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Swatch watches: history of models and reviews
Swatch watches: history of models and reviews

Swatch watches are associated with such words as originality, variety of shapes and colors, affordability and high quality. In our article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the history of the development of the brand, the features of the model range, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as customer reviews.

Swatch brand history

Affordable price

Millions of ordinary people, as well as well-known personalities, prefer the Swiss brand, which was founded back in 1982. The name of the company was coined by its founder Nicholas Hayek by combining two words: Swatch watch - Swiss and watch, literally translated as "Swiss watch". At the moment, products under this brand are included in the 100 most popular world brands in the watch market.

At the time the company entered the market, there was only one, but a serious competitor. It was a Japanese firm producing budget-priced quartz watches. The Swatch brand began to produce watches in a plastic case and with fewer parts in each model (not 91 or more, but only 51 components). This watchwere made with high quality and were inexpensive, which created huge competition for the Japanese company.

A year later, in 1983, the first collection of the company was released, which featured 12 models of Gent and Lady watches. In 1984, the brand entered the Guinness Book of Records for creating giant watches. They were installed in Frankfurt am Main on the Commerzbank building. The exhibit is 162 meters long and weighs 13 tons.

In 1985, the company's collection was replenished with a new direction - Art. Under this category, Kiki watches were created, of which there were only 140 pieces in the world. But each product had its own unique and inimitable palette of colors.

In 2013, the company brings unprecedented technical innovation to its products. For example, the Sistem 51 model with an automatic winding option and a power reserve of 90 hours.

At the moment, several collections are released under the brand name, each of which is constantly being improved. There are jewelry models (Swatch Bijoux), metal models (Swatch Irony watches), as well as themed models (Swatch Specials). Themed versions are released in anticipation of some special events or world holidays.

Varieties of collections of watches

Watch collections

In the Swatch watch catalog, all products are clearly structured by collection or category.

Main lines of the global brand:

  • Original - a classic that never goes out of fashion (the models of this series are distinguished by restraint of shapes and colors).
  • Skin - a lineup mainly for women,among the products are ultra-thin.
  • Irony - metal body and extras, this line is predominantly for men, but can also be classified as unisex.
  • Digital is the youngest collection where special modern LEDs are built into the products that glow in the dark.
  • Flik flak is a line of watches for the smallest inhabitants of our planet, which is distinguished by its colorfulness, originality and variety of shapes.

Features of models for men

Unique design

Swatch men's watches are at the peak of popularity because they combine quality, originality and precision. It is believed that the Irony collection is suitable directly for men. But if earlier the metal case of the product for the strong half was quite heavy, then in 2014 the company developed a light case without loss of quality.

Men value this line for its originality and specially crafted design. For example, the Touch Zero One model is great for active sports. Such a watch can be synchronized with a smartphone and get advanced functions: from measuring the distance to calories burned and calculating the force of hitting the ball in volleyball. All this suggests that the company does not stop at existing developments, but tries to keep up with the times.

Adherents of the classics can always choose discreet models, lovers and connoisseurs of novelties, as well as the latest advances in technology, will also find a trendy and modern product here.

Watch specifications for women

Ultra-thin model

Women's watch Swatch is lightness and sophistication. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity fell in love with the products of this watch brand for the originality of shapes and colors. So, you can find watches both plain and colored. These can be discreet and classic models, as well as with a lot of jewelry and various themed pendants.

The model range of ultra-thin Skin watches, which fit perfectly on a small female handle, is especially popular among women. Also, women can choose from the lineup for men those positions that belong to the "unisex" category.

With such a variety of shapes, every woman can find just the right watch for her.

Advantages and disadvantages

Popular Models

According to user reviews, Swatch watches have more advantages than disadvantages. So, the company always keeps up with the times and almost every year produces new and improved products and novelties. The brand also collaborates with artists to create truly unique designs.

Global brand advantages in the watch market:

  • high Swiss quality of both the movement itself and the straps;
  • Different price ranges, which makes products available for both mass use and collectors who appreciate unusual solutions;
  • great product range and five model linesseries, among which everyone will find exactly what he likes (there are also thematic options for Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day);
  • most of the models are in the waterproof category, which further increases the popularity of the brand;
  • convenience and hypoallergenicity - the products come with comfortable straps that change their length as needed (they can be made of high quality plastic or silicone, which does not cause allergic manifestations);
  • Product warranty for two years after purchase in any country of purchase (during this time, you can also change batteries for free or polish the glass if the watch was bought in a speci alty store).

Despite the large number of advantages, users also found disadvantages of the company's watches. Disadvantages include:

  • a large number of fakes due to the popularity of products;
  • too soft plastic glass, on which any scratch is visible;
  • if the warranty period has expired and the watch is out of order, it is impossible to repair it, all that remains is to throw it away;
  • "tick loudly" (according to users) but not all models (so sleeping with or near them is not very convenient for some).

What is the difference between an original and a fake?

Special line for children

Buyers often note that marriage is quite common, that is, a person buys counterfeit goods. Therefore, the acute question is how to distinguish an original Swatch watch from a fake?

Originalcomes in a special branded box with instructions and a warranty card. Be sure to check the application of the company name on the products. It can be on the back of the watch, always on the dial, and also on the strap (it looks like embossing). Scratches and scuffs (both on glass and on other parts) should not be.

It's also worth remembering that all original Swatch products are waterproof, and the straps are leather, metal or silicone. Therefore, it is worth buying products only in certified stores that will issue a passport and a guarantee.


Swatch watches received the most positive feedback from women for the brightness and boldness of color schemes. Since, along with delicate floral shades, there are also acidic and rather catchy colors. Women also note the comfortable shape of the watch, which fits perfectly on the hand and also matches the overall look.

But some women noted that the models of this brand "tick loudly", therefore, putting them on the bedside table, they will not be able to sleep. Among the weaker half of humanity, the thinnest watches in the world are also in great demand - the Skin collection from the company. They do not have a second hand, so there is no loud ticking, which could be an alternative.

High quality

Women are advised to buy products only in specialized stores, and change the battery there, which will be changed free of charge during the warranty period.

Men noted the discreet design of watches, their solidity. Leatherthe strap does not cause allergies, but some have noted that sometimes it does pinch the hair on the arm with significant hairline.

Some also noted that the leather strap has lost color over time and has faded somewhat. Men believe that silicone is more reliable and durable. Among the minuses, according to the stronger sex, a clock mechanism stands out, which cannot be repaired in the event of a breakdown. Although such cases are rare, since most watches are worn for more than one year, and they never fall behind in time.

If the failure occurred in the first two years when the warranty is valid, then the watch is simply replaced, since the components cannot be repaired.


When buying a Swatch watch, it is important to pay attention not only to the beautiful appearance or shape, but also to the originality of the product. Only original branded products that are sold at an affordable price range will last more than one year. And the choice is really great: from discreet classics to fantasy and modern technologies that Swatch has introduced into wristwatches.

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