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Indestructible watches: rating of the most reliable watches

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Indestructible watches: rating of the most reliable watches
Indestructible watches: rating of the most reliable watches

The position of a man can be easily read not only by clothes, but also by what shoes he wears and what kind of watch he has. In this regard, the choice should be focused on both design and strength, safety, quality and manufacturer. There are some recommendations for choosing a quality, indestructible watch.

Choice information

The choice of style and design of watches is individual for each buyer, depending on the interests, because in the end it is only for him to wear, take positive and negative sides, choose an accessory for clothes. When choosing an indestructible men's watch, you should pay attention to:

  • Type. The choice on the shelves is great: quartz, smart, mechanical, electronic. All of them are unique in their own way, but the prestige and gloss reflect the quality mechanical models of famous manufacturers.
  • Belt. Ceramic straps are very popular today: they are less susceptible to damage, which increases durability, and besides, the aesthetic side is not in last place here. The only negative is the price, which not everyone can afford. A budget option -soft synthetic or genuine leather strap.
  • Case. The strength of a watch depends not only on the raw materials involved in the assembly of the mechanism, but also on the materials from which the case is made. Durable case - made of silver, stainless steel or gold. Cheap materials - nickel and aluminum, are not only short-lived, but can also act as allergens.
  • Glass. To cover the dial, manufacturers use glass of various qualities and degrees of strength, both durable mineral and super-strong sapphire. And although the latter is not subject to damage, it is still possible to break it.
  • Shape. There are various shapes from bright, whimsical to the usual round and rectangular.

The following is a rating of indestructible watches, the top 5 of which includes Japanese, Swiss, domestic and Korean manufacturers.

1. Orient Diving Sports

The Japanese manufacturer's M-Force collection includes the Orient Diving Sports DV01002B, a quality mechanical watch that complies with the international ISO standard. A high-precision mechanism and a pleasant price-quality ratio - that's what should really impress the consumer. Orient Diving watches are completely made of reliable, but light metal - titanium. The only thing here that is not made of titanium is the swivel ring on the dial, which is called the bezel, it is made of high quality stainless steel. Despite the large size, they are quite light, with a case diameter of 47 millimeters.

International Certificateconfirms that this men's wristwatch is waterproof and shockproof, and also anti-magnetic. With them you can dive to a depth of 200 meters, the dial is coated with luminescent coating.

indestructible men's watch

2. Casio

Another legendary product of the Japanese company, which started with the production of calculators. A leap in the development of the company was the production of electronic watches, which earned their trust with their quality. Today, many men know this Japanese company as the creator of G-SHOCK and PRO TREK.

G-SHOK is a watch that is perfect for hiking, skydiving and extreme sports. They are moisture resistant, they are not afraid of mechanical damage and maximum temperatures. The watch is equipped with a stopwatch, backlight and even an alarm clock.

PRO TREK is a real discovery for lovers of travel and long hikes. This small, indestructible wristwatch has a huge number of useful sensors that mark the direction of the route, altitude, atmospheric indicators, which makes it possible to fully control the route.

indestructible wrist watch

3. Victorinox I.N.O.X

We are moving away from quality Japan to no less quality Switzerland. In 2014, Victorinox presented its audience with a new range of watches from the I.N.O.X series. They quickly won the trust of consumers due to their endearing characteristics.

At the first stages of creation, a high bar was set before the indestructible watch. The test models have been subjected to numeroustests, of which there were about five hundred in total. The craftsmen at Victorinox set themselves the task of "designing the most durable watch that can withstand anything." So, if the sample failed the test for any reason, then the defect was eliminated, and then subjected to testing again. This continued until the masters reached the desired result.

The Victorinox I.N.O.X Swiss watch has undergone a truly exhausting test. For example, a fall from the 3rd floor (12 meters) and washing in a washing machine for two hours at 90 degrees. A tank even drove over them.

Victorinox I.N.O.X 241682.1 is one of the best of its kind. A quartz movement is hidden under a reliable stainless steel case, so the watch can easily withstand immersion under water up to 200 meters. The dark dial with contrasting numbers is firmly hidden under the sapphire crystal, and in addition to everything, there is a stylish rubber strap in the same color as the dial. Style and reliability in one device.

indestructible hours rating

4. "Amphibian Turbine"

Domestic watch manufacturers are increasingly delighting consumers with products that are almost as good as Japan and Switzerland. In the model range "Amphibian", among others, the series "Turbine" stands out. Unlike its brothers, the design of the watch case of this series has anti-shock properties, is equipped with good hermetic performance and non-standard appearance. For example, the watch "Vostok" "Amphibian Turbine" has a black case, which is made ofstainless steel with PVD coating. Dynamics is achieved using various textures and graphics. White numerals and hands and a red bezel stand out against the background.

men's wrist watch waterproof and shockproof

5. Romanson

Another popular brand in our market, which is often found on store shelves - Romanson. Although the development of watches (infill and external distinctive qualities) takes place in South Korea, the vast majority of production is located in China. This reduces the cost of the goods several times, but despite this fact, the company was able to win the trust of millions of people around the world, competing with many famous brands.

unkillable hours

A distinctive business card is a unique design that fits perfectly with any style. Romanson watches are suitable for everyday wear and for going out. This is the most indestructible watch at an affordable price.

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