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Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions: when and where to start

Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions: when and where to start
Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions: when and where to start
adaptation of children to the conditions of kindergarten

Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions begins not so much with the kids themselves as with their parents. It is they who must be mentally prepared for a change of circumstances, since the mood of the child depends on their attitude. A mother, confident that kindergarten is a wonderful place to gain knowledge and experience, will pass on this mood to her son or daughter. The slightest doubt the child will feel.

Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions, if they are not mentally prepared, may be accompanied by protracted illnesses. Clearly assess the capabilities of both yours and your baby. Readiness to visit various kinds of institutions for each comes at a different age. Some are able to understand by the age of two that you can have a great time without a mother, and for some it happens much later.

Adaptation of children to the conditions of kindergarten cannot pass without tears of parting. This is worth understanding. The child is still too attached to the parents. No need to scold for weakness, you need to support. In time, everything will pass.

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To be fair, it should be said that it is not necessary to simply write off tears. The possibility of personal hostility must also be taken into account. Consider and discuss the problem very subtly and correctly. If necessary, transfer the child to other teachers.

Adaptation of children to kindergarten conditions is a tedious procedure. Accustomed to silence and a calm atmosphere in the house, the baby will hardly withstand the flurry of emotions and the hum of voices in the kindergarten group. Returning from the institution, he needs a peaceful atmosphere, affection and quiet conversations. Always leave time for attention and communication.

Adaptation of children to preschool education also depends on organized conditions. Agree that if crying babies are met in the morning by a single teacher, there is little good. In worthy institutions, at least four people are involved in receiving children in the morning at the time of adaptation: two teachers, a psychologist and a nanny who can provide all possible assistance.

Moreover, the qualifications and experience of teachers play an important role. Carried away by new games and activities offered by teachers, the child will quickly get used to and understand all the advantages of visiting the kindergarten.

adaptation of children to preschool conditions

Adaptation of children to the conditions of the preschool educational institution is a lengthy procedure, starting a few months before entering the institution. Firstly, it is necessary to conduct explanatory conversations with a son or daughter, explaining the essence and necessity. It’s worth starting off not so much from the fact that this is a “place for overexposure of children” while their mothers work, but from the fact that the kindergarten isThis is the school where kids go to school. Everyone must go there. The child must clearly understand that there is no future without education.

Secondly, you need to take care of accustoming the baby to the regime observed in a preschool institution in advance.

Third, don't overreact to food denial. Try to go through this moment with a minimum of support for the child, in time he will get used to it, and eating out will not seem so disgusting to him.

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