiac works

Products that affect sexual desire, contain many trace elements and vitamins, have a high nutritional value. They restore strength and promote the production of sex hormones. Some of them work simply - they increase the sensitivity of the genital organs due to the rush of blood.

Essential oils

It's not just foods that can boost libido. Essential aphrodisiacs are used for seduction. Inhaling them, a person begins to feel relaxed, sexually liberated, erotic fantasies may appear. There are scents for men and there are scents for women.

Men's scents:

  • Cedar - teases, sharpens perception, inspires, helps to liberate.
  • Patchouli - increases sensitivity, sexual activity, normalizes hormonal levels, normalizes metabolic processes in the body.
  • Pine - tones up, gives confidence, stimulates activity, awakens fantasies.

Female scents:

  • Ylang-ylang - increases sensuality, makes love games bright and stormy, tunes in to a partner.
  • Bergamot - relaxes, relieves depression, stimulates erotic attraction.
  • Rosemary - brings partners together, enhances sensuality, makes relationships more sincere, warm.
how does an aphrodisiac work
how does an aphrodisiac work

So, to the question: "Aphrodisiac - what is it?" we can answer that these are means that awaken the internal forces of the body and increase sexual desire. They need to be applied wisely. In addition to using aphrodisiacs, you need to say more warm words to each other and show tenderness - then the love ardor will not fade away!

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